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Designed by Leo
Produced by members of Disorient

Every year or so since 2003 (TBC) Leo designs a limited series Leo Blinky to be gifted on the playa. They are often manufactured within the Disorient community.

D23 - Pink Emergency

D23LeoBlinky.1.jpg D23LeoBlinky.2.jpg D23LeoBlinky.3.jpg D23LeoBlinky.gif

D22 - Ornj Emergency

D22LeoBlinky.1.jpg D22LeoBlinky.2.jpg D22LeoBlinky.3.jpg D22LeoBlinky.4.jpg D22LeoBlinky.5.jpg

D18 - The Wearable Sign

LeoBlinky2018Front.DIS.jpg LeoBlinky2018Front.ORI.jpg LeoBlinky2018Front.ENT.jpg LeoBlinky2018Back.ENT.jpg LeoBlinky2018Back.ORI.jpg LeoBlinky2018Back.DIS.jpg
photos by Theophil Eyesenberg

D13 - The "D"

LeoBlinky2013Front.YVPphoto.jpg LeoBlinky2013Back.YVPphoto.jpg
photos by Jan Van Pak



Leo and his 2009 Blinky



Video of Leo Blinkies in action by George Post