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Urban Plan
Architect: The Eye
with modelling help by DanOfMystery
Puddle forum: Urban Plan

Every year, we collaboratively put a lot of thoughts into the design of the urban plan of our camp at Burning Man. This plan becomes the framework for Disorient on the Playa.

"Pornj Lane and the Deconstructed Sign" (2006)
Camp location: Esplanade & 8 O'clock, BRC

Pornj Lane gets its name from the pink and orange shade structures that Disorienters install for private and public spaces on both sides of the street. It is 40 feet wide at its center.


Every group of camper is encouraged the create and assemble its own Pornj shade structure. If everyone on Pornj Lane provides shade for their personal space, the camp will be cooler and more welcoming. Assembling a personal shade structure should be the first thing that every DOer works on upon arrival.


The Sign is broken-down into 3 groups DIS - ORI - 6NT.
The ORI part of the sign hangs on one side of the DEX.
When the DEX is not in camp, the Sign reads: DIS6NT




3D (Sketchup) file of Disorient 2006 Urban Plan: up1.skp

Previous years:

"Main Street" (2005)
Camp location: Esplanade & 8 O'clock

In 2005 Di5orient is putting a lot of resources into an art project on wheels: the Di5orient Express. Inspired by the theme of Burning Man 2005, this mobile unit will be the subconscious of Di5orient to be newly experienced and discovered. It will take Di5orient art, sound and dreams to the deep playa and will come back to camp only to let travellers regain consciousness.

Click to enlarge

THE SIGN (Esplanade frontage)
Disorient camp is simplified and "unplugged." The public area of the camp is where we keep the Di5orient Express. It can also accomodate other mutant vehicles such as Nemo's Nautilus. In order to make the camp a quiet and soothing place for campers and for our neighbors the public party area of the camp (including some art and sound installations) is on and around the Di5orient Express which means that Di5orient will often entertain publicly out on the Playa, away from the camp.

Our Esplanade frontage (the Sign) will be the connecting point between the Di5orient Express and the Di5orient camp, between our conscious and our subconscious. It will be a place of meeting and exchange, of arrivals and departures and will provide sitting for travelers. Our Esplanade frontage will be the gate to the Di5orient community. This frontage will also be a place where we will give away costumes (with help of our neighbors Kostume Kult) and eventually invite new friends into the private part of the camp: Main Street.

Yellow vehicles are covered with mylar

The private area of the camp, behind the Sign, is organized around the curved "Disorient Main Street." The simple urban plan allows Disorienters to self-organize individually and collaboratively around a single connector.

"Main street is the generic name (and sometimes the official name) of the business street of a small town in the United States and Canada. "Main Street," or the interests of small businessmen, is sometimes contrasted with "Wall Street," the interests of corporate capitalism." (Wikipedia.com)

Disorient's Main Street is exactly that. It is a place where everyone meets and where paths cross. It is the common ground where social interaction happens. Main Street allows for everyone to be at the same level, connected to the same string. In UP3, everyone plugs into Main Street making it the link between every camper. Main Street is your connection to every other Disorienter.

One advantage of central spacial distribution is that Disorienters can be placed on a first come first served basis. There is no need for reserved spots as we are all connected to the same area. The camp will grow organically guided by the two curved lines that define Main Street. The tents and rvs and cars that you can see around Main Street on UP3 are intentionally not defined. They were placed arbitrarily to give a sense of what could be there.


Main Street should stay open to everyone. All structure should be removed from Main Street after any event. Kitchen, showers, lounges will be terriffic, along with tents and rvs as elements that define Main Street but might defy its purpose if placed right in the middle. One of the multiple functions of Main Street will be to move vehicles in and out of the camp.

A shade installation is going to cover parts of Main Street and the Lounge. If every camper on the side of Main Street provides shade for his/her personal space, the entire camp will feel cooler and more welcoming. Assembling a personal shade structure should be the first thing that every DOer works on upon arrival. Campers should note that the area west of Steve-O's shade installation (along 8:00) will be protected from morning sun.


Urban Plan 03: Plan view
Urban Plan 03: Perspective 01
Urban Plan 03: Perspective 02

Urban Plan 02: Plan view
Urban Plan 02: Perspective 01
Urban Plan 02: Perspective 02
Urban Plan 02: Frontage

Urban Plan 01: Plan view
Urban Plan 01: Perspective

BRC 2005 map
Contextual Map v.1
Contextual Map v.2
Kostume Kult Map

"Large Sound" (2004)


"The Corner" (2003)


"The Esplanade" (2002)