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Welcome to

GlamTech (Glamorous Technology, Glamorous Technologists) is the style of Disorient. A brave attempt to juxtapose two apparent opposites.
GlamTech is a yearly Disorient event taking place in NYC typically in the first half of the year. This technology gala showcases our work as a light art collective.

Diamond20190217.jpg GlamTechThrone02.jpg DisorientGlamtech2015.jpg Rolandmarconi glamtech.jpg
Glamtech2014.jpeg Lowroad2009.jpg
Meeting of deep and shallow (not sure which is which)
Cuddle Bubble table.jpeg
GlamTech 2015.jpeg

Warsaw stage front 201201.jpg GT2012 VID Stage v1.jpg GT2012 OrangePuddle v2.jpg GT2012 floorplan v1.jpg

More photos of Warsaw for GlamTech prod

GLAMTECH wristband art.png

GlamTech2011 01b.jpg GlamTech2011 01a.jpg FriarTuck.jpg GlamTech2011 Tesselations gobos.png

Rex drawing 20070719.jpg Partybusssss 2007.jpg

Glamtech flyer.jpg DisorientGlamtech08 400x800.jpg Glamtech09 flyerfront.jpg GlamTech2010 flyerfront.jpg Glamtech2012 01 teaser.jpg Techglam2012 teaser 01.jpg

GlamTechWarrior2006.jpg Glam-Tech.jpg GlamTech Head1.jpg GlamTech Head2.jpg GlamTech Head 3.jpg GlamTech Head4.jpg

Full-on-glamtech.jpg GlamTech2009.jpg Disorie7t sign.jpg The ey8.jpg HotSaucePerformanceBM07.jpg BioLum paintedgirl.jpg GlamTechLisaInPuddle.jpg D07GlamTechGreeterShift.jpg

GlamTech Warrior inspiration: Earth Wind and Fire, Boogie Wonderland