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This page is about music content. Sound equipment is here.


While "house music" best defines the sound of Disorient we are eager to imbibe vast sonic landscapes and lose ourselves in the meanders of exploratory sounds.

We coined the term House++ (House Plus Plus) to describe Disorient's musical style. This means lots of house plus a little bit of everything else including not only electronic sub/genres but also all other sonic manifestations.

We are open to new ideas and always interested in subjective musical propositions especially if they are warm, encompassing and generous.

Disorient SoundCloud

We preserve the DJ sets played at Disorient events on

If you’d like your set to be added to our collection, please record it, process it and share the ready-to-upload file with music-at-disorient-dot-info

You can also include an image for the cover, a written description of the set and links to your online presence.


DJs who participate to Disorient in more ways than just DJing.

Charlie Funk

Monday Night, D18



Paul BPH

FT16, Hong Kong

Jay M

BT17, Dubai BT16, Dubai



John Kofi


Dima Markus

Douggie Style




BlackLight Ballerz, Dubai 2015


BlackLight Ballerz, Dubai 2015


Disorient Dome Burn Night 2015

Miss Sabado

Like good food, Farrah (Miss Sabado) believes music should nourish, fortify, and fill the soul. Like her cooking, her music draws from a selection of the freshest ingredients and brightest colors, textures, and mix of international herbs and spices. Farrah likes a balanced five-star meal, but you better believe she is not afraid to eat from the taco truck! Her best friends growing up were named Juan, Julio, and Tita Rosita, so naturally she is inclined to Latin flavors. But Farrah sees no boundaries. Whatever flavors tickle her fancy, she will gladly devour and share with the world!

Power to the goddess tradition. facebook blog soundcloud

Francois K

Francois Kevorkian is nothing less than a pioneer in the electronic dance music scene. Francois is a marvel to watch and learn from as he contributes his eclectic sounds and avant-garde visions to the group.

From a very young age, Francois has always taken pride and interest in music. It wasn't until his permanent relocation from France to New York City in 1975 when the seeds of his musical endeavors blossomed into a full-time career DJing, recording, and remixing. His DJ resume includes an impressive list of internationally acclaimed dance clubs like Ministry of Sound (London), Space (Ibiza), Yellow (Tokyo), Angels Of Love (Napoli), as well as a couple of guest spots at The Paradise Garage. His work as a remixer includes collaborations with Diana Ross, U2, Mick Jagger and Kraftwerk, to name a few, but he is well known for his work on many disco records, such as the ones he remixed for the legendary Prelude Records (D-Train,Sharon Redd, Strikers, etc.) as well as many of that era's classic 12" remixes like "Situation" by Yaz or Dinosaur L's "Go Bang".

In 1995, he founded Wave Music, an eclectic independent record label that provided an outlet for him to release his own creative ventures, then co-founded Body&SOUL the following year, which became one of New York's most revered weekly parties at the time.

In 2003, Francois started a residency at a weekly Monday night event called Deep Space where the format is extremely eclectic, edgy, and futuristic. Two years later, he was inducted into the Dance Music Hall of Fame.

Francois K is continuously pushing and evolving as an artist, and we look forward to what he has in store for the music scene next.

Reda Briki (Sultan)

Reda Briki sprinted into global dance music notoriety over recent years with electrifying music productions, DJ sets, an infectious personality and as curator for one of New York City’s most successful parties (Love that Fever).

In a time when the speed of “EDM” is accelerating and new electronic music trends are innovated by the minute, Reda Briki is considered among peers and dance floor addicts as "one of the most respected and relentless leaders coming up in the music industry".

Originally from French Algiers but coming of age in Parisian club culture, Reda was surrounded by a world of rich eclectic influences of tribal percussion, pumping rhythms, pulsing beats and thumping grooves. This rich exposure laid the groundwork for Reda’s fervent pursuit of making house music his lifelong calling.

With over 18 years behind the decks, Reda’s powerful skill for pushing musical boundaries has become known through his original music and event productions. As Co-Founder for Love that Fever—celebrated as New York City’s number one music and dance experience— the events became a movement, a reflection of Reda’s heart and soul for bringing people of all walks of life together to celebrate life, love, self-acceptance and artistic expression.

With a deep rooted love for global beats and seeking adventure, Reda expanded his party to some of the furthest points on the map: Miami, Turkey, Ibiza, Morocco’s, TranSahara, UK’s Secret Garden, Nevada’s Burning Man, Cairo’s The Gift Trilogy and Punta Del Este.

Always continuously reinventing himself, Reda's original productions and remixes keep his dance floor’s alive and close. His natural skill for drawing audience interaction is distinct in two stand out tracks - ‘I Am Beautiful’ and ‘2 Suns’, deep tech-house based tracks with progressive spices, while uplifting vocals on 'A Beacon of Light' come from a special place, like Reda.

Reda Briki’s dedication, talent and vision are paving the pathway up the golden ladder of electronic music.


Dj Name: deejaysoul
Real Name: Ignacio
Nick Name: Iggy
How long have you been DJing? Since 1991
Music Style: Primary House Music, but I also play Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap, Soul, Funk, 80s Pop, New-Wave, Club Classics & Bmore Club.

Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I really have my brother to thank for my love of music, he introduced me to disco and R&B when I was young and I always counted on him to be blaring the best of it playing on the home stereo from 8-tracks & vinyls. Even back then I was enthralled with all the neighborhood DJ's who got people dancing in the park and somehow kept the music flowing without stopping. Since then I have been obsessed with music and djing. My early mixing experience came from listening & recording to all the Friday & Saturday night hip-hop mix shows on the radio. I would spend all Sunday re-editing the music to remove station bugs & commercials. A couple years later I was introduced to House music and fell in love with the way the sounds blended and flowed. Eventually I met a friend with a similar interest in music and we traded tapes. We would spend all of our time at his house practicing, watching each other spin, and learning from one another. Once his equipment started breaking down, I bought my first 1210 in 1992. From that summer on I knew that I would always be a DJ and a lover of music for life.

blog soundcloudmixcloud facebook twitter


Bedouin Tech 2014

Friar Tuck

Fun, funky, breaky, housy, booty-shakin' DJ! Currently based out of Brooklyn, NY, DJ Friar Tuck has been spinning at the funkiest, freshest, craziest, sexiest parties since 1995. His style is innovative, deep and complex, yet very dancefloor friendly. You will move, you will groove, you will sweat, you will smile =)

Friar Tuck has been a mainstay of the Disorient lineup and music curation team since moving to New York in 2004. Previous to that, he was a favorite of the Los Angeles underground scene - helping add funk and flavor to warehouse, desert, and forest gatherings by Basswerks, Stormriders, Integral Gathering, and Stargaze to name a few. And it all began in Baltimore, where Tuck found his love of electronic music on the dancefloor of some of the most intense rave massives the east coast has ever seen. In his music, Friar Tuck strives to keep that strain alive - a deep devotion to innovation, passion and skill passed down from DJ to dancefloor at parties for people who LIVE FOR THE MUSIC.

facebook SoundCloud

Guillaume Clave

Bedouin Tech 2015


Tim “Journeyman” Fielding is a DJ and digital media producer who works with performance artists and event planners to create transformative experiences. His music style ranges from Deep House to the funky side of Breakbeat. He is best known for producing Journeys by DJ (JDJ), the world’s first series of DJ mix CDs. He began DJing as a teenager in Bristol, UK, playing a diverse mix of Funk, Dub, Punk and Electro. Inspired by the Balearic DJs of the late 80s, he dove into the London warehouse party scene as Acid House was about to kick off.

Equal parts DJ, journalist and club promoter, Tim ran the record label of iconoclastic club The Brain, which nurtured the careers of many acclaimed Electronic artists and released “Live at the Brain”, the first ever live album of MIDI performances. In 1992, Tim launched JDJ: full-length state-of-the-art mixes by the likes of John Digweed, Farley & Heller, Paul Oakenfold, Danny Rampling, Gilles Petersen, Norman Jay, Justin Robertson and Coldcut’s definitive ’70 Minutes of Madness’. In 1995, he invested in The End, the seminal London venue that had a huge impact on DJ culture, and remained a director there alongside Mr C and Layo until its closure on a splendidly high note in January 2009. Back in the studio, he programmed JDJ’s “After Hours” and the “Ultimate House Party” series, and went on to release “Ley Lines” and “Loft Party – New York” (Kinkysweet) and the first mixes of Cielo’s Nicholas Matar.

These days he can be found spinning regularly at Brooklyn warehouse parties and working with the Disorient collective of artists, DJs and designers. He played on their stunning sound stage at the 2010 Burning Man festival, and headlined the NYC Halloween Parade for Kostume Kult. Based in New York, he continues to develop original ways of experiencing music through his work with converged media devices such as mobile phones.

For more information and booking inquiries, please contact

Captain Shaggy 2K

Space Pirate Raids 2010>> 20,000 Beats under the Sea, Black & Light Ball, more coming soon P)

Rough Seas Ahead 2010 May Mix
Sunrise Toast-20KBUTS Part 1
Sunset Mutiny-20KBUTS Part 2
"Captain Shaggy's Revenge" Single Track Extracted from my 20,000 Beats Under The Sea Set
"Captain Shaggy's Revenge" Track Download


Lush Bunny

Punk. Prophet. Bunny. These are some of the words that have been used to describe the persona beneath the bunny ears. Nurtured by LA's best underground DJs, he has developed his own unique genre-bending style and energetic sets that have propelled him to the top of electronica scene in Los Angeles. Curating tracks from a playlist of house, electro, dub, downtempo, and breaks, has taken him to play in Coachella Music and Arts Festival, Burning Man, Elysium Festival, Lake Balboa Music Experience, Bass Station, Space Island, 16Bit & Beyond, Housemates, the Golden Globes After Party, Disorient's Compressor, PEX Summer Festival, LA Decompression, and in various other venues from San Francisco to San Diego. With his trademark bunny head, and sometimes flanked by the sexy Bunny Bitch Squad, Lushbunny creates an experience that is truly fun, energetic, and unparalleled.

facebook soundcloud

Arrow Chrome

DJ Arrow Chrome got his start as a DJ in 1990 at Albuquerque, New Mexico’s KUNM. Cutting his teeth on one of northern N.M.s largest radio stations with a 3-hour long punk and experimental radio show. From there his travels took him around the USA singing for the punk band ‘Antischism’ and finally the the Lower East Side of New York City where he discovered, (among other things) the power and urban intensity of Hip Hop and Jungle.

During the 90s Chrome constantly sought to combine his fervor for activism and his love of music. This often meant street parties (Reclaim the Streets!), benefit shows, and finally the co-founding of NYCs longest running pirate radio station, Steal This Radio.

Steal This Radio, broadcasting 7 nights a week for 3 years in lower Manhattan, provided the backdrop for the next level of Chrome’s evolution as a DJ. At STR Chrome was exposed to the masters of NY Drum-n-bass (I.E. Dara, Soulslinger, Odi, etc.) which became the influences for his next musical passion; Drum-n-bass. STR was also the boiling cauldron that produced one of NYCs most infamous underground party crews… the Blackkat Collective, of which Chrome was a core member.

As a main organizer and DJ of Blackkat, with a steady regimen of club gigs, political fundraisers, and warehouse parties, Chrome began to have the experience and following that it takes to leading DJ in New York City’s crowded market. With Blackkat, Arrow (who was also a fire-eater) and company exploded the rave culture by combining circus performances, art installations, carnival rides, political information and even pyrotechnics with a mixed musical style main floor to create a more collaborative and rounded approach to the underground party scene that was used to “cookie cutter” raves with the same laser and smoke machines at every event.

Blackkat’s warehouse parties began to get more and more popular, and their annual Mayday celebration was consistently attracting several thousand people. Chrome’s rise in popularity brought him to play along side such world famous DJs as Lenny Dee, Carlos Soulslinger, Richie Hawten, Frankie Bones, Cool DJ Red Alert and recently the founding father of DJ culture himself Africa Bambatta. By the winter of 2001/2002 Blackkat was throwing the biggest warehouse parties in the city, which were said to be “some of the most amazing parties NYC has ever seen” by NYCs authoritative nightlife magazine, Flyer NYC. (Flyer Magazine, January 2002) Chrome and the Blackkat Crew have also been the subject of articles in Mixer Magazine, Time Out NY, the Village Voice, and College Music Journal.

During the Blackkat years Arrow helped to discover and establish the Lunatarium and worked to support Complacent, (which later became the Danger), with whom he helped to plan First Warm Night, and various other street and subway parties around the city.

After 911, Arrow made his environmental activism into a full time job by forming the non-profit organization, With, Arrow Chrome took his DJing on the road, traveling in a vegetable oil powered bus and djing through a solar-powered sound system. featured several national tours with environmental lectures and workshops in the day and sustainably-powered dance parties by night, which exposed Arrow to DJing for communities and events all across the United States.

After playing at their events for years, Arrow Chrome became an active member of Disorient in 2005. He helped to build, play and operate the mobile sound unit known as the Disorient Express at the 2005 Burning Man Festival. In addition to his yearly pilgrimages to play at Burning Man, Arrow plays and helps to organize many Disorient and Burning Man related parties around NYC each year, including the NYC Compressor, Kostume Kult parties, Danger parties, and Winkle and Balktick productions to name a few. He is also the founder of two wildly popular annual “burner” boat parties; Bioluminescence and Boom Boat.

Internationally, Arrow Chrome has also played events in Puerto Rico, Germany, France, Spain, Vienna, and Czechoslovakia. In addition to being a DJ, Arrow continues to be an active promoter of environmental sustainability, with a particular focus on biodiesel fuel, and is a dedicated husband and father of 2.

Arrow Chrome Facebook
Arrow Chrome Bio

Press Play (Subsector)

As an emerging producer and dj, Subsector has dived into the electronic music scene with a knock-out punch start. With a mesmerizing remix of Snoop Dogg and Kid CuDi's That Tree, reaching the Twitter Top 20 music charts and The Hype Machine's Top 15 music charts (March 2010), publicity has skyrocketed recognition of the Subsector sound. Since 2008, Subsector's dubbed out music has been busy at work making waves in headphones, dancefloors and chillout rooms all over the world. As a touring DJ, Subsector has played at festivals including, Vermont's Manifestivus, Black Rock City, Nevada's Burning Man and Playa Del Fuego. Subsector's promising talent has drawn comparisons to veterans of the electronic music scene including Bassnectar and Thievery Corporation. Despite these comparisons, the Subsector sound is distinct in its own right, unique and evolving. Subsector's gritty, evocative productions coupled with his live sets comprised of the best tracks electronic music has to offer, has garnered him a reputation for bringing good vibes, great grooves and an undeniable fresh flavor to the dancefloor. Subsector is currently working full time in the studio remixing and creating original tracks for his upcoming debut album on Rewind Worthy.

Original Music / Remixes / Mixes @


Erika Mysti

Disorient Dusty Mirage, NYC 2013


3L3TRONIC 3L3TRONIC "BM DREAMS" 2005 Sunrise inspiration <mp3></mp3> Download

Website Facebook

Big Nick

Cdjilnik PreBurn 07 <mp3></mp3>
Something for day trippers <mp3></mp3>

Clare Large


Dragon's Mixes


Across the playa at dawn <mp3></mp3>

DJ Balls

Balls has played a full-on flavored goa trance since the beginning of the genre. After twenty years of pedal to the metal, he abruptly slowed-down in 2009 from 135 to 110ish bpm, pouring himself into a trippy, downer-chic house thus displaying what could easily be mistaken for a more responsible attitude.

soundcloud twitter


Orion Keyser began DJing parties in New York City in 2002. His selections favor heavy doses of funky electronic beats, dirty basslines and sexy samples. Some of the tracks he brings to the floor are his own original productions, production collaborations, or remixes. Orion's collaborations & productions have been released on Aww Yeah Records, Audiofase Recordings, Mixtill6 Records, and Sleevin Records. Orion lives and works in New York City, where the pulse of city life inspires the vibe he brings to the party.
Dee Jay Orion Mixes
LB3 vs. DJ Orion Tag Team DJ mixes
Spiral Blaster podcast
Trigger Happy
DJ Orion's myspace
Spiral Blaster's myspace

The Bass

Undergound tune-slinger. Plays funky house with electro. Ex-MTV exec. Disorient co-founder. Sneaky party rocker. On point and slightly over the top.