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Why wiki and Disorient are made for each other.

Artistic collaboration is one of Disorient's main activity.

Since 2001, members of Disorient have collaboratively generated many physical art installations.

In 2002, Disorient created a more organized online presence. Disorient web sites for 2002 and 2003 were edited manually.

In 2004 Disorient organized itself around a web discussion board--our beloved Puddle--inviting each and every member to take part in the web presence and start an open community-wide conversation. This experience was particularly rewarding. It brought members of the community closer together and enabled newcomers to better understand the group.

In 2005 we introduced a new Disorient web presence based on wiki technology. Think of a wiki as a web site with write permission. The wiki way of looking at web publishing seems particularly appropriate for a community such as Disorient that promotes openness and embraces member participation.

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