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Disorient Scarf 2017

Design by The Eye
Silk scarves with Disorient 2017 Urban Plan and motifs from Disorient mythology

DisorientScarf20170608.1.jpg DisorientScarf20170608.2.jpg
Note: final design differs slightly from pictures above

Disorient Scarf 2017 Limited Edition, hand made, 25"x25", 100% silk twill 12mm, hand-sewn rolled edges
US$41.00 (Add to Cart)

Disorient Beach Wrap 2017 Very Limited Edition, hand made, 50"x50", 100% silk habotai 8mm
US$59.00 (Add to Cart)

Online sales only - Order now, pick-up on Playa - 100% profit goes to Disorient

Geodesic Temple Carre 2011

Design by The Eye, final remix by Phil
Produced by Stacee G.
A silk scarf sporting several versions of GeoTem04.

GeoTem Night Scarf01.jpg

Geodesic Temple Scarf. Silk, 26"x26", hand-sewn rolled edges.
US$1200.00 (Add to Cart)