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Disengage means break-down in Disorient lingo.
It is a crucial part of Disorient.
It happens at every Disorient event.
It can be brutal.
Everybody present helps out with Disengage.


update soon



Sitting on the container: ?, ?
Standing: Stack, Ed, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Other Jason, ?, Ocean, ?
Resting: Jonnie B Good, The Source


D18DisengageCellMembers.1.jpg D18DisengageCellMembers.2.jpg
?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Ocean, ?
Photos by Jonnie B Good

D17 NYC Container Cell



Cell leader: Friar Tuck
Mistress of Moop: Ocean

tuesday team:
DisengageThe team.jpg

wednesday team:
DisengageThe last of us.jpg

Containers Contents

Disorient Camp at Burning Man 2010

Cell leader: Friar Tuck
Mistress of Moop: Ocean

DisEngage Deputies:
Josh Tennent (ACW Liaison)
Jordan Gallagher (Camp Liaison)
Jillian Lange (Camp Love)
Keith Embler (Individual Camping Groups Liaison)

2010-07-29 DisEngage Core Team Meeting Agenda

     1. Welcome
           a. Overview
           b. General:
                 i. We prod/poke/remind people throughout week about project DisEngage
                 ii. We act as map between organizational structure & output categories
     2. News & Tidbits
           a. we are renting a DE Truck
           b. NYC Container – need consolidation plan for after it leaves
           c. Boom Boat: I’m not leading DE but will be part of it
           d. Dis Containers: movement & placement will be a major issue
           e. Hot springs (early evening) – Ocean sent details
           f. Online docs: look over them, start using them
     3. Recommendations from other people
           a. have Music
           b. Plan order of operations
           c. Breaks / fun - Jillian volunteering to lead Love Patrol
           d. drink lots of water & monitor others
           e. No work at hottest point of day
           f. Pack up own stuff first – Sunday afternoon at beginning of DisEngage
           g. Remind people not to work too hard (including us!)
     4. Project Tracking – see online document
           a. Org chart: who is in charge of each cell & subcell
           b. Independent projects – currently Echo Chamber, Space Pirates, maybe cuddletent
           c. Individual campers
     5. (*) Output Categories
           a. Brainstorm (see list)
     6. Roles – Brainstorm
           a. DEL (DisEngage Lead – Ed)
           b. MOOP (Ocean)
           c. Container ? (maybe Elijah plus others?)
           d. Camper liaison
           e. ACW liaison (Josh T)
           f. Camp liaison
           g. Keep DE happy – Jillian (Love Patrol)
           h. Question: Post-party MOOP? DE or no? (Weeklong trash) – hopefully managed separately
     7. (*) Timeline
           a. Brainstorm
           b. Sunday – most everyone in camp will help, big day
           c. Work backward from when we leave playa
     8. Current # of people per day: will send update on this soon

Notes from the Board:

DisEngage Roles

     * DEL
     * MOOP - Ocean
     * Disorient Container
           * Elijah?
     * ACW Liaison
     * Camp Liaison
     * DE Love
     * Camper Liaison
           * Need more than 1?

OUTPUT Categories (see updated tab on spreadsheet)

     * NYC Container
     * Trash
           * RV - personal
           * DE truck: Landfill
     * Ted's LA truck
     * Recycling
           * Find out about can camp
           * How late are they open?
           * DE truck for off-playa recycling
     * Burnables
           * Public burn platform (JT)
           * How late?
     * Gray water
     * RVs
     * Disorient Container
     * Wood to donate
     * DE Truck
     * DEX
     * videogasm
     * Contractors: rented sound, large generators, water tank

     * Question: Trash czar?
     * Question: When do generators leave? - Big generator: maybe T or W, and smaller one in DisContainer
     * Question: Post-party MOOP?
     * ACW
     * trying to get Ocean, Sequoia & Soooz to organize these w/ hosts
     * Shifts (JT) would be good
     * Evap pond check (Sunday PM)
     * OR the DE truck hauls out water barrel (TStick is working on pumping plan and will get back to me)
     * DE Core Team (DECT) meeting
     * Saturday afternoon / dinner
     * Walkie talkies (?)
     * Bull horn
     * Puddle: Disengage category in 'On Playa' - DONE
     * Scan meeting notes / agenda, send to Jordan - DONE


Lowroad: In 2006 a group of about 7 or 8 were last. I remember Tejawe, myself, Moon and Nailz and a few others. Very foggy recollection. Right near the end there was still a chair left out in the shade of the last open container (there were only 2 then.) I sat in the chair, slowly pouring an entire gallon of water over my head while Nailz played accompaniment on an old fiddle. Pure magic.