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Dust storm essential


Disorient Mask Cell

Fabricated by Ketut at home in Kerobokan, Bali
PayPal integration by Roman Empire
Shipped in the US from Reno, NV by So On It
Shipped in SE Asia from Bali by Ni Luh
Designed and produced by Theophil Eyesenberg in Canggu, Bali, 2020-2021

Mask202102241117.jpg Mask202102241112.jpg 20210526DisorientMaskPlayaBarbie.jpg Mask202102241111.jpg


  • Machine wash warm, tumble dry low
  • Not a medical device

Mask202102241113.jpg Mask202102241116.jpg DisorientMaskCalebMarfa.jpg Mask202102241114.jpg

Order now

2 masks (2 Small) US$24.00 (Add to Cart)
2 masks (1 Small, 1 Large) US$24.00 (Add to Cart)
2 masks (2 Large) US$24.00 (Add to Cart)

3 masks (3 Small) US$29.00 (Add to Cart)
3 masks (2 Small, 1 Large) US$29.00 (Add to Cart)
3 masks (1 Small, 2 Large) US$29.00 (Add to Cart)
3 masks (3 Large) US$29.00 (Add to Cart)

Online sales only - Order now, FREE shipping to US and South-East Asia including Hong Kong - 100% profit goes to Disorient

20210606DisorientMaskHK.jpg Mask202102241115.jpg