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Spearheaded by the DAO Cell
Lead: The Eye


Disorient DAO and the $DISORIENT token

On May 19, 2022 Disorient created a DAO and minted 100.000.000 (one hundred million) $DISORIENT tokens

Goals of the Disorient DAO (DRAFT)

1. Organize Disorient membership
2. Create a fair and equitable system to acknowledge and account for members' contributions
3. Further distribute decision-making processes
4. Facilitate frictionless connections between members

Disorient DAO beta 2

Current phases: DAO Onboarding, CCXi and D23 members accounting.
Whether you've camped with Disorient since 2001 or only attended a Disorient event once, you can be part of the experiment.
Join here: http://getyourtoken.disorient.info


Token allocation protocol (DRAFT)

DAO onboarding

Disorient DAO onboarding as team or advisor. To receive onboarding token(s) is to be acknowledged as a Disorient member (one time):
2022: 17
2023: 13
2024: 11
2025: 7
2026: 5
2027: 3
2028: 2
2029 and on: 1

Disorient camp at Burningman

Registered Camper* (per year): 20
Camped with Disorient (per year): 20
Cell lead (per year): 200
Camp lead or member of Camp Cell (per year): 600
Disengage Cell Member Monday: 30
Disengage Cell Member Tuesday: 50
Disengage Cell Member Wednesday: 70
Disengage Cell Member Thursday: 90

Attended first Disorient camp (Burning Man 2001): 10000
Attended second Disorient camp (Burning Man 2002): 5000
Attended third Disorient camp (Burning Man 2003): 2500
Attended forth Disorient camp (Burning Man 2004): 1800
Attended fifth Disorient camp (Burning Man 2005): 900
Attended sixth Disorient camp (Burning Man 2006): 500
Attended seventh Disorient camp (Burning Man 2007): 250

Disorient one day/night events

Examples: Compressor, GlamTech, etc.

Ticket holder* (per event): 5
Attended event (per event): 5
Disengage Cell Member (per event): 30
Cell lead (per event): 50
Producer (per event): 150
Co-founder (awarded once after the 3rd event): 500

Disorient camping events

Country Club, Bedouin Tech, Fun Tsang, etc.

Registered Camper* (per event): 15
Attended event (per event): 15
Disengage Cell Member (per event): 30
Cell lead (per event): 150
Producer (per event): 450
Co-founder (awarded once after the 3rd event): 1500

Disorient Wiki page creation and edits

Edit: 1
Page creation: 3
File upload: 3

DJ sets posted on Disorient SoundCloud

DJ set posted on Disorient SoundCloud: 100

Council and Committee

Served as Disorient Council member (per year): 400
Served as Disorient Council secretary (per year): 100 (in addition to member allocation)
Served as Disorient Country Club Committee member (per year): 200

(*) if not already in Disorient system must be vouched for by 2 DAO members

How did we get here?

Disorient Crypto Pre-History



QR code for this page


DAO banners

PDF print files:
48"x90"x300dpi: File:20221127DisorientDAOBanner.pdf, 50"x90"x300dpi: File:20230425DAO.banner.eye.pdf
20221127DisorientDAOBanner.png 20230425DAO.banner.eye.jpg