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Drafted by The Bass June 23, 2010

Disorient is not for profit

This means that there is no distribution of profits from Disorient to anyone.

Everything we raise from fundraisers and from dues goes to funding our efforts on the playa.

We have run a deficit almost every year. This year we may have a surplus for the first time. That surplus will go towards future playa events. Not to individuals.

Disorient is volunteer

We do not pay staff. Our efforts are collective. We do reimburse DJs and performers for expenses, occasionally we hire a paid DJ for our parties, and we have had paid door staff on occasion. But we are run on volunteer contributions.

The Disorient brand is the property of Disorient

We collectively decide what we want to do that's called "Disorient"

Disorient is a monarchy

Leo is the king. This is a good structure for our collective - a benign monarchy. Ultimately we have one person who can decide what is or is not in keeping with our values. However in practice we operate by group consensus.

The mission of Disorient is to make people happy

As we get bigger and more organized, it's important to remember that what makes Disorient special is that by joining together, we can bring happiness to more and more people. That is what we do on the playa. It is what we strive to do off the playa. That is our mission.

Disorient is precious

These rules are artificial. We are a moment in time. Let's be grateful for the opportunity to work with each other in a world based on love and not commerce. This is precious.