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The Disorient Sign is a scaled rendering of the Disorient logo. Every new Disorient event starts with a Sign.

The First Sign (83 feet long x 8 feet high, 2004) was made of 1/2 in. plywood and 391 LED clusters. Each letter was sequenced individually. Wood letters fabrication, LED assembly and light sequencing were all done collaboratively by dozens of Disorienters.

After 2004, many other Disorient Signs were made. Here are some of them.

Puff Sign (2023)

Main article: Puff Sign
by John F.

20230727PuffSign.jpg 20230728PuffSign.jpg

CoSign (2022)

Main article: CoSign
by the CoSign Cell

20220930CoSignDwithSolarArray.jpg 20220530DisorientCCXCoSign.3.jpg

Container Sign (2021 project)

by Simas and The Eye
Disorient Sign made with shipping containers

Video Sign (2018)

Created by Jael (structure), Parts (electronics), Night Shift and Bacchus
Each letter of the word DISORIENT is a video screen


D22DiscoDock.2.jpg D22EntACWCoSign.2.jpg


by Jael, Night Shift, Bacchus and the Dang Gang Crew
video content by Leo, Alien and Space Hippy
Di19ORI.BM19.1.jpg ENT.BM19.1.jpg SignOnWheelsBM2019.jpg


by Jael, Parts, Night Shift and Bacchus
video content by Leo, Alien and Space Hippy

DIS and ORI displayed in front of camp, ENT on a side of the ENTity which named after the last three letters of the Video Sign


The Wearable Sign (2018)

The D18 Leo Blinky
LeoBlinky2018Front.DIS.jpg LeoBlinky2018Front.ORI.jpg LeoBlinky2018Front.ENT.jpg

Stack Sign (2015 project)

by Lowroad and The Eye

An evolution of Pornj Diamond Cloud

3D model: File:StackSign2015.skp
StackSign2015.1.jpg StackSign2015.3.jpg

D14 Sign (2014)

Main article: D14 Sign
by Viktor, the Soviet Block and a few others

DisorientSign2014.GlamTech.2.png DisorientSign2014.Biolum.1.png

Disorient Sled Sign (2014 project)

DisorientSledSign2014 2.1.jpg DisorientSledSign2014 1.4.jpg DisorientSledSign2014 1.1.jpg DisorientSledSign2014 0.jpg

Disorient Dubai Sign (2014)

Fabricated by Xmas Morning, Elena, Lisa, Stef and the Disorient Dubai Cell, hosted by Playa Barbie and Too Sexy, designed by The Eye.

Bedouin Tech Visual Identity

Disorient Infinity Mirror Sign (DIMS) (2013)

by Kirill S., Fixx I. and Alex S.
PSP DIMS R.jpg PSP DIMS O.jpg PSP DIMS D.jpg PSP DIMS S.jpg PSP DIMS OR.jpg PSP DIMS OR 2.jpg DIMSinDome2013.jpg DIMSBM2013.jpg

D12 Sign (2012 project)

Same size as original 2004 Disorient Sign
by the D12 Sign Dream Team: Elixir, Devyn, Justin D., Coyoti, Lowroad and The Eye
3D file: File:D12 sign 2012.skp
D12 sign 20120621 pers.s.jpg D12-ORI-ENT-LED-sign.jpg

Disorient Low Res Sign (DLRS) (2012)

This Sign uses a low-resolution version of the original Disorient font. Letters are 5 pixel wide by 4 pixel tall.
Designed by The Eye, fabricated by Adi (first sign) and John Dingee (second sign)

Vignette Announce Sign (2010)

Main article: Vignette Announce Sign
Vignette Announce Sign.jpg LGC vignette sign.jpeg

Art Car Wash Sign (2010)

DisorientACWSign2010.1.jpg DisorientACWSign2010.2.jpg DisorientACWSign2010.3.jpg

Disorient Brazil Sign (2009)

Sign for Disorient Trancoso
Design by The Eye, fabrication help by Arturo. Latex paint on plywood by Arturo.
Dimensions (approx.): 1000cm x 100cm x 1cm
TrancosoSign03.jpg Trancoso2009 sign turkey.jpg
Trancoso2009 sign DI.jpg Trancoso2009 sign S.jpg Trancoso2009 sign O.jpg Trancoso2009 sign RI.jpg Trancoso2009 sign E.jpg Trancoso2009 sign N.jpg Trancoso2009 sign T.jpg
TrancosoSignBuilding.jpg TrancosoSign01.jpg TrancosoSign02.jpg

D9 Sign (2009)

D9 Sign 05.jpg The Hut2012 2.jpg Hut2009-18.jpg

Small Sign (2008)

New Sign, painted wood
DisorientSmallSign2008LADecom.1.jpg DisorientSmallSign2008LADecom.2.jpg

Small Sign (2006 to present)

In 2006 a new set of pixels (the small Sign's own) was premiered on Saturday night at Burning Man 2005 when the Disorient Express was parked near the Man. This new set of pixels allowed Disorient to display two Signs simultaneously. Each individual pixel in the new set is made of 3 colors: Orange, UV and white. Those three colors are known as OUW (Disorient's version of RGB).

The Small Sign was updated yearly from 2006 to 2008. We only used it sporadically between 2015 and 2021. It made a come back at DISCO BALL 2020 and then at CCX

The Small Sign as become a prime example of LED patina

Stealth Sign (2005)

A light version of the small Sign: the Stealth Sign. The main reason for the creation of the Stealth Sign is that we needed a Sign that could be carried and installed by a single person. The Stealth Sign is the same size as the Small Sign. It is made with Christmas lights glued on clear polyethylene film. It has a total of 900 light bulbs.

Small Sign (2005)

A smaller version of the Sign was used for Disorient's New Year's Day after party at Rumor. This party was named 5 in reference to changes made to the Sign for 2005. The S was replaced by a 5 and the 4 was replaced by a T going from DISORIEN4 to DI5ORIENT.


Small Sign at Disorient Compressor 2005


Small Sign on the Di5orient Express

In 2005 the letters D - i - 5 were mounted on the side of the Di5orient Express. It was said that the Di5orient Express was the most recognizable mutant vehicle on the playa.
Sat night.jpg dex01front01m.jpg

Small Sign (2004)

Dimensions: 13ft. x 16in. x 1/2in.
A smaller version of the Sign, which uses the LED clusters of the big Sign, was created for Astral Slide, the New York Decompression party spearheaded by Disorient at Spirit (a nightclub in the space of the legendary Sound Factory).

Disorien4.jpg Disorient Small Sign 2004.jpg

The First Sign (2004-2007)

The original Disorient Sign designed by Leo and The Eye, built, painted, assembled by many
Dimensions: 83ft. x 8ft. x 1/2in.
The wooden part of this Sign was burned at the end of Burning Man 2007. The reason why we decided to burn this Sign is still subject of debate.

Disorient events start with a Sign