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There were more bikes than bike space, so choices had to be made.

Joe Che
The Eye (x2)
Hug Monster

There were a couple more bikes that went on, but these are the names/bikes I definitely remember reading as they went on.
If your bike wasn't labelled, then you can assume it didn't get on the DEX.
One or two unlabeled cruisers in really good condition did make it on though.

I rotated the handle bars of all the bikes 90 degrees CCW to try to allow for more space.
If for some reason I don't make it out to playa before the DEX next year, there is a bike torx set in the dj booth that you can use to rotate the handle bars back.

Other random things I remember going on:

1 Metric crapton of camp chairs.
2 Chairs with foot rests.
2 Camp hammocks.

2 White clothes racks (Ky)
1 Large Black Duffle Bag (Leo)

If you're curious about the fate of your bike or have other questions regarding what went on the DEX, PM me on the puddle (-=tj) maybe I can help.