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''the style of [[disorient|Disorient]]''<br />
GlamTech is the style of [[disorient|Disorient]].<br />
''Puddle discussion''<nowiki>: </nowiki>[http://puddle.disorient.info/viewtopic.php?t=1055 Glam-Tech]<br />
GlamTech is a yearly Disorient [[Parties|events]].<BR><br />
<br />
GlamTech is the style of Disorient.<br />
''Puddle discussion''<nowiki>: </nowiki>[http://puddle.disorient.info/viewtopic.php?t=1055 Glam-Tech]<br /><br />
<br />
[[Image:Rex_drawing_20070719.jpg|380px]] [[Image:FriarTuck.jpg|170px]] [[Image:Partybusssss_2007.jpg|310px]]<BR>
[[Image:Rex_drawing_20070719.jpg|380px]] [[Image:FriarTuck.jpg|170px]] [[Image:Partybusssss_2007.jpg|310px]]<BR>

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GlamTech is the style of Disorient.
GlamTech is a yearly Disorient events.

Puddle discussion: Glam-Tech

Rex drawing 20070719.jpg FriarTuck.jpg Partybusssss 2007.jpg

Glamtech flyer.jpg DisorientGlamtech08 400x800.jpg Glamtech09 flyerfront.jpg GlamTech2010 flyerfront.jpg GlamTechWarrior2006.jpg

Glam-Tech.jpg 3519630212_49fd27f46e.jpg

GlamTech Head1.jpg GlamTech Head2.jpg GlamTech Head 3.jpg GlamTech Head4.jpg

Full-on-glamtech.jpg GlamTech2009.jpg

Disorie7t sign.jpg The ey8.jpg Lowrrrrroad.jpg

3002844179_1a4cfcdfc0.jpg HotSaucePerformanceBM07.jpg BioLum paintedgirl.jpg

Glamorous Technology.
Glamorous Technologists.
Lipgloss on RAM.
LED-covered platform boots.
Geeks in shiny suits.
Pornj House.
A brave attempt to juxtapose two apparently opposite directions.