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Designed and produced by The Eye


Model 3 (Disorient Sim 2019)

Material: spandex
Print: allover
Sizes (select at pick-up in NYC or NV): S, M, L, XL

US$39.00 (Add to Cart)
Online sales only - Order now - Available for pick-up in Reno (NV) or NYC 100% profit goes to Disorient

DisorientPattern20190306.7.jpg (150cm x 150cm 150dpi)

20190722D19leggings.jpg TheGoodStuff.1.jpg TheGoodStuff.2.jpg TheGoodStuff.3.jpg TheGoodStuff.4.jpg

20190606Sleeves.01.jpg 20190606Sleeves.02.jpg

Model 2 (Video Sign 2018)

Material: spandex
Print: placement print

DisorientLeggins20190217.5.jpg DisorientLeggins20190217.6.jpg DisorientLeggins20190217.2.jpg DIS.ORI.ENT.BM2018.png
Photo by Ali A.

Model 1 (BM Camp Photo 2018)

Material: placement print spandex

DisorientLeggings20190204.jpg DisorientCampersBM2018byBeatrizPAlonso.1.jpg
Photo by Beatriz A.

Belt detail

Wide double-thickness belt with 2 hidden pockets: left side and back
DisorientLeggings2019BeltDetailFront.png DisorientLeggings2019beltdetailBack.png