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This page is for production only, please do not distribute. Public content is available on the event page on Facebook and on the Disorient wiki.

Disorient presents: LET'S GO CAMPING
A Dancefloor Opera in 15 Vignettes

Friday November 12, 2010
Sullivan Room, 218 Sullivan Street, New York, NY 10012
Advance tickets available at http://disorient.ticketleap.net/letsgocamping/

Production forum on the Puddle: http://puddle.disorient.info/viewforum.php?f=47



Bliss is hard to reach. Here’s the lowdown on how to get there in 15 vignettes presenting signature hacks and modules from the Disorient mythology. A DIY guide to happiness infused by house music and inspired by the Burning Man Principles.


The nightclub is the opera house of the ADHD generation. The dancefloor is the new stage where house music never stops. Every dancer is a player. 15 loosely scripted vignettes--lasting between 45 seconds and 2 minutes each--are visually triggered like boxing rounds. Vignettes are simple gestures and actions rather than long performances. They are visual punctuations during which the decor becomes dynamic through the activation of the participants, visual blasts that pierce the dark dancefloor every 20 minutes or so, creating a very slow strobing effect that provides a new sub-rhythm for the night. The resulting objects of some vignettes become part of a temporally staggered decor. Location of each vignette is predetermined.

Music is the overwhelming force in the nightclub experience. Let’s Go Camping proposes a relevant visual counterpart to the musical experience by creating a more vibrant and topical environment. The existing engrained dancefloor attitude needs to be nudged gently rather than drastically modified if the proposed changes are to be accepted and enjoyed by the crowd. This is achieved by inviting dancers to transform into participants and become engaged in new unexpected ways. The vignettes activate the forgotten corners of the space thus creating an unusual flow and redistributing, reshuffling the crowd two to three times per hour.

The format of LET'S GO CAMPING reduces the incidence of installation and breakdown on the participants: no disengage, no Disorienter left behind.
- No installation: no decor is installed in the space before the beginning of the opera;
- The decor consists only of objects created during vignettes. No other art is presented;
- No Disengage: no decor is left in the space when the opera ends.

How this is achieved:
- Wider load distribution and distributed ownership of actions; many small projects--the vignettes--instead of a few big ones;
- The objects created/assembled during some of the vignettes become parts of the decor (process-oriented, GlamTech);
- Staggered breakdown of those objects ("Strike time" on Sketch).

LGC is also an educational tool that presents key modules of the Disorient mythology.

Actions for vignettes and plug-ins

LGC2010 Sketch.jpg

Some vignettes create an object that becomes part of the decor and stays deployed until strike. Vignettes start and strike times are indicated on the Sketch and are staggered through the night.

Vignette Leaders: Work on vignette concept and determine actions on the Puddle.
Vignette Leaders: Create and staff your team.
Vignette Leaders: Compile list of materials and lights needed.

24/7: Update description of actions using Puddle info or 25 words description. Include material and lighting needs/plan for each vignette.

1. Dome constructed of people. "Become the building blocks by climbing and physically supporting each other while we build a human dome representing our sacred social center place."
2. Procession of parts of the Disorient sign put together and installed over DJ booth.
3. Create a shiny box by wrapping mylar around 4 columns.
4. Distribute food (focus on presentation).
5. The Container:"An interactive performance that asks for volunteers to assist in the creation of a four walled living container packed full of party and people."
6. Paint on Players. The cloth that protects the floor becomes wall deco.
7. Inflate CuddleFish.
8. 20 players dressed in fluo pink pick-up CuddleFish and "drive" away with headlights on.
9. Music stops and lights are turned off. Wait 45 seconds. Music and lights start again.
10. A civilian encounters a band of GlamTech warriors who guides the newbie's illumination about a new, brighter way of life.
11. Gathering the DJs and taking a group picture.
12. Bodies stamped with Disorient motifs. "Step into a sacred space, a dome of light, body tattooed, a blessing on the body. The body, a reflection of heaven on earth."
13. Involves the magic of interpretive dance. And jazz hands.
14. A piece of fabric takes the shape of a zero-g chair by having players pull on it.
15. Music stops (it's the end of the party). A pornj globe rises above a silhouette of desert landscape. Sunrise. "Playa sunrise and bells-our sunrise is both end and beginning, a transient moment for spiritual rebirth or awakening; pornj is our sunrise embodied, a symbol of the spirit of Disorient."


A. Vignette Announce: Boy/girl (this role needs a name and potential parking spot i.e. gogo platform says Lowroad) parades holding the Vignette Announce Sign that displays the vignette # up high above her head the way boxing rounds are announced. Demetrius sings vignette # next to her. They start from DJ booth and walk to vignette location. Girl and vignette number are well lit.
Cell members: The Bex
Lowroad/Devyn/Justin: Fabricate 30"x18" double-sided LED sign to display vignette #s

List of lights available from Disorient

The Eye’s storage:
(4) Black Light Cannons
(2) 500W worklights
(2) LED strobes
(8) Extension cords
(6) Power strips
(2) Remote switches
(1) Million candle flashlight

Victoria’s garage:
(5) Par cans w/ pink and orange gels

Lowroad's studio:
BL pixels have (now converted into a cube).
BL pyramids
BL Fan
Dark Star (6 pyramids with 4 black lights each)

Jay's Basement(?)
(3 or 4?) 18" fluorescent black-light fixtures

Layout of Sullivan Room (basement level)

Ceilings are 10'

Sullivan room.1.jpg


House music flows without interruption throughout the night. DJs--not vignette leaders--curate the music for the opera. Their track selection and delivery mode is informed by the actions of the vignettes that take place during their respective sets. Even though it is called an opera, the goal of LET'S GO CAMPING is to make you dance all night long.

Making the crowd--and themselves--happy is what's expected from DJs playing at Let's Go Camping. Each vignette is designed to be an animated decor, a visual punctuation rather than an interruption in the flow of the dance experience. Vignettes are visual happenings that reinforce the overall experience without disrupting the music mix. To this end, DJs are asked to familiarize themselves with the ideas explored in Let's Go Camping, especially the vignettes that will unfold during their respective sets. DJs are invited to keep the vignettes in mind when designing their sets. Think of LGC as a theme at Burning Man. It's there to inspire you and hope you can present a related contribution but should not be in the way of you crafting a great set.


Vignettes Leaders (by vignette order): Joe Che, Devyn, Drew, LC, EZ, Lowroad, Stuart, The Eye, Ky, Justin, Rebeka, Animus, Press Play, Aura
Vignettes Players: Alexandre, Brian, Andrea, Casey, Andrew, Dan, B-rad, Doc Disorient, Babu!, Elena, Bex, Joshua, Cherie, Khadiga, Cristi, LJ, Daniell, Logan, Demetrius, Lotta, Flower girl, Luiza, Friar tuck, Margarita, Gabe, Michael, Jason, Oren, Jay, Patrick, Jen, Peter, Justin, Sarah, Margaret, Margarita, Massae, Rendall, Rodney, Scott, Shawn, Sonia, Swain, Viktor, Zhana, you!
Disorient All Star DJ line-up: Bass Ritual (LA), Arrow (NYC), Subsector (Philly), The Bass (NYC)
Lighting Director: Victoria Wagner
Documentation: (photos and videos) Jan(?), Red Lite(?)
Nawals: Archer, The Eye
Flyer: Phil Jarry, Amber Alliger, The Eye

Produced by 24/7

Sketched (written) and Moderated (directed) by The Eye