The Tenth

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A sculpture by Geodesic Temple at Disorient Country Club 2022

Composer, Producer, 3D model: The Eye
Assembly: Ice Cream, Dimitri D., Archer
Burn: Johnny B., Lowroad

GeodesicTempleTheTenthDisorientCountryClub202200001.jpg GeodesicTempleTheTenthDisorientCountryClub202200010.jpg

The sculpture is composed of ten partly-overlapping wooden octahedra as a commemoration of Country Club's tenth edition.

As we celebrate Country Club's tenth anniversary, we get together and acknowledge our unity. Each of the ten overlapping octahedra not only represents a year of Country Club but symbolizes all the souls that have been involved that respective year.

GeodesicTempleTheTenthDisorientCountryClub202200003.jpg GeodesicTempleTheTenthDisorientCountryClub202200004.jpg GeodesicTempleTheTenthDisorientCountryClub202200005.jpg

All those years, all those participants are unified as one abstraction beyond words. The coalesced resulting octahedra represents this abstraction, this singularity.

On the last sunset of Country Club, when the fire activates the geometry in a unique way during the burn of the Tenth we hope this interaction generates a special vibration which will help unify everyone and everything present, past and future.

GeodesicTempleTheTenthDisorientCountryClub202200002.jpg GeodesicTempleTheTenthDisorientCountryClub202200006.jpg GeodesicTempleTheTenthDisorientCountryClub202200007.jpg GeodesicTempleTheTenthDisorientCountryClub202200008.jpg GeodesicTempleTheTenthDisorientCountryClub202200009.jpg GeodesicTempleTheTenthDisorientCountryClub202200011.jpg GeodesicTempleTheTenthDisorientCountryClub202200012.jpg GeodesicTempleTheTenthDisorientCountryClub202200013.jpg 20220529GeodesicTempleTheTenth DisorientCountryClubX 01.jpg 20220529GeodesicTempleTheTenth DisorientCountryClubX 02.jpg 20220529GeodesicTempleTheTenth DisorientCountryClubX 03.jpg 20220529GeodesicTempleTheTenth DisorientCountryClubX 04.jpg

20220227 (Height: 17')

20220227TheTenth.f.jpg 20220227TheTenth.a.jpg 20220227TheTenth.d.jpg 20220227TheTenth.x.jpg 20220227TheTenth.dimensions.jpg 20220227TheTenth.w.jpg 20220227TheTenth.q.jpg

In May 2022, Simas designed and fabricated those new Simas Connectors especially for The Tenth. They are designed to fit 2x6 studs. The original Simas Connectors were for 2x4 studs.

Previous versions

20220222 (Height: 20')
20220222GeoTemCC22.e.jpg 20220222GeoTemCC22.u.jpg 20220222GeoTemCC22.y.jpg 20220222GeoTemCC22.t.jpg 20220222GeoTemCC22.i.jpg

20220201 (Height: 14')
20220201GeoTemCC22.e.jpg 20220201GeoTemCC22.u.jpg 20220201GeoTemCC22.y.jpg 20220201GeoTemCC22.t.jpg 20220201GeoTemCC22.i.jpg 20220201GeoTemCC22.png