Plastic Woven Mat

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Designed and produced by The Eye in Hong Kong


Dimensions: 6ft. x 8ft.
Material: polypropylene
UV-treated Colors: pink and orange
Easy-to-clean reversible design
Lightweight and compact - folds for easy storage

US$47.00 (Add to Cart)
Online sales only - Order now - Available of pick-up in Reno, NV or NYC 100% profit goes to Disorient

Disorient-Plastic-Woven-Mat-20180418.1.jpg Disorient-Plastic-Woven-Mat-20180418.2.jpg Disorient-Plastic-Woven-Mat-20180418.3.jpg Disorient-Plastic-Woven-Mat-20180418.4.jpg Disorient-Plastic-Woven-Mat-20180418.5.jpg Disorient-Plastic-Woven-Mat-20180418.6.jpg DIsorientBeachChairAndPlasticWovenMatAtFunTsangHongKong.jpg

Design Library

Disorient-Plastic-Woven-Mat-20180325.jpg Disorient-Plastic-Woven-Mat-20180316.jpg Disorient-Plastic-Woven-Mat-20180312.jpg Disorient-Plastic-Woven-Mat-20180312verso.jpg Disorient-Plastic-Mat-20180309.jpg Disorient-Plastic-Mat-20180308.jpg Disorient-Plastic-Mat-20180307.jpg

Shipping info

Disorient Plastic Woven Mats 2018 Shipping.jpg Disorient Plastic Woven Mats 2018 Shipping Cardboard Box.jpg