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The Eleventh (CCXI) (DRAFT)


Spire (Burning Man 2022)

Dimensions: 8' x 8' x 48'
Weight: 1200 Lbs
Spire will be painted as shown on images below
Lights: Spotlights at top and bottom + ~200 Solpix v.0.3 at the top


Geodesic Temple is an expression of the Disorient philosophy: individual cells work together to create the ever-evolving landscape of life. As such, Disorient is inspired by the biological model. It is an art-centered, inspirational and nourishing collective that feeds on positive energy. It is open source and creates systems that can be taken apart by others and from which new systems can be developed.

Geodesic Temple is a modular system that uses the octahedron as a building block to create self-supporting structures. The octahedron is one of the five platonic solids. It has been used through the ages in sacred geometry and spiritual architecture. According to various traditions, each of the five platonic solids carries special teachings. The octahedron, also known as “the seed of life,” is symbolic of the union of heaven and earth, which exists within each of us. It also represents the Heart Chakra, serving as an expression of self-love and compassion. The octahedron is connected with the element of Air, consciousness, the breath of life, and new beginnings.

From this rich symbolic basis, Geodesic Temple derives a special power to enable profound personal realizations and transformative collective experiences.

Spire is about the connectedness of all things, in particular human beings. It expresses the idea that we are all in this journey together. We embrace diversity. We are one.


We are building Geodesic Temple Spire at BM22.

Spire ( is a type of GeoTem which explores a new assembly technique involving asymmetrical octahedra. It’s something that we’ve never done before and that requires extra attention to details when making the connections between wooden studs to create the octahedra. We explore a new technique every time we build a GeoTem to enrich our formal vocabulary through experience.

Spire will be painted, which is uncommon for GeoTem. Tt will not be burned, which is also uncommon for recent GeoTems. It is a smaller endeavor than TOBRIT as we focus our efforts and energy in camp this special "reentry" year.

Spire build is scheduled to start on Tuesday August 23rd, 2022. Two by four studs will arrive on playa already cut and primed. Octahedra assembly (drilling holes and painting 2x4 studs then connecting them with Simas Connectors) will be done in camp at Esplanade and 6:30. Connecting octahedra together into Spire will take place in front of camp where the structure will then receive lighting elements and be erected, tentatively on Friday August 26th, 2022.

TheTenth20200108.1.jpg TheTenth20200108.2.jpg
Color coding for building reference only.

Cut List

20220804GeoTemSpireCutList.1.jpg 20220804GeoTemSpireCutList.2.jpg

2x4 boards
Symmetrical 45 degree cuts at each end
Dimension is on long side

10x 96’
12x 90’
12x 84’
12x 78’
12x 72’
12x 66’
12x 60’
12x 54’
12x 48’
12x 42’
3x 36’

The Tenth (Country Club 2022)

A sculpture by Geodesic Temple at Disorient Country Club 2022 read more
GeodesicTempleTheTenthDisorientCountryClub202200001.jpg GeodesicTempleTheTenthDisorientCountryClub202200010.jpg 20220529GeodesicTempleTheTenth DisorientCountryClubX 01.jpg

Temple of Zero Gravity

The progeny of Geodesic Temple and the Zero Gravity Chair. read more

Mantap (Burning Mantap 2021)

A primal piece for the first Disorient event in Bali. read more

20210904BurningMantap00074.jpg 20210904BurningMantap00079.jpg 20210904BurningMantap00083.jpg

Temple of Brad Pitt - Minecraft edition (Burning Man 2020)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Burning Man 2020 did not take place in Nevada's Black Rock Desert. Instead, several virtual versions of Burning Man were created online based on different 3D technologies. Disorient participated to a couple of those worlds while Geodesic Temple decided to focus on the Minecraft version. read more

TOBRIT202008300016.jpg TOBRIT202009022201.jpg

Temple of Brad Pitt (TOBRIT) (Burning Man 2019)

The Temple of Brad Pitt channels the famous Hollywood actor. It captures Brad Pitt’s aura, extracts the essence of his being through data gathering and redisplays it as a performative sculpture at Burning Man 2019 enabling participants who enter a special apparatus to briefly experience what it is to be him. read more

TempleOfBradPitt.1.jpg TOBRITPurgatoryArk.1.jpg

The Ninth: Euclid's Elements - Book XIII - Proposition 14 (Country Club 2019)

Director, Producer, Design, 3D model: The Eye
Assembly: Sofy, Ahmad, So On It, The Eye
Burn: Johnny B.

Watch the movie]
TheNinth.6.jpeg TheNinth.10.jpeg TheNinth.1.jpeg TheNinth.2.jpeg TheNinth.3.jpeg TheNinth.4.jpeg TheNinth.5.jpeg TheNinth.7.jpeg TheNinth.8.jpeg TheNinth.9.jpeg EuclidsElements20190219.8.jpg EuclidsElements20190219.9.jpg EuclidsElements20190219.10.jpg EuclidsElements20190219.11.jpg EuclidsElements20190219.12.jpg TheNinth.11.jpeg TheNinth.12.jpeg

Temple of Incompletion (TOI) (Burning Man 2018)

The Temple of Incompletion is an ode to the unsolved problems and the unanswered questions, it is a reminder that it is important for some things to remain unfinished, incomplete, open. read more

Temple of Incompletion BM2018.1.jpg Temple of Incompletion BM2018.2 photo by Jane Metcalfe.jpg

The Eighth (Disorient Country Club 2018)

GeoTemCC18 The Eighth.1.jpg GeoTemCC18 The Eighth.2.jpg GeoTemCC18 The Eighth.3.jpg

Temple of Forbidden Symmetry (TFS) (Burning Man 2017)

The Temple of Forbidden Symmetry is an ode to the unsolved problems and the unanswered questions, it is a reminder that it is important for some things to remain unfinished, imperfect, open. read more

IMG 9627.JPG IMG 9749.JPG

GeoTem Art Car

GeoTemArtCar2017.1.jpg GeoTemArtCar2017.3.jpg GeoTemArtCar2017.4.jpg

The Seventh aka ETH (Country Club 2017)

Director, Producer, Design, 3D model: The Eye
Assembly: Lowroad, Slavik K., The Eye
Lighting: Vadim
Burn: Lowroad, Jason G., Volume

GeoTemTheSeventhCC2017.1.jpg GeoTemTheSeventhCC2017.5.jpg GeoTemTheSeventhCC2017.3.jpg GeoTemTheSeventhCC2017.4.jpg GeoTemTheSeventhCC2017.2.jpg GeoTem TheSeventh CC2017.4.jpg

Crypto (Bedouin Tech 2017)

Director, Design, 3D model: The Eye
Producers: The Eye, Firas
Connector advisors: Simas B., Lowroad
LED / Programming: Warren, Jacob J., Paul
Wood: Carlos, Ivan, Zander, Orwa, Azmi, Omar, Ameed, Eli
Shade: Zarina
Logistics, Coordination, Fundraising: Firas, Warren

GeoTem Crypto BT17 Dubai.1.jpg GeoTem Crypto BT17 Dubai.2.jpg GeoTem Crypto BT17 Dubai.3.jpg
GeodesicTempleBedouinTechDubai20170125.5.jpg GeodesicTempleBedouinTechDubai20170125.3.1.jpg GeodesicTempleBedouinTechDubai20170125.elev1.jpg GeodesicTempleBedouinTechDubai20170125.plan.jpg

Tetrax (Burning Man 2016)

(13) octahedra

- Uses wood and connectors from GAX.
- Assembly/disassembly required DPW crane for 4 hours
- Disassembly required DPW crane for 2 hours

Director: The Eye
Producers: The Eye, Trammel H.
Assembly Lead: Randy P., Jacob Markus H.

GeoTemTetraxBM2016.jpg GeoTemTetraxBM2017.1.jpg

TetraSymmetry20160520.jpg GeoTemTetraxBM2017.2.jpg GeoTemTetraxBM2017.3.jpg GeoTemTetraxBM2017.4.jpg

The Sixth (Country Club 2016)

Dimensions: 16' wide x 24' high x 16' deep

- First time using OHs of different sizes together in a GeoTem.

GeoTem TheSixth CC2016.1.jpg GeoTem TheSixth CC2016.2.jpg

Sarcophagus (Bedouin Tech 2016)

3D model: File:GeodesicTempleBedouinTechDubai2016.skp
Dimensions: 1100cm wide x 680cm high x 1070cm deep

COMPONENTS (2 OH contingency included):
(8) octahedra
(96) 400cm long 2x4 studs (sourced in Dubai)
(96) Simas connectors (made in Dubai)
(36) Lowroad connectors (made in Dubai)
(888) 0.25" x 2.5" bolt/washer/nut combo
(96) 380cm white LED strips with power supply and controller

- Sarcophagus is the first GeoTem to use 400cm long wooden studs (previous GeoTems used 8ft. long studs). This means that each OH will require ladders to be assembled. We will need two 300cm ladders.
- Final assembly will require work done at 680cm high so we might need a small cherrypicker for construction and break-down

Director, Design, 3D model: The Eye
Producers: The Eye, Firas
Connector advisors: Simas B., Lowroad
LED / Programming: Warren, Ivan, Justin
Wood: Guillaume, Freeman, Wees, D'Arcy, Ramzi
Paint: Talal, Rawi, Salina
Logistics, Coordination, Fundraising: Firas, Warren

GeoTemSarcophagusDubai2016.9.jpg GeoTemSarcophagusDubai2016.2.jpg GeoTemSarcophagusDubai2016.3.jpg GeoTemSarcophagusDubai2016.4.jpg GeoTemSarcophagusDubai2016.6.jpg GeoTemSarcophagusDubai2016.7.jpg GeoTemSarcophagusDubai2016.8.jpg GeoTemSarcophagusDubai2016.1.jpg GeodesicTempleBedouinTechDubai2016.1.jpg GeodesicTempleBedouinTechDubai2016.2.jpg GeodesicTempleBedouinTechDubai2016.3.jpg GeodesicTempleBedouinTechDubai2016.4.jpg GeoTemPendantDubai2016.jpg

Asterix (Burning Man 2015)

3D model: File:GeoTemAsterix2015.skp

(9) octahedra

Uses wood and connectors from GAX.

Director: The Eye
Producers: The Eye, Justin D.
Electronics design: Max Henstell, Matt Mets
Assembly: Lowroad, Freeman, Jasmine Y, Jared Klett, Brian O'Clair, Justin D., Sera Solstice, J. Good


GeoTemAsterixBM2015.2.jpg GeoTemAsterixBM2015.3.jpg GeoTemAsterixBM2015.4.jpg GeoTemAsterixBM2015.5.jpg GeoTemAsterixBM2015.6.jpg GeoTemAsterixBM2015.7.jpg GeoTemAsterixBM2015.9.jpg GeoTemAsterixBM2015.10.jpg GeoTem2015-03.4.jpg GeoTem2015-04.4.jpg GeoTemAsterixBM2015.1.jpg

The Fifth (Country Club 2015)

by The Eye and Ninja
3D model: File:GeoTemCC2015.skp

GeoTemCC2015.1.jpg GeoTemCC2015.2.jpg GeoTem2015-CC03.1.jpg GeoTem2015-CC03.1.1.jpg GeoTem2015-02-1.4.jpg GeoTem2015-02-2.4.jpg

Material and tools:
- 75x 2x4x8' wood studs
- 4x 2x4x10' wood studs
- 64x Simas Connectors
- 25x Lowroad Connectors
- 9x Triangular Tarps. provide shade during the day. To be removed before burn.
- 100x 6" ball bungees
- 2x Screw gun with bits
- Ryobi charger
- miter saw
- big box 1 5/8" screws
- big box 2 1/2" (better) OR 2" screws
- small washers for 1 5/8" screws
- 2x white folding table

The Fourth (Country Club 2014)

GeoTem at Country Club
by the Soviet Block
GeoTem2014CC02.jpg GeoTem2014CCburn.jpg

The Third (Country Club 2013)

by Lowroad and The Eye
Named by Dimitri
CC2013Effigy s.jpg CC2013 TheThird01.jpg CC2013 TheThird02.jpg


GeoTem on the Dex

GeoTem07 (2011)

GeoTem06 on its side
GeoTem07elev01.jpg GeoTem07elev02.jpg GeoTem07elev03.jpg GeoTem07plan.jpg
Height: 61' Length: 116' Width: 82'. 24 studs x ?? octahedra = ?? 2x4x8' studs.

GeoTem06 (2011)

Iteration of GeoTem04 and GeoTem05
GeoTem06pers01.jpg GeoTem06pers02.jpg GeoTem06pers07.jpg GeoTem06pers06.jpg
GeoTem06isometry01.jpg GeoTem06isometry02.jpg GeoTem06pers03.jpg GeoTem06plan.jpg
Height: 64' Length: 82' Width: 82'. 24 studs x 144 octahedra = 1728 2x4x8' studs.

GeoTem05 (2011)

Iteration of GeoTem04
GeoTem05pers01.jpg GeoTem05pers02.jpg GeoTem05pers05.jpg GeoTem05plan.jpg
Height: 52' Length: 57' Width: 57'. 24 studs x 55 octahedra = 660 2x4x8' studs.

GAX (GeoTem04 Arena Hexa) (Burning Man 2011)

Burning Man Proposal
360 photo of GAX
Setup and breakdown (unedited time-lapse by Matt P.)
GAX 05.jpg GeodesicTempleBM2011.jpg GAX 01.jpg GAX 02.jpg GAX 03.jpg GAX 04.jpg
Photos by James Addison

GeoTem04 ArenaH 01.jpg GeoTem04 ArenaH 02.jpg GeoTem04 ArenaH plan.jpg GAX lights01 plan01.jpg GAX lights01 pers01.jpg GAX lights01 pers02.jpg GAX lights01 pers03.jpg
Height: 32' Length: 110' Width: 95'. 12 studs x 65 octahedra = 780 2x4x8' studs.
3D model of GAX: File:GAX.skp

GeoTem04 Arena Square (2011)

GeoTem04 ArenaS 01.jpg GeoTem04 ArenaS 02.jpg GeoTem04 ArenaS plan.jpg
Height: 32' Length: 83' Width: 83'. 12 studs x 52 octahedra = 624 2x4x8' studs.

GeoTem04a (2011)

GeoTem04apers01.jpg GeoTem04apers02.jpg GeoTem04aisom01.jpg GeoTem04aplan.jpg
Height: 32' Length: 33' Width: 33'. 24 studs x 21 octahedra = 480 2x4x8' studs.

GeoTem04 (2011)

GeoTem04pers01.jpg GeoTem04pers03.jpg GeoTem04pers02.jpg GeoTem04pers04.jpg GeoTem04plan.jpg
Height: 32' Length: 33' Width: 33' Weight: ~2000 Lbs (including metal connectors and hardware). 12 studs x 13 octahedra = 156 2x4x8' studs.
Line drawing 3D model of GeoTem04: File:GeoTem04 line.skp

Figment NYC 2011

GeoTem04 Figment2011 01.jpg GeoTem04 Figment2011 02.jpg GeoTem04 Figment2011 03.jpg
GeoTem04 Figment2011 04.jpg GeoTem04 Figment2011 05.jpg GeoTem04 Figment2011 06.jpg

Playa Del Fuego Spring 2011 Odessa, DE

GeoTem04 PDF Spring2011 02.jpg GeoTem04 PDF Spring2011 03.jpg GeoTem04 PDF Spring2011 04.jpg
GeoTem04 PDF Spring2011 05.jpg GeoTem04 PDF Spring2011 06.jpg GeoTem04 PDF Spring2011 07.jpg

Dead load analysis

GeoTem04 Dead Load 01.jpg GeoTem04 Dead Load 02.jpg GeoTem04-Study 1-Results-Stress1.analysis.jpg

Dead load+Wind analysis

GeoTem04-Failure-Diag01.png GeoTem04-Failure-Diag02.png GeoTem04-Failure-Diag03.png
GeoTem04 Dead+Wind 01.jpg GeoTem04 Dead+Wind 02.jpg

Assembly sequence

1. Connect 5 OH to create big C #1
2. Connect 5 OH to create big C #2
3. Add 1 OH to big C #1 to create Arch #1
4. Add 2 OH to big C #2 to create Arch #2
5. Raise Arch # 1 and #2 and connect them together. Use box truck as elevated platform.

GeoTem04 single no hardware truck.jpg GeoTem04 PDF Spring2011 01.jpg

GeoTemAlpha (Disorient presents: GLAMTECH)

GeoTemAlpha01 pers03.jpg GeoTemAlpha01 pers05.jpg GeoTemAlpha01 pers04.jpg
GeoTemAlpha GlamTech01.jpg
GeoTemAlpha is the first Geodesic Temple to be built. It is a proof of concept made of seven octahedra that form approximately half of GeoTem04. It uses the Lowroad Single Stud Cord design. 2x4 studs are assembled into octahedra using the Simas Connector version 1. It is painted fluorescent pink. Produced by Preston and Jay.
Height: 15' Length: 27' Width: 30'. 12 studs x 7 octahedra = 84 2x4x8' studs.


GeoTem03pers01.jpg GeoTem03pers02.jpg GeoTem03pers03.jpg GeoTem03plan.jpg
Height: 36 feet. 24 studs x 57 octahedra = 1368 2x4x8' studs.

GeoTem 01, 02

Geodesic temple 2011 03.jpg Geodesic temple 2011 04.jpg <videoflash type="youtube">XbSmkNHScLg|330|228</videoflash>

Height: 91 feet. All icosahedra are the same size.

3D files

GeoTem03, 04, 05, 06: Media:GeoTemOcta01.skp‎
GeoTem01, 02: Media:GeoTemIco.skp‎


- Camp frontage and Dex transformation uses same polyhedron as Geodesic Temple.

La Fievre d'Urbicande
From Victoria's inspirations and JoeChe on FB
From vic 01.jpeg From vic 02.jpeg Joeche diamond.jpeg

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