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by Brandon S.<BR>

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by Megnar, Circe, Lucky, Tejawe, and friends


Born as a personal project by individual campers, Frozen Minty Towels has grown into a camp-wide project involving dozens of campers.

Hand towels are soaked in water and mint extract, stacked in an easily usable way, and frozen.

Campers then distribute the FMTs to playa participants during the hottest parts of the day. FMTs are often given out within camp as part of the Love Ministry to hard-working builders and DOers (especially during Disengage).

FMT became part of camp frontage in 2017, as a playa gift to any passersby who stopped at the Sparkly Water Bar.

In 2018, FMTs expanded further, so any DOer could take a batch and gift them playa-wide.



by Brandon S.


2018FrozenMintyTowel.jpg 2018DisorientFrozenMintyTowel.jpg

playa notes

Larger size "rally towels" were great!

Logo printing and pornj coloring made them a more "keepable" item

Still have about 300 towels and enough mint oil for 1,500-2,000 (used one bottle for about 700).

Got lots of good participation (especially from the kids!) by soaking and stacking FMTs in the lounge. Make this process more communal, perhaps at a set time every day in the lounge.

Really recruit a team in advance to run with it

Greet every arriving DOer with a Frozen Minty Towel!

Take FMTs every single day to give out. Do not leave camp without them! Take them to deep playa, take them to Distrikt, take them to Center Camp.

It is a service to other campers to show them how wonderful it is to give out FMTs. Make Burning Man about giving out towels every day to all parts of the playa. We can still do all the things, but live exemplary by bringing the spirit of gifting and interacting everywhere we go.

Take a ton of Minty Towels and invade some plug and play camps. See if they can be turned...

Use larger pre-cut foil sheets? https://www.webstaurantstore.com/choice-14-x-16-insulated-foil-sandwich-wrap-sheets-case/612W65.html