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The term patina is sometimes used in conjunction with bronze pieces, wooden furniture, oil paintings, etc. to describe the effect of time, chemicals and handling on the surface--and sometimes the geometry--of an object. Beyond copper and wood, time also alters electronics and LEDs. To some those alterations may look like mistakes or proofs of broken systems but at Disorient, we call that "LED patina." Embracing the beauty of decay we accept those signs of time as contemporary manifestations of wabi-sabi.

LED patina is Disorient's collaboration with time. We contend that broken LED circuits add to the pieces. They are proof or wear and tear, proof of engagement, proof of a life well lived. LED patina is fleeting and precious.

DisorientSignLetterEPatina.jpg DisorientSignWithHaloAndPornjDJs.jpg DisorientSignLetterNPatina.jpg

Let Go and live happy ever after.