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Architect: The Eye
Puddle forum: Urban Plan

Every year, we collaboratively put a lot of thoughts into the design of the urban plan of our camp at Burning Man. This plan becomes the framework for Disorient on the Playa.

"DX (working title)" (2010)

Camp location: TBA
Camp dimensions (feet): 250 x 350
Number of campers: 220
Number of RVs: TBA
3D model of the camp: TBA
Additional resources: Camp elements from 3D warehouse

Disorient's Urban Plan evolves year after year building on experience gained from previous years and from lessons learned by looking at the plan of Black Rock City. In 2010, the vacuous center of Black Rock City inspires us to relocate the Disorient Dome outside of the center of Pornj Plaza. A couple of reasons for this change: 1. Open-up the center of Pornj Plaza to facilitate visual communication; 2. Place the Dome in a more central location within the camp so no camper feels that the camp's social center is too far. In Black Rock City terms, the Dome becomes Disorient's Center Camp.

The Art Car Wash, Disorient's 60ft x 30ft x 15ft interactive art installation is located on the Playa, in front of the camp.

"Evolver" (2009)

Camp location: 4:30 & Esplanade, BRC
Camp dimensions (feet): 150 x 350
Number of campers: 149
Number of RVs: TBA
3D model of the camp: Disorient2009_up.skp
Additional resources: Camp elements from 3D warehouse

Inspired by 2008's Urban Plan, Evolver is a radially distributed camp layout. From the center to the outside, elements of Evolver are: Disorient Dome, Orange Plaza, Pink Shaded area and large vehicles (RVs and buses).

Version 20090806:
Disorient20090806 up.jpg
- resized camp to fit 150'x350' assigned dimensions
- updated Art Car Wash
- placed Kitchen (Blue water tank)
- placed Containers
- placed Generator
- placed DDPW truck

The pink rectangles on the urban plan represent shade structures made of Aluminet, inspired by Lowroad and Jan's shade structures. The circle closest to the Dome is defined by a series of flag poles. Each corner of shade closest to the Dome can be connected to a flag pole. The other corners of each shade structure can be attached to the large vehicles. Central support for each shade structure is provided by poles between 8' and 12' tall made of 1" electrical conduit topped with a tennis ball so the fabric does not rip. Disorient will provide shade material and flag poles. Flag poles will be installed by the Disorient Outpost during the survey. It will be campers' responsibility to install the shade structure for their respective area as they arrive in camp. Campers are also encouraged to design and fabricate new flags. Suggested dimensions of flags: 3' wide x 6' tall.

Version 20090530:
Disorient20090530 up.jpg

"Mandala" (2008)

Camp location: 4:00 & Dart, BRC (Google map)
Camp dimensions (feet): 200 x 300
Number of campers: 170
Number of RVs: 27
Camp motto: DV8
3D model of the camp: File:Disorient2008 up.skp
Last comments/requests to be taken into account for potential changes to urban plan must be posted on this thread by August 3rd, 2008

Version 20080817
Disorient2008 up v20080817.jpg Disorient2008 up v20080817 plan.jpg
- modified plan to fit 200'x300' lot dimensions;
- added "Dome" mutant vehicle;
- campers in rvs need to make sure their water tanks remain accessible to service trucks. every rv, especially the ones located away from the streets should help with this by not letting other campers block access;
- tent area extends under rv shades and between rv pods.

Pod 1: 11 Gary Rabkin (L), 12 Dina Kaplan (L), 13 Sunwoo (L), 14 Rabbi Mintz (L)
Pod 2: 21 Allison (L), 22 Pincus (L), 23 Huggie (L), 24 Tejawe (Truck)
Pod 3: 31 Whiteout (L), 32 Circe & Elizabeth (M), 33 Jonny B Bad (L), 34 Devo (M)
Pod 4: 41 Jaygo&5ie (L), 42 Ky & JJ (Van), 43 PB&J (L), 44 Bads’ (Van)
Pod 5: 51 Yves Behar (L), 52 Eyepod (Van), 53 Leo (L)
Pod 6: 61 Mullens (L), Lenoci 62 (L), 63 Muvment (L)
Pod 7: 71 Alpha (L), 72 Charlie (L), 73 Haddock (XL), 74 Derek (L)
Periphery: 81-85 extra space, 86 Reda, 87 Gearbox, 88 Yukon, 89 Layton

Version 20080730
Disorient2008 up20080730.jpg
Disorient.jpg Disorient3.jpg Disorient4.jpg Disorient5.jpg
- added RV numbers for personal placement;
- moved Containers and Drop to camp entrance;
- added Jan's and Lowroad's shade structures at camp entrance;
- added EyePod;
- added extra RVs at the corners of the Mandala;
- added generator and showers;
- added kitchen location.

Version 20080603
Disorient2008 up v20080603.jpg
- added exploded view of layout:
- Dome Plaza for load-in and load-out, no parking any time except Dex;
- Orange Ring for communal structures and art;
- Pink Ring for individual tents;
- Outside Pink Ring for RV and cars;
- added second row of Delta Shades;
- changed RVs' shades to pink;
- refined the layout.

Version 20080530:
Disorient2008 up v1.0.jpg

"Sign on Wheels" (2007)

Camp location: 8:30 and Esplanade
Camp dimensions (feet): 170 x 365
Number of campers: 100-150 (projected), 187 (actual)
Number of RVs: 32
Camp motto: Live Green. Burn Pornj
Last comments/requests for potential changes to urban plan must be made in this thread by August 3rd, 2007

This year, our new addition to the Disorient Express is the Rex, a 60 ft. long accordion bus. Between the Rex and the Dex, the Disorient Express is now about 90 feet long. This allows us, for the first time, to put the entire Disorient Sign on wheels.

"Our interest in creating the large Disorient sign for the first time in 2004 was to see from how far away a word could be and still be legible. Could it be read from across the playa? We found that the answer is certainly yes. We added sequencing to the sign so that at times it was legible and at others abstract. For me, the word and concept are tied closely to my first night ever at Burning Man in 1994 when I got profoundly lost and disoriented. I had to relearn to navigate in this new space. That process of breaking down and building up is essential to what the event is for me. In 2005 we put the 'DIS' on our first art vehicle and left the 'ORIENT' at home. In 2006 'ORI' travelled and 'DIS ENT' stayed at home. This year, we want to continue this play by putting the entire sign on 2 vehicles and creating several other letters of varying scales mounted in front of camp, on rickshaws, vehicles, etc. with the goal of completely breaking the monolith. I guess the underlying point of all of this is to encourage people to think twice about their beacons and navigational aids, both on the playa and in a larger context beyond the event." (Leo Villareal)

Disorient2007 camp up v1.2.jpg Disorient2007 plan up v1.2.jpg

When the Disorient Express is not parked in front of the camp, a series of Delta Shade structures (designed and tested by Disorienters in 2006) creates a 100 ft. long lounge that is the interface between our camp and the Esplanade. Several large artworks including HiFiDreams by Spot, Bracelet by AKAirways, 8 Point Display (a set of horizontal wires on which participants can add or remove fluorescent 1 foot square pixels. Through these actions, letters and low resolution images can be created) and 3 Letters on Wheels (a triangular piece with various low resolution letters attached. Visitors can spin the piece around to change the letter) are installed in front and on the side of the Delta Shades. The lights inside the lounge are sequenced by Leo Villareal. These gestures welcome people's participation in the very definition of the camp.

During the day, we are presenting a large immersive sculpture, the Diamond, in front of camp, which measures 15'x15'x12', is covered by a mix of sequins, white fabric, and LEDs, acting as a screen to present time lapse movies (made on Playa) at night. Inside is a cozy and AC'd inflatable lounge with a breathing inflatable light sculpture by Anakin Koenig hanging from the ceiling. Lofted on top will be two of our Zero-G couches for relaxing and looking out over the expanse of the central playa.

We have new custom made (and architecturally beautiful) 100 foot long shade structure that can accommodate a large crowd lounging and lying in zero gravity couches and a sound system and stage for live music and events. At night, the shade structure has an elaborate led sculpture which displays a light show of my creation. We have a bar, kitchen and roaming hospitality (such as Turks and Cocos, a decorated cart that serves delicious tropical drinks) to service our lounge areas. Our goal is to create a very inviting, comfortable and great looking space for people to come and hang out it. It is not a crazy booming party but a place for us to be hosts and to give and take care of guests.

Pornj Lane, Disorient's central street, is the axis of the camp. Campers set-up their living space on both sides of Pornj Lane which fosters community through visual interconnection and immediate interaction.

Version 1.2
Disorient2007 camp up v1.2.jpg Disorient2007 plan up v1.2.jpg Disorient2007 hutinside up v1.2.jpg
Changes include:
- Adjustment of delta shades (design and layout) in camp frontage;
- Larger delta shades' front become pixels for light installation by leo;
- 3 new delta shades (with 24'x3' table) and existing carport for kitchen;
- Additional individual delta shades elsewhere in camp;
- Spot's projector (pink column) pointing at back of leo's rv;
- Generator (safety area in red) and bio-diesel 250 gallon tank relocated;
- New frontage object: 3 letters sculpture on wheels in front of camp;
- Space for material, shade for shop next to containers;
- Some model enhancements.

Version 1.1
Disorient2007 camp up v1.1.jpg
Changes include:
- Extension of delta shades to the other side of Pornj Lane.

Version 1
Disorient2007 camp up v1.jpg

Disorient camp at NYC Decom

Disorient on the Lawn: This is not Croquet
Welcome. Disorient on the Lawn is a sculpture garden inflated and streched to the sound of deep bass, and downtempo grooves. We are temporary. You may bring a blanket only to find that you are moved to dance. You may come to dance only to find that you have stopped to stare at the lights. Welcome to Disorient.

Disorient2007 decom.jpg Disorient2007 decom plan.jpg

Disorient's presence at NYC Decom 2007 is a small version of Disorient's camp on the Playa. It is an outdoor installation (90'x60') on the grass with music and includes:
- Delta Shades - Length: 25' Height: 8' Width: 10' Weight: 120 lbs. - Ground penetration: four 1 ft. stakes
- Jan's White Shade - Length: 22' Height: 8' Width: 15' Weight: 80 lbs. - Ground penetration: six 1 ft. stakes
- Lowroad's Penta Shade - Length: 7' Height: 7' Width: 7' Weight: 70 lbs. - Ground penetration: none
- Bracelet by AKAirways - Length: 22' Height: 22' Width: 6' Weight: 160 lbs. - Ground penetration: six 1 ft. stakes
- Disorient's Small Sign - Length: 13' Height: 1' Width: 3" Weight: 60 lbs. - Ground penetration: none
- Disorient's Mackie sound system and DJ set-up - Length: 12' Height: 3' Width: 3' Weight: 100 lbs. - Ground penetration: none

print two copies large on one page and bring to decom
Disorient on the Lawn
NYC Decom 2007

3:00pm Rumble (live electronic set)
4:30 Dwan (belly dancing)
5:00 Spiral Blaster (live electronic set)
6:30 DJ Scientific (dj set)
8:00 The Solstice Project (belly dancing)
8:30 Friartuck (dj set)
10:00 TBA (ambient dj set)

Installation schedule:
10am pick-up rental van
10:30am Load van at Leo's(?) and The Eye's
11:15am Get wood for Delta Shades at Home Depot (50-10 Northern Boulevard)
12noon Unload van at Queens Museum and start installation
3pm Event starts
2am Start packing
4am Load van and return to Manhattan

Bring warm clothes!!

Previous years:

"Pornj Lane and the Deconstructed Sign" (2006)

Camp location: Esplanade & 8 O'clock, BRC
Camp dimensions (feet): 170 x 260
Number of campers: 130
Camp motto: Love and Licks in 2006

Pornj Lane gets its name from the pink and orange shade structures that Disorienters install for private and public spaces on both sides of the street. It is 40 feet wide at its center.
Every group of camper is encouraged the create and assemble its own Pornj shade structure. If everyone on Pornj Lane provides shade for their personal space, the camp will be cooler and more welcoming. Assembling a personal shade structure should be the first thing that every DOer works on upon arrival.

Up1camp.jpg Up1sign.jpg

The Sign is broken-down into 3 groups DIS - ORI - 6NT.
The ORI part of the sign hangs on one side of the DEX.
When the DEX is not in camp, the Sign reads: DIS6NT

Up1dex.jpg Up1front.jpg


3D (Sketchup) file of Disorient 2006 Urban Plan: up1.skp
Dex modelling by DanOfMystery

"Main Street" (2005)

Camp location: Esplanade & 8 O'clock
Camp dimensions (feet): 130 x 365
Number of campers: 110
Camp motto: Tighter and Brighter

In 2005 Di5orient is putting a lot of resources into an art project on wheels: the Di5orient Express. Inspired by the theme of Burning Man 2005, this mobile unit will be the subconscious of Di5orient to be newly experienced and discovered. It will take Di5orient art, sound and dreams to the deep playa and will come back to camp only to let travellers regain consciousness.

Click to enlarge

THE SIGN (Esplanade frontage)
Disorient camp is simplified and "unplugged." The public area of the camp is where we keep the Di5orient Express. It can also accomodate other mutant vehicles such as Nemo's Nautilus. In order to make the camp a quiet and soothing place for campers and for our neighbors the public party area of the camp (including some art and sound installations) is on and around the Di5orient Express which means that Di5orient will often entertain publicly out on the Playa, away from the camp.

Our Esplanade frontage (the Sign) will be the connecting point between the Di5orient Express and the Di5orient camp, between our conscious and our subconscious. It will be a place of meeting and exchange, of arrivals and departures and will provide sitting for travelers. Our Esplanade frontage will be the gate to the Di5orient community. This frontage will also be a place where we will give away costumes (with help of our neighbors Kostume Kult) and eventually invite new friends into the private part of the camp: Main Street.

Yellow vehicles are covered with mylar

The private area of the camp, behind the Sign, is organized around the curved "Disorient Main Street." The simple urban plan allows Disorienters to self-organize individually and collaboratively around a single connector.

"Main street is the generic name (and sometimes the official name) of the business street of a small town in the United States and Canada. "Main Street," or the interests of small businessmen, is sometimes contrasted with "Wall Street," the interests of corporate capitalism." (Wikipedia.com)

Disorient's Main Street is exactly that. It is a place where everyone meets and where paths cross. It is the common ground where social interaction happens. Main Street allows for everyone to be at the same level, connected to the same string. In UP3, everyone plugs into Main Street making it the link between every camper. Main Street is your connection to every other Disorienter.

One advantage of central spacial distribution is that Disorienters can be placed on a first come first served basis. There is no need for reserved spots as we are all connected to the same area. The camp will grow organically guided by the two curved lines that define Main Street. The tents and rvs and cars that you can see around Main Street on UP3 are intentionally not defined. They were placed arbitrarily to give a sense of what could be there.


Main Street should stay open to everyone. All structure should be removed from Main Street after any event. Kitchen, showers, lounges will be terriffic, along with tents and rvs as elements that define Main Street but might defy its purpose if placed right in the middle. One of the multiple functions of Main Street will be to move vehicles in and out of the camp.

A shade installation is going to cover parts of Main Street and the Lounge. If every camper on the side of Main Street provides shade for his/her personal space, the entire camp will feel cooler and more welcoming. Assembling a personal shade structure should be the first thing that every DOer works on upon arrival. Campers should note that the area west of Steve-O's shade installation (along 8:00) will be protected from morning sun.


Urban Plan 03: Plan view
Urban Plan 03: Perspective 01
Urban Plan 03: Perspective 02

Urban Plan 02: Plan view
Urban Plan 02: Perspective 01
Urban Plan 02: Perspective 02
Urban Plan 02: Frontage

Urban Plan 01: Plan view
Urban Plan 01: Perspective

BRC 2005 map
Contextual Map v.1
Contextual Map v.2
Kostume Kult Map

"Large Sound" (2004)

Camp location: 10 O'Clock between Venus and Mercury
Camp dimensions (feet): 200 x 380
Number of campers: 180


"Dandelion" (2003)


"The Esplanade" (2002)


BRC 97 to 07 Sites.jpg