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==[[Disorient Bali presents: BURNING MANTAP]]==
==[[Disorient_Bali_presents:_BURNING_MANTAP|Disorient Bali presents: BURNING MANTAP]]==

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Disorient's digital salon<BR>
Disorient's digital salon<BR>

<font size=4>Every Saturday at 11:30pm EST - June 2020<BR>
Every Saturday at 11:30pm EST - June 2020<BR>

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==Disorient presents: COUNTRY CLUB X - Astrodynamica==
==Disorient presents: COUNTRY CLUB X - Astrodynamica==
<font size=4>May 21-25, 2020 - Upstate New York (USA)<BR>
May 21-25, 2020 - Upstate New York (USA)<BR>
[https://countryclubxastrodynamica.eventbrite.com TICKETS] | [https://tiny.cc/axwniz VOLUNTEER] | [https://tiny.cc/axwniz SUBMIT ART] |  [https://www.facebook.com/events/1641478415995142/ FACEBOOK] |  [http://wiki.disorient.info/index.php?title=Country_Club  WIKI] |  [https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1375158 RESIDENT ADVISOR]<BR>
[https://countryclubxastrodynamica.eventbrite.com TICKETS] | [https://tiny.cc/axwniz VOLUNTEER] | [https://tiny.cc/axwniz SUBMIT ART] |  [https://www.facebook.com/events/1641478415995142/ FACEBOOK] |  [http://wiki.disorient.info/index.php?title=Country_Club  WIKI] |  [https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1375158 RESIDENT ADVISOR]<BR>
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==Disorient presents: GLAMTECH MAXIMALISM==
==Disorient presents: GLAMTECH MAXIMALISM==
<font size=4>April 18, 2020 - New York (USA)<BR>
April 18, 2020 - New York (USA)<BR>
[https://dice.fm/partner/chelsea-music-hall/event/edg3w-disorient-presents-glamtech-maximalism-18th-apr-chelsea-music-hall-new-york-tickets?_branch_match_id=354781737599046353 TICKETS] |<BR>
[https://dice.fm/partner/chelsea-music-hall/event/edg3w-disorient-presents-glamtech-maximalism-18th-apr-chelsea-music-hall-new-york-tickets?_branch_match_id=354781737599046353 TICKETS] |<BR>
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==Disorient presents: DISCO BALL 2020==
==Disorient presents: DISCO BALL 2020==
<font size=4>Jan 1, 2020 4AM to 2PM - Brooklyn, NY<BR>
Jan 1, 2020 4AM to 2PM - Brooklyn, NY<BR>
[https://www.facebook.com/events/1164677140404212/ FACEBOOK] [https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdyAY6yQZLekEm0H09N2y3mIwcg01vhUYHJ5YO5AQGVVp21Ew/viewform?fbclid=IwAR0_mr9eZ4dXXfsw6ZDxxFadHPTwOW6BHVHXWCUsGJEK31SOBtOjFeOXB8Y VOLUNTEER]<BR>
[https://www.facebook.com/events/1164677140404212/ FACEBOOK] [https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdyAY6yQZLekEm0H09N2y3mIwcg01vhUYHJ5YO5AQGVVp21Ew/viewform?fbclid=IwAR0_mr9eZ4dXXfsw6ZDxxFadHPTwOW6BHVHXWCUsGJEK31SOBtOjFeOXB8Y VOLUNTEER]<BR>

==Disorient presents: AWAKENING 2019==
[[Events 2010-2019]]<BR>
[[Events 2008-2009]]<BR>
<font size=4>Dec 7, 2019 - Sheung Wan (Hong Kong)<BR>
[[Events 2001-2007]]
[https://www.facebook.com/groups/618748941873258/ FACEBOOK]<BR>
==Disorient presents: XYLOGEN QI==
<font size=4>July 27, 2019 - San Diego (USA)<BR>
[https://bit.ly/2K8Wtjj TICKETS] | [https://tinyurl.com/y4p56vbv VOLUNTEER] | [https://tinyurl.com/yyzxnu45 SUBMIT ART] |  [https://www.facebook.com/events/408425976625095/ FACEBOOK]<BR>
[[XylogenQi]] (pronunciation: zy.low.jen chi)<br>
Disorient gathers where the desert meets the ocean to build a sonic stereoscopic garden of love and play. The mysteries of ultravelveteen sight and sound emerge in wireframe presenting gateways to closely woven realms. Voyage with us to cultivate the sonic tessellated field of future days.<br>
==Disorient presents: JUNK TRIP==
Thu Jun 20, 2019 - Hong Kong<BR>
[https://pelago.events/event/#!/6320/6320-918612f35ed2ad769d8f4a1100cbdeb02deef79a TICKETS]<BR>
==Disorient presents: COUNTRY CLUB IX - Euclidean Voyage==
May 23-27, 2019 - Upstate New York<BR>
[http://disorientcountryclub.eventbrite.com TICKETS]<BR>
==Disorient presents: FUN TSANG 2019==
Apr 19-22, 2019 - Hong Kong<BR>
==Disorient presents: GLAMTECH==
<font size=4>Apr 6, 2019 - New York City</font><BR>
[http://glamtech.eventbrite.com Tickets]
==Disorient presents: The Orphans of FUN TSANG==
==Disorient presents: HALLOWEEN PARTY BUS 2018 (Hong Kong Edition)==
[[File:DisorientHalloweenPartyBusHongKong2018.jpg|400px]] [[File:DisorientHalloweenPartyBusHongKong2018.1.jpg|320px]]<BR>
<font size=4>Sat Oct 27, 2018 - Hong Kong<BR>
Twelve years ago we created the Disorient Halloween Party Bus in New York City. The goal was simple: cruise the City to explore select Halloween parties. In 2018, we’re bringing the Bus to Hong Kong for the first time! Join our Hong Kong cell and experience Halloween the Disorient way!<BR>
“Too much is rarely enough”<BR>
100% profit goes to Disorient<BR>
Disorient is an international not-for-profit volunteer-based art collective. Disorient has been a camp at Burning Man since 2001. Originally from New York City, Disorient has evolved into a distributed organization with thousands of members in dozens of countries creating a network of transformational events. Disorient is an open creative platform powered by love.<BR>
==Disorient presents: COMPRESSOR 2018: Bastille Day==
==Disorient presents: COUNTRY CLUB 2018==
<font size=4>May 25 - 28, 2018 - Upstate NY (USA)<BR>
[https://countryclubviii.bpt.me/ TICKETS] | [https://goo.gl/jR88yq VOLUNTEER] | [https://goo.gl/CLzSZw SUBMIT ART] | [https://www.facebook.com/events/139928403368566/ FACEBOOK]<BR>
==Disorient presents: FUN TSANG 2018==
<font size=4>April 20 - 22, 2018 - Secret Beach Location, Hong Kong<BR>
==Disorient presents: BEDOUIN TECH==
<font size=4>March 27 - 31, 2018 - Dubai, UAE<BR>
[https://pulseradio.net/events/view/14618 TICKETS] [https://www.facebook.com/events/139339040074578/ FACEBOOK]</font><BR>
==Bedouin Tech presents: VOODOO MYSTERE==
<font size=4>Oct 27, 2017 - Dubai, UAE<BR>
==Disorient presents: GONKIRIN==
<font size=4>July 8, 2017 - LKF, Hong Kong<BR>
[https://pelago.events/event/#!/3787/3787-4869365c9f474a246d0d3a5e5109a8074a230dda/ TICKETS] [https://www.facebook.com/events/264737623933343/ FACEBOOK]</font><BR>
==Disorient presents: COUNTRY CLUB vii==
<font size=4>May 26 - 29, 2017 - Upstate NY (USA)<BR>
[https://goo.gl/GckWgW TICKETS] | [https://goo.gl/IQQzeD VOLUNTEER] | [https://goo.gl/SXq28u SUBMIT ART] [https://vimeo.com/214529812 PROMO VIDEO]</font><BR>
==Disorient presents: AFTERGLOW==
<font size=4>May 4, 2017 - Dubai (UAE)<BR>
[https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/disorient-presents-bedouin-tech-afterglow-tickets-33985050200 TICKETS] [https://www.facebook.com/events/1899148500307199/ FACEBOOK]</font><BR><BR>
==Disorient presents: BEDOUIN TECH==
<font size=4>Feb 28 - Mar 4, 2017 - Dubai (UAE)<BR>
[https://presella.com/bedouintech/ Register] - [https://www.facebook.com/groups/613466672069834/ Facebook]</font><BR>
==Disorient presents: FUN TSANG==
Dec 11-12, 2016 - Hong Kong<BR>
==Disorient presents: COUNTRY CLUB vi==
[[Image:Finished flyer for web.jpg|800px]]<br><br>
<font size=6>Disorient presents: COUNTRY CLUB VI</font><br><br>
<font size=4>MAY 27-30, 2016<BR>
Secret Location - Upstate NY</font><br>
<font size=4>[TICKETS RELEASED SOON]</font><BR>
<font size=4>https://www.facebook.com/events/808396009288261/ RSVP on Facebook]</font>
==Disorient presents: BEDOUIN TECH "Soundstorm"==
<font size=4>FEB 17-20, 2016 Deep in the dunes of Dubai (UAE)<BR>
==Disorient presents: NEW YEARS NOIR==
<font size=4>[http://www.verbotennewyork.com/event/1028487-disorient-new-years-noir-brooklyn// TICKETS]</font>
==Disorient presents: GLAMTECH 2015==
<font size=4>June 13, 2015 NYC<BR>
<font size=4>[https://www.facebook.com/events/504138846404371/ RSVP on Facebook]</font>
==Disorient presents: BEDOUIN TECH "Digital Dunes"==
<font size=4>Mar 18 - 21, 2015 - Deep in the dunes of Dubai (UAE)<BR>
[http://bedouintech.bitmasch.com/ Register] - [https://www.facebook.com/events/830951303634543/ RSVP on Facebook]</font>
==Disorient presents: BIOLUMINESCENCE 2015 "Lux Aeterna"==
<font size=4>Feb. 21, 2015 - Hornblower Infinity, New York Harbor</font><br>
<font size=4>[http://disorient.inticketing.com/events/469925 Get TICKETS] - [https://www.facebook.com/events/412033405620183/ RSVP on Facebook]</font>
==Disorient presents: GEOMANTIC RETURN==
<font size=6>Disorient presents: GEOMANTIC RETURN</font><br><br>
<font size=4>Jan 1, 2015<BR>
Verboten - Brooklyn</font><br>
<font size=4>[http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?664854/Get TICKETS]</font><BR>
<font size=4>[https://www.facebook.com/events/1583207308578933/ RSVP on Facebook]</font>
==Disorient presents: COMPRESSOR==
<font size=6>Disorient presents: COMPRESSOR</font><br><br>
<font size=4>Aug. 1, 2014<BR>
Secret Location - New York</font><br>
<font size=4>[http://bit.ly/COMPRESS Get TICKETS]</font><BR>
<font size=4>[https://www.facebook.com/events/1524528207775050/ RSVP on Facebook]</font>
==Disorient presents: COUNTRY CLUB==
<font size=6>Disorient presents: COUNTRY CLUB</font><br><br>
<font size=4>MAY 23-26, 2014<BR>
Secret Location - Upstate NY</font><br>
<font size=4>[https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1-HTlNebXAiRCDgc798H3y_nufwMrYPFN3WL506CbivE/viewform Get TICKETS]</font><BR>
<font size=4>[https://www.facebook.com/events/615779558491173/ RSVP on Facebook]</font>
==Disorient presents: BEDOUIN TECH==
<font size=6>Disorient presents: BEDOUIN TECH</font><br><br>
<font size=4>April 3-5, 2014<BR>
Secret location - Dubai desert</font><br>
<font size=4>[http://bit.ly/GLAMTIX Get TICKETS]</font><BR>-->
<font size=4>[https://www.facebook.com/events/700941866636100/  RSVP on Facebook]</font>
==Disorient presents: TECHGLAM==
<font size=6>Disorient presents: TECHGLAM</font><br><br>
<font size=4>Sunday March 30, 2014 - 4AM<BR>
Secret location - NYC</font><br>
<font size=4>[http://disorient.inticketing.com/evinfo.php?eventid=405865 Get TICKETS]</font><BR>
<font size=4>[https://www.facebook.com/events/1446213428949609/  RSVP on Facebook]</font>
==Disorient presents: GLAMTECH 2014 "Dichoric Delusions"==
<font size=6>Disorient presents: GLAMTECH 2014</font><br><br>
<font size=4>Saturday March 29, 2014 - 9PM - 4AM<BR>
Secret location - Downtown NYC</font><br>
<font size=4>[http://bit.ly/GLAMTIX Get TICKETS]</font><BR>
<font size=4>[https://www.facebook.com/events/264810823695730/  RSVP on Facebook]</font>
==Disorient presents: PORNJ ★ STAR: Children of the Dust==
<font size=4>Disorient presents:</font><br><br>
<font size=8>PORNJ ★ STAR: Children of the Dust</font><br><br>
<font size=5>Saturday, September 28, 2013</font><br>
<font size=4>10pm - 4am</font><br>
<font size=4>[http://disorient.inticketing.com/events/347884  GET TICKETS]</font><br>
<font size=4>[https://www.facebook.com/events/544760728928953/  RSVP on Facebook]</font>
<p>We danced to the sounds of fluttering heart beats, as the  new day's sun lit mountain tops and painted the sky pornj.  A trash fence collected forgotten dreams and  hung them out for the delight of wandering eyes. Our souls embraced love's  freedom. We dared to believe we were special; clinging to existence with  newfound lenses. We lived exposed. Truth knew us well. We were home, in the  company of familiar souls. <br>
As the dust clears, we decompress, reconnect, shine, and keep  on dancing. Welcome home, dusty ones!</p>
<p> __</p>
Featuring gorgeous sounds and beats by<BR>
★ <strong>KRAMER</strong><BR>
★ <strong>REDA BRIKI</strong><BR>
★ <strong>HORUS</strong><strong>aka Guillaume Clave</strong><BR>
★ <strong>CAROL FERRAZ</strong><BR>
★ <strong>PETER MUNCH</strong><BR>
★ <strong>RESY</strong></span><BR>
★ <strong>ERICA MYSTI </strong><BR>
★ <strong>ADRIAN RAVELO</strong><BR>
★ <strong>DEEP WOODS</strong><BR>
★ <strong>SASHA BARBOT</strong><BR><BR>
==Pornj Stars present: INFINITY MIRROR==
<font size=4>Pornj Stars present:</font><br><br>
<font size=5 color=orange>INFINITY MIRROR</font><br/><br/>
<font size=5>July 19, 2013</font><br>
<font size=4>10:00pm - 4:00am</font><br>
<font size=4> Lucky Cheng's, NYC</font><br>
<font size=5>[https://www.facebook.com/events/570856166291192/ Reply on Facebook]</font><BR>
<font size=5>[http://disorient.inticketing.com/events/332243  GET TICKETS]</font><BR>
At Disorient, we're always in the process of developing ideas and creating art.<BR>
New artworks usually silently appear at our events and become part of the collective's visual vocabulary.<BR>
This time, it's different.<BR>
The piece that we're currently building is so special it deserves its own eponymous fundraiser.<BR>
On July 19 we will unveil the first letters of a new playa-bound Disorient module:<BR>
The Disorient Infinity Mirror Sign<BR>
==Disorient presents: MILE HIGH==
<font size=4>Disorient presents:</font><br><br>
<font size=5 color=orange>MILE HIGH</font><br/><br/>
<font size=5>January 1, 2013</font><br>
<font size=4> 4:00am - 2:00pm</font><br>
<font size=4>Secret Location, Los Angeles</font><br>
==Disorient presents: LUCKY NO. 13 The Official New Year's Eve Afterparty==
<font size=4>Disorient presents:</font><br><br>
<font size=5 color=orange>'''LUCKY NO. 13 <br><br>The Official New Year's Eve Afterparty'''</font><br/><br/>
<font size=5>January 1, 2013</font><br>
<font size=4> 4:00am - 2:00pm</font><br>
<font size=4> SRB Brooklyn, 177 Second Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215</font><br>
<font size=5>[http://disorient.inticketing.com/events/262743/  GET ADVANCE TICKETS]</font>
==Disorient presents: COMPRESSOR 2012==
<font size=5>Friday, July 13th 2012 10pm-4:30am</font><br/>
<font size=5>Warsaw</font> 261 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222<br>
<font size=5>[http://disorient.inticketing.com/events/232752 GET TICKETS]</font> |
<font size=4>[http://www.facebook.com/events/151278811673147 More info and RSVP on Facebook]</font><BR>
Please support our gifts to the community by buying tickets at the highest tier you can afford.<BR>
Burning Man is sneaking up more rapidly than you might imagine. Please join Disorient and the community at COMPRESSOR to get inspired by the playa spirit!
Test your playa projects at COMPRESSOR! Visual Art/Performance Submissions:
Featuring DJs:
<font size=5>★ [http://jessebrooks.com JESSE BROOKS]</font> (Los Angeles)<br>
[[Image:Jb.jpeg|150px|left]]Getting his start in the early 90's underground and rave scene of LA, Jesse Brooks quickly built a strong following with a long residency at the legendary Fresh Produce parties. After releasing two highly successful mix cds (LA Groove and Fresh Produce), he began traveling all over the US and playing parties as far away South America and Malaysia. Jesse’s very first project as a producer gained a release on the very reputable Imperial Dub label. Additional releases and remixes have made their way onto such labels as Yoshioshi, Large, Seasons, Om, City Deep, Offset, Blockhead and Dutchie Music. Blending long mixes with additional beat tracks, loops, and acapellas, he is always pushing the boundaries to stay on the cutting edge.
<font size=5>★ [http://thegoodfriar.com FRIAR TUCK]</font> (Disorient | NYC)
<font size=5>★ [http://soundcloud.com/coyoti COYOTI]</font> (Disorient | NYC)
<font size=5>★ [http://soundcloud.com/djmysti MYSTI]</font> (Disorient | NYC)
<font size=5>★ [http://soundcloud.com/carol-ferraz CAROL FERAZ]</font> (Sullivan Room/Positive Pressure/Dreamcatchers | NYC)
<font size=5>★ [http://soundcloud.com/tim-the-enchanter TIM THE ENCHANTER]</font> (Vitamin B | Brooklyn)
<font size=5>★ DOUGGIE STYLE</font> (Disorient | Astoria)
Delights Include:
<font size=5>★ LIVE BODY PAINTING</font>
<font size=3>(by [http://www.facebook.com/Kirk.theDude.Dupuis.Art Kirkworx], [http://irinasarnetskaya.com/ Irina Sarnetskya] and [http://www.facebook.com/LiquidmatterNYC Liquid Matter])</font>
<font size=5>★ THE CUDDLE PUDDLE</font>
<font size=3>(by Zooey and the Puddle Cell)</font>
<font size=5>★ [http://disorientcountryclub.com/portfolio/domestar/ DOME STAR]</font>
<font size=3>(by Justin Day)</font><BR><BR>
Please help us spread the word by inviting your friends.
COMPRESSOR 2012 is a fundraiser for Disorient's 12th year as a Burning Man theme camp. A volunteer-run art collective, Disorient is an open creative platform powered by love.
Join http://facebook.com/groups/pornj
Disorient has very few rules, but two require declaration and elaboration:<br>
1. Respect personal boundaries.<br>
2. Take responsibility for your own experience.<br>
The interplay of these two rules forms a social contract that makes our events safe places to explore your own boundaries while encouraging respect for each other. Talk to those around you about anything that makes you uncomfortable.<br>
By attending our events, you agree to follow these rules. Violating these values could result in your permanent removal from community events.
==Disorient presents: PORNJ STARS & STRIPES==
<font size=5>Friday, July 6th 2012 10pm-5am</font><br/>
<font size=5>Boat Party in Mission Bay</font><br/>
<font size=5>[http://disorient.inticketing.com/events/222149 GET TICKETS]</font> |
<font size=4>[http://www.facebook.com/events/330920350317295 More info and RSVP on Facebook]</font><BR>
Please support our gifts to the community by buying tickets at the highest tier you can afford.
Particularly since this is our debut event in San Francisco, please help us spread the word by inviting all of your friends!<br>
The vibrant sound and art direction that anchored the corner of 2:00 & Esplanade in 2011 comes to Burning Man's hometown for a feast of aural delights, spectacular LED art, inflatable sculptures, world renowned cuddle puddle, and 1000 Watt Smile.
Prepare to be Disoriented by our special guest DJs. More TBA!<br>
<font size=5>TekFreaks: Cosmic Selector & Jeff Taisch</font> (Opulent Temple/CDR/Teknical Funk, SF)<br>
<font size=5>Zach Moore</font> (Space Cowboys, SF)<br>
<font size=5>Philthy Phil</font> (Dancetronauts, Santa Cruz)<br>
<font size=5>Loomer</font> (Cruz Coalition/Disorient, LA)<br>
<font size=5>Mike Leon</font> (Disorient, LA)<br>
Top secret entrances. Swanky vibe. Hookah lounge. The forefront of a cultural revolution in color, sound, and immersive social art experiences from Black Rock City to the Bay — via the Big Apple, the City of Angels, the City of Brotherly Love, Beantown, Buenos Aires, and Trancoso Beach (Bahia, Brazil).
Let's celebrate our beloved freedoms in GlamTech style with all things Pornj (pink + orange)!
PORNJ STARS & STRIPES is a fundraiser for Disorient's 12th year as a Burning Man theme camp. A volunteer-run art collective, Disorient is an open creative platform powered by love.<br>
Disorient has very few rules, but two require declaration and elaboration:<br>
1. Respect personal boundaries.<br>
2. Take responsibility for your own experience.<br>
The interplay of these two rules forms a social contract that makes our events safe places to explore your own boundaries while encouraging respect for each other. Talk to those around you about anything that makes you uncomfortable.
By attending our events, you agree to follow these rules. Violating these values could result in your permanent removal from community events.
==Disorient presents: GLAMTECH 2012 "The Magician"==
<font size=5>Disorient presents: GLAMTECH 2012 "The Magician"</font><br/>
<font size=4>Saturday, March 3 - 10:00pm to 4:30am - Warsaw, Brooklyn, NY - [https://www.facebook.com/events/215059385253168/ Info and RSVP]</font><br/>
<font size=5>[http://disorient.ticketleap.com/glamtech2012/ Get GLAMTECH tickets]</font><br/>
Immediately followed by:<BR>
<font size=5>Disorient presents: TECHGLAM 2012 (GlamTech's Official Afterparty)</font><br/>
<font size=4>Sunday, March 4 - 4:00am to 11:00am - House of Yes, Brooklyn, NY - [https://www.facebook.com/events/245821172161515/ Info and RSVP]</font><br/>
<font size=5>[http://disorient.ticketleap.com/techglam2012/ Get TECHGLAM tickets]</font><br/>
[[Image:Glamtech2012_01_teaser.jpg|200px]] [[Image:Techglam2012_teaser_01.jpg|200px]]<BR>
==Disorient Awards 2011==
'''Friday, December 16'''<br>
7pm - midnight<br>
Disorient Dock<br>
Queens, NY<br>
[[Disorient_Awards|List of recipients]]<BR>
==Disorient presents: PORNJ STAR III==
'''Friday, September 30'''<br>
10pm - 5am<br>
Good Units<br>
356 W. 58th St. (between 8th and 9th Ave.)<br>
New York, NY<br><br/>
<font size=4>[http://disorient.ticketleap.com/pornjstar2011/t/dw Tickets on sale now]</font><br/>
Please purchase tickets early to ensure entry!<br/>
After gifting the Burning Man festival with one of our most successful and amazing theme camps ever, anchored by the stunning Geodesic Temple, Disorient returns to New York to reunite our tribe with Pornj Star III. This party features some of our favorite DJs from the Playa to help us decompress and begin fundraising for our 12th year at Burning Man. Let's do it again right here in a beautiful new space with clear, earth-shaking sound!<br/><br/>
Featuring DJs:<br/>
<font size=5>[http://www.facebook.com/ScumfrogArtist?sk=app_267636263251854 The Scumfrog]</font> (Effin Records—Amsterdam)<br/>
<font size=5>[http://www.facebook.com/djeveryday1?ref=ts&sk=wall Everyday]</font> (PEX, Playloop—Philly)<br/>
<font size=5>[http://www.facebook.com/pages/DJ-Arrow-Chrome/276743467947 Arrow Chrome]</font> (Disorient—NYC)<br/>
<font size=5>Douggie Style</font> (Disorient—Astoria)<br/><br/>
Pornjier and more GlamTech than ever!! Make sure and rock the camp colors in the sexiest way possible.<br/>
Plus GlamTech art, Pornj performances and much more!<br/>
Hot dusty love!<br/>
Disorient has very few rules, but two require declaration and elaboration:<br/>
1. Respect personal boundaries.<br/>
2. Take responsibility for your own experience.<br/>
The interplay of these two rules forms a social contract that makes our events safe places to explore your own boundaries while encouraging respect for each other. Talk to those around you about anything that makes you uncomfortable.<br/>
By attending our events, you agree to follow these rules. Violating these values in the past or present could result in your permanent removal, including future entry, from community events.<br/>
==Disorient presents: BOOM BOAT III==
'''Saturday, August 20'''<br>
1:30pm - 7pm<br>
The Queen of Hearts boat at Pier 40<br>
West Houston and the West Side Hwy<br>
New York, NY<br>
<font size=4>[http://disorient.ticketleap.com/boomboat2011/t/dw Tickets on sale now]</font><br/>
<font size=4>[http://bit.ly/bb3volunteer Volunteers still needed!]</font><br/>
Disorient’s epic summer boat party is back in full effect!  Please join us on the 3 story paddle wheel cruiser, The Queen of Hearts for sunny afternoon cruise with slammin DJs, pools, and games afloat on the New York Harbor as we bid bon-voyage to wayward burners preparing to set sail to the playa.<br>
Bring your funkiest playa day-wear, sexiest swim-ware and wildest pornjy pool-side accessories for a celebration of the fabulous life of Disorientation!! <br>
On-board entertainment includes the wackiest sunglass contest, most glam-tech playa day-ware contest and tiniest swimsuit throwdown!<br><br>
We will also have twisted games of chance and skill along with a stellar line-up of Disorient's finest DJs:<br>
<font size=5>The Bass</font><br/>
<font size=5>Arrow Chrome</font><br/>
<font size=5>Reda Briki</font><br/>
<font size=5>Friar Tuck</font><br/>
<font size=5>Orion</font><br/>
<font size=5>Miss Sabado</font><br/>
==Disorient presents: COUNTRY CLUB==
<font size=4>[http://disorientcountryclub.com/ Ticket and Event Info] </font><br>
<font size=4>[https://docs.google.com/forms/d/13wpXAdojGQW5qZxlfqLVyXr9h0nBS4eZRCqRvNHm038/viewform Volunteer Registration] </font><br>
<font size=4>[https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1dAxrC9q4nUgc2NY-j7TwCzWT4YKN4G6sfq3qMRVSDSM/viewform Art Grant Proposals] </font><br>
==Disorient presents: LOVE BOAT==
'''Saturday, June 4 at 9:00pm - June 5 at 2:00am'''<br>
Philadelphia Waterfront - Ben Franklin Yacht<br>
401 North Delaware Avenue<br>
Philadelphia, PA
LOVE is the language of DISORIENT...
ALL Disorient boat parties sell out, so please make sure to purchase your tickets ASAP. 21+<br>
<font size=5>'''[http://disorient.ticketleap.com/loveboat/t/fbe GET TICKETS]'''</font>
<font size=3>Your DJs:</font><br>
<font size=4>[http://www.redabriki.com REDA BRIKI] </font> (Disorient | NYC)<br>
<font size=4>[http://www.soundcloud.com/arrow-chrome ARROW CHROME]</font> (Disorient | NYC)<br>
<font size=4>[http://www.soundcloud.com/misssabado MISS SABADO]</font> (Disorient | NYC, LA)<br>
<font size=4>[http://www.soundcloud.com/doctor_d DR. DISORIENT]</font> (Disorient/Space Pirates, CERBERUS | Philly)<br>
<font size=4>[http://www.soundcloud.com/ez-almighty EZ ALMIGHTY]</font> (Disorient/Space Pirates | Philly)<br>
<font size=4>[http://www.soundcloud.com/djmystika MYSTIKA]</font> (CERBERUS | Philly)<br>
<font size=4>[http://www.soundcloud.com/djresidual D:[JR]]</font> (Audiolust, CERBERUS | Philly)<br>
<font size=3>Afterparty DJ line-up (Philly location TBA):</font><br>
<font size=4>[http://www.wiggleproductions.com/jeffheart.html JEFF HEART]</font> (Wiggle Productions/Proper Phase, Philadelphia)<br>
<font size=4>[http://www.soundcloud.com/the_bass THE BASS]</font> (Disorient | NYC)<br>
<font size=4>[http://www.redabriki.com/ REDA BRIKI]</font> (Disorient | NYC)<br>
<font size=4>[http://www.soundcloud.com/sequoia/ SEQUOIA]</font> (Disorient, Mischief DC, Midnight Sons | Washington D.C.)<br>
<font size=4>[http://www.soundcloud.com/djdeepc1 DEEP C]</font> (ROC Philly, Fundamentals of House, Tigerhook, Bangarang!)<br>
<font size=4>[http://www.soundcloud.com/nate_dark NATE DARK]</font> (Fundamentals of House, Bangarang! | Philly)<br>
<font size=4>[http://www.soundcloud.com/doctor_d DR. DISORIENT]</font> (Disorient/Space Pirates, CERBERUS | Philly)<br>
LOVE BOAT is a fundraiser for Disorient, a volunteer-run art collective. All proceeds go towards building our 11th year as a Burning Man theme camp and art installations, including the Geodesic Temple at Warsaw, Playa del Fuego, Figment, Upstate NY, and the Black Rock Desert.
Disorienters & Space Pirates are leading The Troubled Waters / Tohoku Kanto Earthquake-Tsunami Relief Effort in northern Japan. More info: http://wiki.disorient.info/index.php?title=Japan_Relief<br>
[http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=162733103786394#!/event.php?eid=122154261192197 RSVP on Facebook]
==Disorient & Space Pirates present: 21,000 BEATS UNDER THE SEA==
'''Friday, May 20 at 9:00pm - May 21 at 3:20am'''<br>
Voyeur Nightclub<br>
1221 Saint James St.<br>
Philadelphia, PA
<font size=4>[http://disorient.ticketleap.com/21kbuts/t/dw21 TICKETS]</font>
Hero ticket and direct donations aid [[Japan_Relief|The Troubled Waters / Tohoku Kanto Earthquake-Tsunami Relief Effort]] in northern Japan led by Disorient/Space Pirates.
A Disorient sea and space odyssey.<br>
Costume dance party and fundraiser.<br>
Join us once again for a voyage into the fantastical depths of the sea. This time we're going bigger and deeper with a 15,000 square foot mystical environment saturated with: custom art, interactive performances, sculptures, lasers, black lights, a unique 360 degree VJ experience and a sick-ass DJ line up.
Sunken City, Aquarium, Belly Of the Beast.<br>
<font size=3>15+ DJs in 3 rooms of sound (more TBA):</font><br>
<font size=4>Reda Briki </font> (Disorient/Love That Fever | NYC)<br>
<font size=4>Lee Mayjahs?</font> (PEX/Playloop | Philly)<br>
<font size=4>Everyday</font> (PEX/Playloop | Philly)<br>
<font size=4>Deep C </font> (ROC Philly/Bangarang | Philly)<br>
<font size=4>Captain Shaggy2K</font> (Disorient/Space Pirates | Philly)<br>
<font size=4>Mia&T</font> (Funktion Radio/Mosaic Lounge | Philly)<br>
<font size=4>Orion Keyser </font> (Disorient | NYC)<br>
<font size=4>Press Play</font> (Disorient/Space Pirates | Brooklyn/Philly)<br>
<font size=4>Dr. Disorient</font> ((Disorient/Cerberus  | Philly)<br>
<font size=4>Michael Nighttime</font> (PEX | Philly)<br>
<font size=4>Big Jawn</font> (PEX | Philly)<br>
<font size=4>Elixir </font> (Disorient/Space Pirates | Philly)<br>
<font size=4>Dr. Ew</font> (Future Thugs/Baroque |  Philly)<br>
<font size=4>EZ Almighty</font> (Disorient/Space Pirates | Philly)<br>
<font size=3>VISUALS:</font><br>
'''VJ Static''' (Space Pirates/Disorient/PEX, Philly)<br>
'''Psyberdelix''' (Space Pirates/233 Project, Philly)<br>
<font size=3>ART INSTALLATIONS:</font><br>
'''Disorient sign''' - Leo Villareal & Disorient<br>
'''Black Light Chandelier''' "Dark Star" - Lowroad & The Eye<br>
'''Atlantis Temple''' - Elixir & Space Pirate Crew<br>
'''Stargate''' - VJ Static<br>
'''Dance Platforms and Paintings''' - Kati-Kill & Elixir<br>
'''Laser Squid''' - Grimy Goblin Grotto<br>
'''Blood Worms''' - James Vogel<br>
'''Space Pirate Helm''' - B Shyne, Elixir & Cap'n Shaggy<br>
'''Tide Pool Puddle Plush''' - Morgan & Sinnabunz<br>
'''Boxed In''' - VJ Static<br>
'''Tentacle Invasion''' - TJ<br>
'''Jellyfish 2.0''' - Jelly Head<br>
'''Flotsam and Jetsam Eel Appeal''' - Elixir & Sinnabunz<br>
'''Shoal cloud Fish Mobiles''' - Delirium<br>
'''Treasure Trove''' - Cap'n Shaggy<br>
+ loads of decor you may or may not have seen. The space will be saturated with glowing, whimsical underwater wonders.<br>
<font size=3>PERFORMANCES:</font><br>
'''Laser hooping''' by Dizzle and Zeut Starz<br>
'''Treasure Hunt''' by Dr. Adventure A.O.A.<br>
'''Body Painting''' by Vann Godfrey of Transformational Body Painting<br>
'''Space Pirate Raid''' by Space Pirate Art Collective<br>
'''Live MC''' with select sets<br>
Celebrity appearances by Ky, Elixir and Dr. Disorient!<br><br>
Pirate, Aquatic, Sci-Fi, Snork, Atlantean, Amphibian, Robot, Mayan, Alien, Merfolk, Siren, Tentacled, Astronaut, Mariner, [[GlamTech]], [[Pornj]].<br>
21+. Come early for $3 Domestics & Pink Vodka drinks until 11pm.<br>
[http://tinyurl.com/21kbutsfb Please RSVP and invite your friends to our Facebook event for more details and updates.]<br>
All art/performance inquires and general questions please contact: spacepirates@disorient.info<br>
[http://tinyurl.com/21kbuts Volunteer for this event]<br>
20,000 BEATS UNDER THE SEA (2010)<br>
[http://facebook.com/photo_search.php?view=all&oid=408255625260 Photos]<br>
[http://facebook.com/video/?oid=408255625260 Videos]<br>
21,000 BEATS UNDER THE SEA is a fundraiser for Disorient & Space Pirates, volunteer-run art collectives. All proceeds go towards building Disorient's 11th year as a Burning Man theme camp and art installations, primarily the Geodesic Temple at Warsaw, Playa del Fuego, Figment, Upstate NY, and the Black Rock Desert.<br>
==Disorient & Kostume Kult present: BLACK & LIGHT BALL VI: Galactic Society==
'''Friday, May 6, 2011''' - 9PM to 4AM<br>
Mars 2112 - 1633 Broadway, New York, NY
As BLB V sold out in advance, presale tickets are highly recommended for guaranteed and speedy entry. A printed or mobile ticket showing scannable barcode is mandatory. (21+ with ID): <font size=4>'''[http://disorient.ticketleap.com/blb2011/t/dw Tickets]'''</font>
Disorient and Kostume Kult present:
BLACK & LIGHT BALL VI: Galactic Society
Prepare to rejoin Galactic Society in Style as Disorient and Kostume Kult bring you the ultimate interstellar Rite of Passage. Join Ascended Masters, Time Lords, and a host of Alien Species from the Galactic Federation on an cosmic journey of inner and outer transformation. Featuring deep bass frequencies from the best DJs in the Galaxy, stunning blacklight and video installations, and out-of-this-world fashion in a secret Martian cave complex deep below Manhattan.
This will be a one-of-a-kind experience you will never forget.
Dress: Futuristic Formalwear, Interstellar Chic, Sci-fi, Egyptian, Mayan, Atlantean, Aliens, Gods/Goddesses, etc.<br>
<font size=3>Featuring interstellar beats by:</font><br>
<font size=4>Zach Moore</font> (Space Cowboys, Distrikt, The Deep End | SF)<br>
<font size=4>Arrow Chrome</font> (Disorient | NYC)<br>
<font size=4>Boris Burning Elf</font> (Kostume Kult | Queens)<br>
<font size=4>Captain Shaggy2K</font> (Disorient, Space Pirates | Philly)<br>
<font size=4>Elixir</font> (Disorient, Space Pirates | Philly)<br>
<font size=4>Horus</font> (Disorient | NYC)<br>
<font size=4>Orion Keyser</font> (Disorient | NYC)<br>
<font size=4>Reda Briki </font> (Disorient, Love That Fever | NYC)<br>
<font size=4>Subsector</font> (Disorient, Space Pirates | Brooklyn, Philly)<br>
<font size=3>Spacey visuals by:</font><br>
<font size=4>VJ Krunch</font> (Kostume Kult | NYC)<br>
<font size=4>VJ Gui"aum"etriX</font> (Disorient | NYC)<br>
<font size=4>VJ Static</font> (Disorient, Space Pirates | Philly)<br>
And much more to be announced soon!
We are currently accepting art submissions, with preference given to UV reactive and space themed works of awesomeness. Email our  art director at: blbdeco@gmail.com for more details or to make a submission.
To participate in the creation of this unique event, please volunteer here: http://bit.ly/blb6vol
BLACK & LIGHT BALL is a fundraiser for Kostume Kult and Disorient, both 100% volunteer-run art collectives. Proceeds go entirely towards creating our Burning Man theme camps and public art projects.
Kostume Kult is a costume art, theme event and media collective involved in public festivals, underground art parties and street theater events.<br>
Disorient manifests sculpture, mobile, light, sound, and other art installations, including the Geodesic Temple at Warsaw, Playa del Fuego, Figment, Upstate NY, and the Black Rock Desert.<br>
Disorienters & Space Pirates are leading The Troubled Waters / Tohoku Kanto Earthquake-Tsunami Relief Effort in northern Japan. Please donate with purchase of your BLB ticket or directly.
[[Japan_Relief|More info]]
==Disorient presents: GLAMTECH 2011==
[[GlamTech]] is the style of Disorient
'''Saturday April 2, 2011''' - 10PM to 5AM<br>
Warsaw - 261 Driggs Ave. Brooklyn, NY
<font size=4>'''[http://disorient.ticketleap.com/glamtech2011/t/dw Tickets]'''</font>
<font size=3>DJs:</font><br>
<font size=4>FRANÇOIS K</font> (Wave Music/Deep Space/Disorient | NYC)<br>
<font size=4>ARROW CHROME</font> (Disorient | NYC/LA)<br>
<font size=4>MISS SABADO</font> (Disorient | NYC)<br>
<font size=4>ORION KEYSER</font> (Disorient | NYC)<br>
<font size=4>SUBSECTOR</font> (Disorient | Philly)<br>
<font size=4>DOCTOR DISORIENT</font> (Disorient | Philly)<br>
<font size=4>COYOTE</font> (Philly/NYC)<br>
<font size=3>Art:</font><br>
<font size=4>GEODESIC TEMPLE ALPHA.</font> Premiering on the main dancefloor, Alpha is the first iteration of Geodesic Temple, Disorient's 2011 modular sculpture. Enter an environment made of 8'x8'x12' fluorescent octahedrons woven together into a crystal-like formation. Cell lead: Preston & Jay Mingle.<br>
<font size=4>TESSELATIONS.</font> Also premiering at GLAMTECH, this video sign remixes high-tech juice with low-tech hacks. The result is so glam, you'll want to dive in it. Cell lead: N8<br>
<font size=4>GLAMTECH SHIELDS.</font> This anthropological survey presents a precious selection of shields from remote cultures filtered through the GlamTech lense. Dance with one, channel ancient warriors. P. B. Francillon.<br>
<font size=4>UNTITLED.</font> A three-dimensional treatise on fractals, light, and negative space by Animus.<br>
<font size=4>SCURRIES.</font> Interactive floor art by Justin Day.<br>
<font size=4>DISORIENT LAMEN</font> by the elusive GTK.<br>
<font size=4>SSZZZZZZZt</font> by the Carriers of the Tray.<br>
<font size=4>LIVE GLAMTECH BODYPAINTING</font> by Jimsu, Liquidmatter and Vann Godfrey +.<br>
'''Dress code:''' [[GlamTech]] Warrior
GlamTech is a fundraiser for Disorient, a volunteer-run art organization. 100% of the proceeds go towards building our Burning Man theme camp and art installations.
[https://facebook.com/event.php?eid=183657268338650 GLAMTECH Facebook event]
[https://facebook.com/group.php?gid=2388229607 Disorient Facebook group]
==Disorient presents: BIOLUMINESCENCE III==
[[Image:Bio III Flier FINAL small Dark.jpg|thumb|right|400px]]
Arrow Chrome’s floating Piscean celebration and Birthday bash
Saturday, February 19, 2011 — 9:30 pm - 4 am<br><br>
The Queen of Hearts boat, Pier 78, NY Waterway Midtown Terminal<br>
West 39th Street & the West Side Highway
<font size="4"><font color="orange">Presale tickets are sold out. Some tickets may be available at the door.</font color><br></font size><br>
Bioluminescence is a boat party on a 3-floor, climate-controlled paddle-wheel boat with 2 sound systems and two full bars. The theme is glowing and illuminated figures and art, an exploration of the crossroads of bio- and technological. Bioluminescence is a miracle of our natural and artificially enhanced illumination. Bioluminescence is a birthday party. Bioluminescence is a fundraiser for the Disorient art collective's 11th year as a Burning Man theme camp and Disorient's Geodesic Temple, a large-scale burnable structure.
The participatory community event takes place on the Queen of Hearts. We will set sail at 11pm sharp and tour the waterways of NYC. Don't be late! Come early to beat a long wait in line in the cold, and catch the exciting live performance showcase from 10:30 - 10:50pm.
Here's our fabulous confirmed lineup so far. Much more to come!
Arrow Chrome (Disorient, NYC) with guest vocals by Oriel Poole<br>
The Bass (Disorient, NYC)<br>
Douggie Style (Disorient, Astoria)<br>
Friar Tuck (Disorient, Brooklyn)<br>
Miss Sabado (Disorient, NYC)<br>
Orion Keyser (Disorient, NYC)<br>
Reda Briki (Disorient, NYC)<br>
Terreyl (Funktion Radio, Philly)<br>
plus warm up set by Dr. Disorient (Disorient, Philly)<br>
JustinJustin Toca & Ale' Ale' Drummers<br>
Aerial Net Performance with the Fishnet Mermaids<br>
Aquatic Dance by Jellyfish Fusion<br>
Levi-stick Performance by Eddie ReJam<br>
Luminary Performance by Jill Maglio & Jeff Cacossa<br>
The Eastern Glow<br>
Tribal Singing by Sirena Mercado (Sirelo Entertainment)<br>
Poi, LED Dancing & Percussion by Chelo Mercado (Sirelo Entertainment)<br>
Super Sexy Surprise Guest Performer<br>
Art Direction by Victoria Wagner (special thanks to xo)<br>
Decor by LC Camenker<br>
Video & Lighting by Doctor Mojo<br>
The Lumisketch by dan f. sullivan & Elena Simon<br>
Live Body Painting by Liquid Matter & Jimsu<br>
FASHION SHOW with original designs by Wheylan<br>
Though all volunteer positions are currently filled, please sign up here in case someone cancels. (Art, music & performance submissions are now closed.)<br>
Thanks and see you out there!!<br>
Arrow Chrome and the Disorient team
21+. No outside drinks or contraband. Coat check available. Boat departs dock at 11pm.
==Disorient presents: DREAMLAND at NYC*Gratitude/A Village of Light==
December 10, 2010 | 6PM - 6AM<br>
The Electric Warehouse<br>
1428 Fulton St, Brooklyn NY<br>
Get your tickets while they last! Tiers 1 & 2 are already sold out!
We recommend purchasing in advance to ensure entry as tickets are approaching a sell-out. IF available, tickets at the door will be: $30 costume, $40 street wear.
Happy hour drink specials from 6-8pm! Catch headliner Karim So's (Luvstep/LA) early set from 6-8pm in the GRATITUDE Tent. We're starting off with a bang!
...Disorient presents: DREAMLAND at NYC*Gratitude/A Village of Light, the sweeping DEc. COMmunity celebration of burners in NYC and beyond. Closing out the commemoration of Disorient's 10th year as a Burning Man theme camp, Annabelle (Boston) and Soooz (Queens) lead the creation of our signature Pornj Puddle: a lush and luxurious upstairs chill area adorned with an abundance of Moroccan-style draped fabric, carpets, seating, bedding, and pillows. Lit with LED art designed by Leo Villareal and dreamy disorienting projections by VJ Gui"aum"etriX, DREAMLAND will create multiple intimate environments for moments of relaxation and escape for grateful dancers and partygoers, with four balconies to keep an eye on all the action on the main floor.
DREAMLAND will be hosting the Massage Salon!
"The Massage Salon is a welcoming creative space both for us to offer therapeutic massage therapy bodywork to the whole community, and for you to care for each other directly.
We will offer a refuge, an oasis of healing and stirring physical direct experience in the heart of the city but at the edge of life's wilderness.
Aesthetics and logistics open-ended and subject to change -- but envision breezy caravanserai tenting, glow-rope, springy mats, diffuse ambient lighting, wafting music and scents to soothe... seek refuge from the crash and the mosh, take a deep breath, stretch out and let the cords of your muscles unwind."
When you've rested enough, boogie down with a six-pack of your favorite Disorient DJs. The headliners hold court in front of Disorient's Art Car Wash LED sign in the LIGHT Arena (main room):<br>
-'''Arrow Chrome''' (NYC)<br>
-'''Friar Tuck''' (NYC)<br>
Other Disorient residents will spin on Disorient's own sound system in the GRATITUDE Tent (a heated, outdoor dance environment with JustinJustin TOCA & Ale' Ale' Drummers, the percussionists who regularly accompany Disorient).<br>
-'''The Bass''' (NYC)<br>
-'''Miss Sabado''' (NYC/LA)<br>
-'''Orion Keyser''' (NYC)<br>
-'''Reda Briki''' (NYC)<br>
We're also very excited about two friends flying in from Cali.<br>
-'''An*ten*nae''' (Acid Crunk/SF) returns to NYC by popular demand, performing an encore to his whomping set before Arrow Chrome during the ACID CRUNK VOL. 3 WORLD TOUR release party presented by One Good Reason at Rebel.<br>
-'''Karim So''' (Luvstep/LA) makes his New York debut after widespread West Coast acclaim, including the Disorient Stage at LA DECOM 2009.
Don't miss the other top NYC-based DJs who've made our cut to spin at Disorient events in the past: '''D_Juice''' (House of Yes), '''Jon Margulies''' (Hobotech), '''Joro-Boro''' (Etno-Teck), '''Morphous w/ ShiZaru''' (Tsunami Bass Experience), and '''Tektite''' (Vitamin B).
For a change of pace, Disorienter '''Joshua Tennent''' is curating live music and will be opening with a classical guitar set in the SOUND Sector (live music tent, Kostume Kult, and late night DJs). He'll be joined on guitar by Disorient veteran '''Jester Jaimi''' and '''Perry Phoenix''' for the predictably unpredictable musical adventures of Acoustic Noise Complaint. Expect distinctive live music and visuals from '''Lenkadu''' (Boston), a frequent collaborator with Disorient and PEX.
Feasting your eyes, Disorient alum '''Wheylan''' presents an all new fashion show in the LIGHT Arena (main room) at midnight! Please arrive by 11:30 to secure a place.
Finally, many more DOers and other burners have been working über-hard behind the scenes to make the magic happen!
Get more details, RSVP, and invite your friends:<br>
NYC*Gratitude/A Village of Light<br>
FB event: http://facebook.com/event.php?eid=171718502839247
Disorient presents: DREAMLAND<br>
FB event: http://facebook.com/event.php?eid=171994236154496<br>
==Disorient presents: LET'S GO CAMPING==
Friday November 12, 2010 | 10PM - 4AM<br>
Sullivan Room<br>
218 Sullivan St New York, NY 10012<BR><BR>
A Dancefloor Opera in 15 Vignettes<BR>
Bliss is hard to reach. Here’s the lowdown on how to get there in 15 vignettes presenting signature hacks and modules that are part of the Disorient mythology. A DIY guide to happiness infused by house music and inspired by the Burning Man Principles.<BR><BR>
<font size=3>[http://disorient.ticketleap.net/ Purchase advance tickets here]</font><br>
Disorient: http://www.disorient.com/ <br>
Join Disorient's FB group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2388229607<br><br>
==Disorient presents: PORNJ STAR==
October 15, 2010 | 10PM - 4AM<br>
Rebel NYC<br>
251 West 30th Steet<br>
New York, NY<br>
Disorient's annual re-entry extravaganza!
Featuring MARQUES WYATT (Deep, LA)
What to wear: Your finest PORNJ costumery!<br>
<font size=3>[http://disorient.ticketleap.net/pornjstar/t/fbe Purchase advance tickets here]</font><br>
Lineup includes....<br>
<font size=5>[http://deep-la.com MARQUES WYATT]</font>
<font size=5>[http://redabriki.com REDA BRIKI]</font>
<font size=5>[http://soundcloud.com/orionkeyser DEEJAY ORION]</font>
<font size=5>[http://www.thegoodfriar.com FRIAR TUCK]</font>
<font size=5>[http://soundcloud.com/the_bass THE BASS]</font>
Playing sexy house.
Plus live drums, percussion, sax and trumpet.
21+ event
Volunteers wanted! comp admission...<br>
http://bit.ly/pornjstarvols <br>
http://www.disorient.com/ http://www.pornjstar.com<br>
Join Disorient's FB group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2388229607<br><br>
==Disorient presents: BOOM BOAT II==
August 14 · 1:30pm - 7pm<br>
The Queen of Hearts boat at Pier 40<br>
West Houston and the West Side Hwy<br>
New York, NY
Disorient's floating summer cruise presents a full afternoon of slamming DJs and more on a 3-story paddlewheel steamer cruising all around New York Harbor! Since our last 3 boat parties sold out, don't wait long to get tickets!<br>
[https://disorient.ticketleap.com/bb2010/t/dwe <font size="4"><strong>Click here to purchase advance tickets.</strong></font>]
The higher tier levels are for those generous supporters who wish to donate more to Disorient's fundraising efforts for its 10th year as a Burning Man theme camp.<br>
Once again, we bid bon voyage to wayward burners preparing to set sail to the playa....<br>
[http://tinyurl.com/BoomBoatII-volunteer Please volunteer to help make Boom Boat a success!]<br>
[http://redbriki.com <font size="4"><strong>Reda Briki</strong></font>] (Disorient, NYC)<br>
Vitamin Devo (3l3tronic/Robot Heart, SF) (solo DJ set)<br>
[http://facebook.com/pages/DJ-Arrow-Chrome/276743467947 <font size="4"><strong>Arrow Chrome</strong></font>] (Disorient, NYC)<br>
Friar Tuck (Disorient, Brooklyn)<br>
[http://soundcloud.com/nbutter <font size="4"><strong>The Bass</strong></font>] (Disorient, NYC)<br>
Deejay Soul (ADG, NYC)<br>
DJ Love Rocket (Winkel & Balktick, NYC)<br>
Joro Boro (XAYC/HOUSE NYC)<br>
[http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=86745523324 Testimonials and more from the original Boom Boat in 2009]
[http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=86745523324&index=1#!/photo_search.php?view=all&oid=86745523324 Photos from the original Boom Boat in 2009]
[http://www.facebook.com/video/?oid=86745523324 Videos from the original Boom Boat in 2009]<br>
[http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=114398558582958 Please help spread the word by inviting your friends.]
To stay abreast of Disorient year-round, please join the [http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2388229607 Facebook group], and invite your friends.<br>
Disorient has very few rules, but two require declaration and elaboration:<br>
1. Respect personal boundaries.<br>
2. Take responsibility for your own experience.<br>
The interplay of these two rules forms a social contract that makes our events safe places to explore your own boundaries while encouraging respect for each other. Talk to those around you about anything that makes you uncomfortable.<br>
By attending our events, you agree to follow these rules. Violating these community values could result in your removal from our events. [http://wiki.disorient.info/index.php?title=Personal_Boundaries Please click here to read more about personal boundaries.]
==Disorient presents: COMPRESSOR VI==
Re-envisioning Metropolis<br>
Saturday, July 17, 2010<br>
Times Square Arts Center<br>
669 8th Avenue<br>
New York, NY
Berlin's Love Parade headliners Tune Brothers make their NYC debut!
COMPRESSOR is Disorient's annual ignition of the collective rocket that drives our community to the playa. It's a chance to premiere the latest art and performances that will define us in Black Rock City. By popular demand, we're returning to the air-conditioned Times Square Arts Center, where we all had a blast at Black & Light Ball.
This year’s COMPRESSOR theme will focus on reclaiming the future of Metropolis through high-tech interactive art and parables of sustainability in the heart of our Metropolis. How do the denizens of Metropolis reinvent their environment in a far away land? How does word for the future from the past square with the actual future? What then do we learn about our own future Metropolis?
Costume and art ideas include future-retro to future-techno, cyber-tribal to nouveau-formal, Nikola Tesla to Fritz Lang and anything else that captures the essence of Re-envisioning Metropolis.<br>
Art will be curated by Disorient to create an immersive and unified experience. We are especially interested in showcasing larger scale installations and art that will be going to the playa. Send submissions to compressor@disorient.info.
[http://tinyurl.com/compressor2010vol Please volunteer to help make Compressor a reality!] <br>
[https://disorient.ticketleap.com/c2010/t/dwp '''TICKET PRESALES'''] are highly recommended to guarantee admission as all 6 of our parties in 2010 have reached capacity. Tiers 1 & 2 are sold out. [https://disorient.ticketleap.com/c2010/t/dwp Click here to purchase tickets.]<br><br>
We regret to announce that the afterparty has been cancelled by the venue, Cosmic Cavern. We are currently exploring our options, including alternate venues, and will get back to combo ticket buyers soon. <br>
At your request, we've arranged the following all night drink specials:<br>
$5 Miller Light<br>
$6 Heineken<br>
$6 Vodka Drinks, including Vodka Mercy (anti-hangover drink created by NYC burners)<br>
$3 Water Bottles<br>
COMPRESSOR's Two Rooms of Great DJs:<br>
[http://tunebrothers.de/ Tune Brothers] (Housesessions/ Pacha/ In Bed With Space, Munich/Ibiza) – Headliners of Berlin's famous Love Parade, this top-voted DJ duo are at the height of their accomplished musical career (Prinz Nightlife Award for Best DJ). They come all the way from Germany to rock Compressor on their first ever visit to NYC! They "flawlessly create a multi-layered house set: this ranges from Vocal to Electro, from Deep to Tech and also includes Minimal-Style House music."
[http://facebook.com/pages/DJ-LUSH/45723006736 Lushbunny] (Disorient/ Soulicious, LA)  <br>
[http://MissSabado.com/ Miss Sabado] (Disorient, LA/NYC)  <br>
[http://facebook.com/pages/DJ-Arrow-Chrome/276743467947 Arrow Chrome] (Disorient, NYC)  <br>
[http://soundcloud.com/nbutter The Bass] (Disorient, NYC)  <br>
Douggie Style (Gigsville, Astoria) <br>
[http://beenjamminj.com/ Been Jammin'] (Brooklyn)  <br>
[http://thelatestartists.com/ The Latest Artists] (Disorient, Ottawa)  <br>
and [http://thegoodfriar.com/ Friar Tuck] (Disorient, Brooklyn)  <br>
Glam Tribal Lounge featuring Acclaimed Live Bands and Musicians:
[http://mlumbo.com/ M'Lumbo] (NYC) – mysterious electro-jazz ensemble
"Audiovisual spectacle zeroes in on the fever dream elements of exotica." –Douglas Wolk, Village Voice
"It's Mickey Mouse, The Stanford University marching band, Santana and Syd Barrett rolled into one...borders on genius" –Baltimore City Paper
"To approach a merely adequate description, try and imagine a combination of Miles Davis, Sun Ra traditional African music, and early Bonzo Dog Band...very exciting, filled with unbridled energy and humor. The musicianship is superb and the arrangements exceptionally creative." –Alternative Press
[http://copalmusic.com/ Copal] (NYC) – weaves the haunting sounds of violin and cello with original melodies and electronic-scapes inspired by Middle Eastern rhythms, dark Nordic melodies, Hungarian riffs, Spanish-flavored cadences and harmonies to paint pictures and landscapes.
[http://myspace.com/narhed Narhed] (Relief Records, Brooklyn) – "traditional percussion styles ranging from Haitian Voudun to Rumba to West African to Cuban Santeria...all flavors from hip hop to rock to world to electronica...combined with the wordplay of poetic introspection and simple melodies and grooves."
[http://beatboxguitar.com/ Beatbox Guitar] (Brooklyn) – "An innovative mix of flamenco, psychedelic rock, hip hop and punk. Human beatboxer, Pete List's effortless flow of beat and breath on the mic showcases Rob Mastrianni's intricate guitar and electric sitar stylings."
[http://vinilemania.net/vraysantiago.htm Ray Santiago] (Latin Up - Ray Santiago Afro Cuba A La New York City) – "tasty, hard-driving piano playing and earthy direction."
Hot Sauce (Disorient, NYC) with special guest Marc Levitt (Disorient, LIC) – sultry jazz vocals with guitar accompaniment
[http://www.facebook.com/JustinJustin.Toca JustinJustin TOCA & Ale' Ale' Drummers] (Astoria)
[http://thrillsandskills.com/ Flynn's Birthday Bash Band] (NYC)  <br>
Chill Lounge featuring DJ's:
[http://www.myspace.com/djbutterface DJ Butterface] <br>
Reza <br>
[http://www.supergrecords.com/electronica/kristinasuperg.html Kristina Supergenius] <br>
Dance Performances:
Ocean (Disorient) – Bellydance Fusion <br>
Sarah Hassan (NYC) – Bellydance Fusion <br>
Video Projections:
[http://fictive.net/ Fictive]  <br>
[http://www.VJStatic.com VJ Static] (Vorpal Vision/Disorient/PEX/Chemical Cove/Space Pirates) <br>
Olivia Wilber (NJ-based fine artist) – Live Video Painting <br>
[http://facebook.com/pages/Long-Island-City-NY/Mojo-Video-Tech/124799768408 Mojo Video Tech]  <br>
[http://rhettbice.com/ VJ Rhett Bice]  <br>
Max Abeles, Journey Along a Vibrating Membrane <br>
[http://dawnofman.com/ NOVA] (Dawn of Man)  <br>
[http://TheLatestArtists.com/ VJ Deborah O'Malley]  <br>
[http://vjfuzzybastard.com/ VJ Fuzzy Bastard]  <br>
Art Installations by:
[http://animusart.com/ Animus] (NYC/Brooklyn)  <br>
[http://charlie-roberts.org/ Charlie Roberts]  <br>
Britelite (Disorient/ Kostume Kult, NYC) <br>
Justine Bach (Disorient, Brooklyn)<br>
Jaygo (Disorient)<br>
Art Initiative & CzarGB - interactive installation INCUBATOR.<br>
Much, much more to come!<br>
[http://facebook.com/event.php?eid=262547762045 Please help spread the word by inviting your friends.]
To stay abreast of Disorient year-round, please join the [http://facebook.com/group.php?gid=2388229607 Facebook group], and invite your friends.<br>
[http://disorient.com/ Learn about Disorient on our wiki.] <br>
Proceeds help support art, music, and performance activities sponsored by the Disorient theme camp at Burning Man and in the community year-round. Besides events produced by Disorient, these functions include Figment, PEX Summer Festival, The Secret Garden in London, SF Decom, LA Decom, NYC Decom, Philly Decom, London Decom, and more! <br>
Disorient has very few rules, but two require declaration and elaboration:<br>
1. Respect personal boundaries.<br>
2. Take responsibility for your own experience.<br>
The interplay of these two rules forms a social contract that makes our events safe places to explore your own boundaries while encouraging respect for each other. Talk to those around you about anything that makes you uncomfortable.<br>
By attending our events, you agree to follow these rules. Violating these community values could result in your removal from our events. [http://wiki.disorient.info/index.php?title=Personal_Boundaries Please click here to read more about personal boundaries.]<br>
== Disorient & Kostume Kult present: BLACK & LIGHT BALL 5==
~ Black Lights, Big City ~<br>
Saturday, May 15, 2010, 6pm-6am<br>
6-9pm: Free for kids with family-friendly activities<br>
9pm-6am: 21+<br>
Times Square Arts Center<br>
669 8th Avenue at 42nd Street<br>
A Black Lit, Fancy Dress Ball with multiple rooms of dance music, interactive artistic experiences and luminescent finery. Themed "Black Lights, Big City" this year, we honor Burning Man's 2010 "Metropolis" theme and this most excellent venue in the Times Square area. Always the event of the season...<br>
Black & Light Ball, the most colorful event of the Spring, is coming to one of the most amazing venues we have ever had! With a capacity of 1200 people, multiple rooms and many corners to decorate, this is a major undertaking where all are encouraged to get involved.
Volunteers: We’re looking for general volunteers, décor, lighting, fashion accessory crafting, breakdown and vehicle drivers. There’s really nothing better than owning a party like this. Feel it. If you have experience/interest, please sign up and indicate your preferences at http://tinyurl.com/blbvolunteers
Artists: If you have an art project or performance, we have a place and an audience for it. We’re particularly looking for light art and interactive art, but we are not limited to that. Transport and materials budgets available. Please sign up at http://tinyurl.com/blbartists
Production Info: To keep up-to-date on the production of Black and Light Ball, please join: http://groups.google.com/group/blb2010<br>
As most of our events this year have reached capacity, we strongly encourage presale tickets to guarantee admission.<br>
$20/$25/$50 Limited Presale ($10/$15 sold out) '''http://disorient.ticketleap.com/blb2010'''<br>
$25 Door: Costume (if available)<br>
$50 Door: Street Wear (if available)<br>
Cheap drinks all night<br>
Serving dinner and breakfast<br>
DJs spinning electro house, groovy breaks, tribal beats and more until dawn include: Arrow Chrome (Disorient/NYC), Narcotic Rhythms (Disorient/NYC), Lee Mayjahs? (PEX/Playloop, Philly), Sequoia (The Midnight Sons/Deep Groove Society, DC), Nigel Richards (At Large/PEX, Philly), DJ MLE (Denver) and others TBA.
Featuring: light sculpture, glowing inflatables, staged performances,
dance lessons, fashion accessory vending and anything YOU might
want to contribute.  Participation required, no spectators allowed!
Style: Glamorous black light reactive, upscale neon, electronic,
retro NYC or Broadway theatrical...<br>
To stay updated, please join the Facebook event. Help us spread the word by inviting your friends: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=253870826862
To keep abreast of Disorient year-round, please join the Facebook group, and invite your friends: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2388229607<br>
To keep up with Kostume Kult, please join the Facebook group, and invite your friends: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=12236147106<br>
We have very few rules, but two require declaration and elaboration:<br>
1. Respect personal boundaries.<br>
2. Take responsibility for your own experience.<br>
The interplay of these two rules forms a social contract that makes our events safe places to explore your own boundaries while encouraging respect for each other. Talk to those around you about anything that makes you uncomfortable.<br>
By attending our events, you agree to follow these rules. Violating these community values could result in your removal from our events.<br>
[http://wiki.disorient.info/index.php?title=Personal_Boundaries Read more on respecting personal boundaries here.]
== Disorient & Space Pirates present: 20,000 BEATS UNDER THE SEA (Philly)==
Disorient & Space Pirates presents....
Saturday, April 17, 2010<br>
9:00pm - 4:00am<br>
Address will be announced to ticketholders shortly before the event.<br>
Spearheaded by our local Space Pirates crew, Disorient presents its Philadelphia party premiere--a fundraiser for the 10th year of the Disorient theme camp at Burning Man.
Special thanks to our beloved family members at The Philadelphia Experiment for all their support of our Philly debut. Like Burning Man, this is a LEAVE NO TRACE event. Thank you for cleaning up after yourself.<br>
To guarantee a top quality experience, we do not plan to sell tickets at the door. As Disorient parties (especially with an aquatic theme) and Philly burner parties have tended to sell out lately, please get your tickets well in advance. This event is 21+.<br><br>
$12 early bird (sold out)<br>
$15 limited (sold out)<br>
$20 regular<br>
a Disorient sea and space odyssey<br>
Costume Party So Underground, It's Under Water~<br>
Come dressed to digress~<br><br>
Arrow Chrome (Disorient, NYC)<br>
Big Jawn (PEX/Playloop, Philly)<br>
DJ Balls (Disorient, Brazil)<br>
Dr. Ew & John Bean (Baroque, Philly)<br>
Everyday (PEX/Playloop, Philly)<br>
Friar Tuck (Disorient/House of Hearts, Brooklyn)<br>
Lee Mayjahs? (PEX/Playloop, Philly)<br>
Mighty Mike Saga (Headcase_Digital, Philly)<br>
Mjollnir (Optimystics/EMP, Philly)<br>
Reda Briki (Annaba/Disorient, NYC)<br>
Shaggy2K (Disorient/Space Pirates, Philly)<br>
Subsector (Disorient/Space Pirates/Optimystics, Philly)<br>
Vorpal Vision Collective (Philly) VJs static, psyberdelix pxebot, teejay<br>
VJ Gui"aum"etriX (Disorient, NYC) http://guillaumeclave.com<br>
VJ Lenkadu (Boston) http://lenkadu.com<br>
The Electric Heliotrope Theater by Lorne (NY/DC) http://noirflux.com<br>
Flower Girl (Philly)<br>
Mermaid Kissing Pool (Space Pirates, Philly)<br>
Dr. Adventure Ring Master (Avatars of Awesome, Philly)<br>
Hipnosis (Tribal Belly Dance Troupe, Philly)<br>
Nava Szwergold (Aerial Silks, Philly)<br>
Gina Renee & Corey Bechelli (Charm/Strange Experience, Philly)<br>
Sophia Hoffer-Perkins (Performance Artist, Disorient/Space Pirates, Philly)<br>
Logan Grendel (Original Choreography, NYC)<br>
ART - Installations and other cool stuff to look out for:<br>
Archedream for Humankind (Philly)<br>
D1S0RIENT LED sign (NYC--seen at PEX HeartBurn lighting the ice sculpture: Shot Through the Heart)<br>
Starfish Inflatable Sculptures by Anakin Koenig Airways (Brazil) http://www.akairways.com<br>
Jelly Fish and Tentacles by The Space Pirates (Philly)<br>
Tesla Lightning Art by the Tesla Inventors Club (Philly)<br>
Black Light Chandeliers & UV Starfish by Lowroad (Disorient, Brooklyn)<br>
Aquatic Life Spiral Mobile by Marina Tsaplina (Disorient, Berlin)<br>
String Theory Spiderwebs Spun by LC Camenker and Dave Hanaford (Disorient, Brooklyn)<br>
Dance Tunnel Redux by Vanessa Boyd & Logan Grendel (NYC)<br>
Glowing Underwater Causeway by Logan Grendel & Red (NYC)<br>
Black light-reactive paintings by Stephanie Calvert & David Ort (Animus, Brooklyn)<br>
Bioluminescent Deep Sea Sculptures by Mushroom Greg (NYC)<br>
Luminous Krill by James Vogel (Disorient, Queens)<br>
Jellyfish by Paul Nagle (NYC)<br>
Sea Urchins by Britelite (Disorient, NYC)<br>
Puddle Chill Lounge (Disorient/Space Pirates, Philly/Brooklyn)<br>
Interactive performances, games and sculpture<br>
Hidden Treasure<br>
We are still looking to include YOU. Message us with your art, performances, games or other contributions.<br>
Please fill out this form to volunteer.<br>
Space Pirates are fans of sustainable decorating. Recycled, re-purposed and re-directed art and materials made and installed just for you! Have any materials you can donate? Have an idea? Wanna share or get some support for it? Let us know. We will have talent, space and supplies to share.<br>
Much more to come!<br>
Help us spread the buzz. Please RSVP and invite your friends in Philly and areas within traveling distance to the Facebook event.<br>
Please join the Disorient Facebook group, and invite your friends:<br>
== Disorient presents: GLAMTECH 2010==
Disorient presents....
<font size="4">[http://www.deepspacenyc.com François K] (Deep Space/Wave Music)<BR>
[http://www.realityengine.tv Reality Engine] (live AV show)<BR>
Narcotic Rhythms (Reda+The Bass, Disorient)<BR></font>
<font size="4">Journeyman (Journeys By DJ)<BR>
Friar Tuck (Disorient)<BR>
Douggie Style<BR>
DJ Master Flynn (Thrills and Skills)<BR></font>
plus [http://www.forwardmotiontheater.org/museum-interactive-at-chelsea-art-museum/02/04/2010 installation by Wetcircuit], video by [http://www.guillaumeclave.com Guillaume Clave], performances, lights, pierogi, and $5 drinks all night long.
Glamtech (GT): $20 presale, $25 door
Glamtech and Techglam (GT+TG): $30 presale, $40 door
GlamTech IV runs from 10pm to 5am on Saturday, March 20 - the night of the Spring Equinox.
TechGlam, the official afterparty of Glamtech, runs from 5am to noon the next day. At least!!! (DX, our truly epic New Year's Eve afterparty, lasted over 2 1/2 days before all our guests made it home.)
GlamTech IV will inhabit a magical, glowing, shiny, blinking realm constructed with lights, mirrors, smoke, and muscle out of the insides of Warsaw at The Polish National Home in Williamsburg (261 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn NY 11222). $5 drinks all night (well, until last call) and great Polish food, too. TechGlam, the afterparty hosted by Disorient, will unwind in our familiar clubhouse at Brooklyn Urban Sanctuary in Prospect Heights.
In the stunning big room at Warsaw, Disorient's newest DJ and 2010 playa virgin, François K (Deep Space/Body & Soul/Wave Music), plays sexy organic house with dub flavors. Plus a live video/audio performance by Reality Engine, and support from Narcotic Rhythms (Reda + The Bass from Disorient) and Tim Fielding (Journeys by DJ). In the cantina, funky stuff all night from Douggie Style, Disorient's Friar Tuck, and DJ Flynn (NY Jedi). Also expect a flurry of breathtaking performances and your friendly neighborhood Pornj Patrol -- Disorient's team hosting the party and making sure everyone stays safe and happy. And, of course -- YOU!
Why: Because we love to create magical events for our community: safe spaces for exploration, discovery, creativity, and dance. We're also raising money to spend on art, sound, lights, and power for the playa, so we can surprise and delight the denizens of Black Rock City, and we'd love your help to do it!
GlamTech is a party. GlamTech is Disorient's style. GlamTech is a statement. GlamTech is a state of mind. GlamTech is mirror balls and strobe lights chopped up and remixed in a big poof of playa dust: techno-disco, burner style. Blinky, reflective, silver, lasers: think 80s club dancers facing off against 70s glam rockers at Thunderdome. Big 3D projections and video on dark screens, sexy beats.
GlamTech only (GT) - $20 limited presale, $25 door
GlamTech + TechGlam (GT+TG) - $30 limited presale, $40 door
Disorient has very few rules, but two require declaration and elaboration:
1. Respect personal boundaries.
2. Take responsibility for your own experience.
The interplay of these two rules forms a social contract that makes our events safe places to explore your own boundaries while encouraging respect for each other. Talk to those around you about anything that makes you uncomfortable.
By attending our events, you agree to follow these rules. Violating these community values could result in your removal from our events.
[http://www.yelp.com/events/brooklyn-disorient-presents-glamtech-2010 GLAMTECH 2010 on Yelp] [http://newyork.timeout.com/events/house-techno-electro/330769/disorient GLAMTECH in TimeOut] [http://flavorpill.com/newyork/events/2010/3/20/disorient-presents-glamtech GLAMTECH in FlavorPill]
== Disorient presents: BIOLUMINESCENCE II==
Arrow Chrome’s floating Piscean celebration and Birthday bash
February 20, 2010 — 9:30 pm to 4 am<br><br>
The Queen of Hearts boat, Pier 78, NY Waterway Midtown Terminal<br>
West 39th Street & the West Side Highway
<font size="4"><font color="orange">Presale tickets: $25.</font color><br>
http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/94912</font size><br>
At the door: $30 in Bioluminescent costume; $35 in street attire.
Advance tickets are highly recommended as our last two boat parties sold out.
Bioluminescence is a boat party on a 3-floor, climate-controlled paddle-wheel boat with 2 sound systems and two full bars. The theme is glowing and illuminated figures and art, an exploration of the crossroads of bio- and technological. Bioluminescence is a miracle of our natural and artificially enhanced illumination. Bioluminescence is a birthday party. Bioluminescence is a fundraiser for the 10th year of the Disorient theme camp at the Burning Man festival.
The community event takes place on a boat called the Queen of Hearts. We will set sail from Pier 78 (NY Waterway Midtown Terminal at West 39th Street & the West Side Highway). NY Waterway's free Manhattan bus service can get you there:<br>
Boarding starts at 9:30 pm, and the boat leaves the dock at 11 pm sharp. Don’t be late!!
DJs include:<br>
'''SEQUOIA''' (DC)<br>
'''FRIAR TUCK'''<br>
'''THE BASS'''<br>
'''REDA BRIKI'''<br>
'''ARROW CHROME'''<br>
Plus: The night's festivities will be presented on mic by superstar MC CHRISTOPHER HARDWICK!!
Super hot, sexy and amazing fashion show by the one and only WHEYLAN and crew!
Aerial performance art by the breathtaking SANDHI FERREIRA and friends!
Biolumbrilliant hoop dance by the lovely and talented BEX FABULOUS!
Shakti fusion bellydance by the magnificent OCEAN!
Cutting-edge East Coast Tribal bellydance expression by SERA SOLSTICE & DANIELLE HUTTON (of SOLSTICE STUDIO)!
Salacious gogo dancing with the irresistible LAURA BARON!
Tarot readings of hope and positivity by BAZOOKA JULES!
Black lighting, including chandeliers, by LOWROAD!
Black light photo booth redux by JOE CHE!
Biotic bionic optical candescence by XO!
Deep sea and other world projections by DOCTOR MOJO!
Aquatic projection sculpture project by JEREMIAH JONES!
Projected visuals mixed live by LENKADU!
Video projection on nude by OMORPHY PETERS!
Electric Heliotrope Theater by NOIRFLUX!
Bioluminescent Aquatic Art by GREGORY SKOLOZDRA!
Black light-reflective painting by STEPHANIE CALVERT & DAVID ORT (of ANIMUS)!
The return of the glowing Inflatapus by ARCHER!
Presentation of the SHIZARU'S EVOLVING EMA interactive artwork!
Original spiral mobile by MARINA TSAPLINA!
String theory spiderwebs spun by LC CAMENKER & DAVE HANAFORD!
Phoenix Rising & more by KAREN KUSLANSKY!
Black light-reactive & lighted sculptures by TASH LAURENSON!
Sculpture by JUSTINE BACH!
Body painting by LOWROAD, SERA & CHERRY; CHELAS & CO.!
This is a birthday party so dancers in cakes fully encouraged, and reverse spanking birthday rule is in full effect!! Please dress in your best glow-wear, black light-reactive and underwater-themed outfits to show off your personal Bioluminescence!! This may be the best event of the year--so go all out!!
** Special thanks to our dear friends at KOSTUME KULT for helping to make this party what it is!! WE LOVE YOU!!
To receive updates, please join the Facebook event and invite your friends:
This is an event that requires your radical participation: be fabulous, be involved, bring artwork, volunteer. Please sign up if you would like to volunteer. Limited $10 reduced and free tickets may be available for volunteers who need them, particularly those who create bioluminescent art environments, bring black lights and/or work extra hours on setup and disengage.
If you are unable to volunteer and need reduced admission, please apply for one of the limited $15 low income tickets, available while they last. (Questions are modeled after Burning Man's application.)
Want to continue the party after 4 am?
The official Bioluminescence II after party<br>
A fundraiser for BOOM Trike NYC<br>
== Disorient presents: DX==
<b><font size="8" color=#FF00FF> ~ D X ~ </font><br><br></b>
<font size="3" color=#FF9911>The Official Afterparty of New Year's Eve</font>
Kickoff 2010 in full <b>GlamTechnicolor SenSurround 3D</b> with Disorient at "DX: the official afterparty of the new year!"
<font size="4">Jan 1, 2010<br/>
4AM - 4PM</font><br><br>
<font color=#bbbb00>THE MASTER SELECTORS:<br></font>
<font size="4">[http://playlooprecords.com/dj-everyday'''Everyday''']</font> (PEX/Playloop, Philly)<br>
<font size="4">[http://barneyiller.com'''Barney Iller''']</font> (Rubulad, Plug 4)<br>
<font size="4">[http://www.leemayjahs.com/'''Lee Mayjahs?''']</font> (PEX/Playloop, Philly)<br>
<font size="4">Horus</font> (Disorient)<br>
<font size="4">[http://soundcloud.com/nbutter'''the bass''']</font> (Disorient)<br>
<font size="4">[http://www.thegoodfriar.com'''Friar Tuck''']</font> (Disorient, Brooklyn)<br>
<em>SPACE IS LIMITED!! Presale tickets strongly encouraged to guarantee entry<br></em>
<font size="4">[http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/92738 Limited $15 presale tickets available here until 4pm, Thu., Dec. 31, 2009.]</font><BR>
$20 at the door<br>
Brooklyn Urban Sanctuary, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn<br/>
RSVP for address: [mailto:dx@disorient.info DX@disorient.info]<br>
>> Looking for a great New Years party to attend before rockin' it out with us in the morning? << <br>
All attendees of [http://wandbnyc.com '''Winkel & Balktick's Transmutation'''] get discounted entry to DX! ($15)
GlamTech on the Beach - New-Rave for Reals<BR>
and special birthday celebration for A-Train<BR>
Fri. Nov. 27, 2009 - 11PM<BR>
[http://www.tostexpraia.com.br/ Tostex] - on the beach. Trancoso, Brazil [http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?oe=utf-8&client=firefox-a&ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&ll=-16.560343,-39.086308&spn=0.0069,0.010257&t=h&z=17&msid=112934178235730493743.00047856f990d7dcff590 map]<BR>
_line up_<BR>
<font size="4">Reda Briki(Annaba/Disorient, NYC)</font><BR>
<font size="4">DJ Dengue (Trancoso, Brasil)</font><BR>
<font size="4">[http://www.djballs.com DJ Balls] (Disorient, Brasil)</font><BR>
New Disorient "Brasil" Sign<BR>
Inflatable performance-sculpture by [http://www.akairways.com AKAirways]<BR>
Dress code: [[Pornj|Pornj]] [[GlamTech|GlamTech]]<BR>
From Playa to Praia in the Bling of an Eye<BR>
==Disorient presents: PORNJ PUNK PARTY BUS==
<font size="4">8th Annual Disorient Halloween Party Bus</font><BR>
Saturday, October 30, 2009<BR><BR>
The hottest parties NYC has to offer, including a secret location just for us.<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>
==Disorient & YaEsHoy present: NON Halloween==
Sab. Nov. 7, 2009 - 11PM<BR>
Venus and Mars - Niceto Vega 5043. Palermo. Buenos Aires, Argentina [http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&safe=off&client=firefox-a&q=Niceto+Vega+5043.+Palermo.+Buenos+Aires,+Argentina&ie=UTF8&ei=wq7lSvf2EOTTjAejzu2hBA&ved=0CBMQ8gEwAA&hq=&hnear=Av+Cnel.+Niceto+Vega+5043,+Palermo,+Buenos+Aires,+Argentina&t=h&z=16 map] info@yaeshoy.com.ar<BR>
>>line up<BR>
Space 1<BR>
<font size="4">[http://www.myspace.com/normanmix Norman Oswald]</font><BR>
<font size="4">Mike ([http://www.disorient.info Disorient] BA/NYC)</font><BR>
<font size="4">Arturino ([http://www.disorient.info Disorient] BA/NYC)</font><BR>
<font size="4">[http://www.electionradio.net Andy K]</font><BR>
<font size="4">[http://www.myspace.com/manuelsahagun Manuel Sahagún]</font><BR>
Space 2<BR>
<font size="4">[http://www.myspace.com/cuchodubsystem CuchoDubSystem]</font><BR>
>>Visuales: [http://www.myspace.com/marypop VJ María Jaramillo]<BR>
>>Bubble: Mariano Arialdi<BR>
>>Foto exhibit - shooting: [http://www.sofiaungar.com.ar Sofia Ungar]<BR>
>>Fashions: [http://www.TheCatz.com.ar The Catz]<BR>
>>Art en vinilo: [http://www.Sisidodo.com Sisidodo]<BR>
>>Birthday: Artist Esteban Crotti<BR>
>>Bartenders: Sol Amaya. Ezequiel dumbi Bru.<BR>
>>Invitan: [http://www.13Calles.com 13 Calles] - [http://www.DrimerChocolates.com Drimer Chocolates]<BR>
$10 - Disfraces sexies serán alabados: Costumes mandatory<BR>
[http://www.yaeshoy.com.ar Yaeshoy] difunde la Cultura Alternativa de Argentina & mundo.<BR>
Yaeshoy promotes the Alternative Culture of Argentina & world.<BR>
Directors: débora brugiati :: fernando poblet<BR>
[http://www.disorient.info Disorient] is an art collective.<BR>
[http://www.twitter.com/disorient Follow Disorient on Twitter!]<BR>
>>Celebrities scheduled to appear :: invitados confirmados<BR>
Juan Jacinto. Amy Winehouse. Justin Timberlake. Lucila Brea. Hotel. Ale Lago. Celeste Urreaga. Charly Garcia. Marisa Monte. Mamushka Dogs crew. Shane Korpisto. Federico Lopez Castromil. Lauren Pringle. Marta Minujin. Dean Chalkley. The Killers. Charlotte Gainsbourg. Veronica Granzella. David Guetta. Diego Capusotto. Mariano De Diego (Cigarro Mojado). Pablo Ramirez.<BR><BR>
==Disorient at NYC Decom==
Saturday, October 17, 2009 - Floyd Bennett Field<BR>
Take shelter in the Disorient tent and set your senses free. Disorient will turn up the sound and turn you loose on the dancfloor. Prepare for the next level...
<table border="0" cellpadding="4">
    <td><videoflash type="youtube">0nYP7G0KhOo|420|314</videoflash></td>
    <td><videoflash type="youtube">9UCnfOIbk5k|420|314</videoflash></td>
Disorient DJ Line-up:<BR>
<font size="4">Shaggy (dubstep)</font><BR>
<font size="4">Friar Tuck (house/breaks)</font><BR>
<font size="4">The Bass (house)</font><BR>
<font size="4">Arrow Chrome (house)</font><BR>
<font size="4">Stadenco (house)</font><BR>
<font size="4">Reda Briki (house)</font><BR><BR>
==Disorient & Doojee present: PORNJ STAR==
[[Image:PORNJSTAR20090918.gif|thumb|right|400px]] [[Image:PORNJSTAR20090918_250.gif|thumb|right|200px]]
Shake Off The Dust, It's Time To Glow!<BR>
Fresh off the playa, Disorient goes _techno_ with double headliners Henze and Joey Beltram. Bring your dust and get ready for the cleanse!<BR>
Friday September 18, 2009 - 10PM-5AM<BR>
[http://www.rebelnyc.com/ Rebel] - 251 West 30th Street, New York, NY [http://maps.google.com/maps?q=251+West+30th+Street+New+York+City&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-a&ie=UTF8&split=0&gl=us&ei=NlinSq7lJ4K0sgPg-dXOBQ&t=h&z=16&iwloc=A map] 212-695-3373<BR>
One block from Madison Square Garden and Penn Station<BR>
PINK room:<BR>
<font size="4">[http://www.myspace.com/wjhenze WJ Henze aka Gecko] (Delirium Red/Federation of Drums, Frankfurt)</font> (3-5)<BR>
<font size="4">[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joey_Beltram Joey Beltram] (Tresor/Harthouse, NY/Berlin)</font> (1-3)<BR>
<font size="4">[http://www.djballs.com DJ Balls] (Disorient, Brazil)</font> (12-1)<BR>
<font size="4">Bruce Tantum (TimeOut, NY)</font> (11-12)<BR>
<font size="4">Shaggy (Disorient, Philly)</font> (10-11)<BR>
ORANGE room:<BR>
<font size="4">Reda Briki (Annaba/Disorient, NY)</font> (3:30-5)<BR>
<font size="4">Clare Large (Disorient, London)</font> (2-3:30)<BR>
<font size="4">Dee Jay Orion (Disorient/Spiral Blaster, NY)</font> (1-2)<BR>
<font size="4">Ulrich Hagen (Doojee, Belgium/NY)</font> (12-1)<BR>
<font size="4">Cristina Rafaelli (Disorient, NY)</font> (10-12)<BR>
Art installations and performances by members of Disorient<BR>
Visuals by [http://goldbergs.com/ Josh Goldberg]<BR>
<font size="4">[https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/81455 Limited $20 presale tickets available here] $10/$15 SOLD OUT</font><BR>
Limited $50 "Ninja" presale tickets (each Ninja level ticket includes five DISORI9NT patches)<BR>
Door tickets: $20 in PORNJ STAR attire, $25 without<BR>
PORNJ is Pink and Orange<BR>
PORNJ is the color of Disorient<BR>
==Disorient presents: BOOM BOAT | COMPRESSOR ON THE WATER==
Saturday August 15th<br>
1:30pm to 7pm
On the Queen of Hearts<br>
Pier 40 at West Houston and the West side
Prepare thy self to join Disorient on the High Seas!!
We've got the 3 story paddlewheel boat, "The Queen of Hearts," again!! This is the same boat of Bioluminescence fame. This time we are taking it out in the middle of the day in the heat of August Summer.
We will have a top floor all open and a wading pool on the top deck. Bring your bathing suits!! Luscious beats and delicious drinks....and all your favorite freaks!
This will be a way to say "bon voyage" and send blessings to our wayward burners on their way out to the playa.<br><br>
'''DJ LINE-UP'''<br>
<font size="4">[[Music#ARROW_CHROME|'''Arrow Chrome''']]</font> (Disorient, NYC)<br>
<font size="4">[http://soundcloud.com/nbutter '''The Bass''']</font> (Disorient, NYC)<br>
<font size="4">[http://www.clarelarge.com '''Clare Large''']</font> (Disorient/Intelligent Audio, London)<br>
<font size="4">'''Everyday'''</font> (PEX/Playloop, Philadelphia)<br>
<font size="4">[http://www.thegoodfriar.com'''Friar Tuck''']</font> (Disorient, Brooklyn)<br>
<font size="4">[http://www.leemayjahs.com '''Lee Mayjahs?''']</font> (PEX/Playloop, Philadelphia)<br>
<font size="4">[http://www.myspace.com/deejayorion '''Orion Keyser''']</font> (Disorient, NYC)<br>
<font size="4">[http://www.djsequoia.com '''Sequoia''']</font> (The Midnight Sons/Deep Groove Society, DC)<br><br>
<font size="4">'''The Amelianaires'''</font><br>
<font size="4">'''Photobooth'''</font> by [http://www.flickr.com/photos/joe_che_tandle/sets/72157614608460632/show/ Joe Che]<br>
<font size="4">'''Tentacles & [http://archersvision.com/site/2009/08/the-merburners-of-ancient-playa/ The Merburners of Ancient Playa]'''</font> by [http://www.archersvision.com Archer]<br>
<font size="4">'''Fruit Yumminess'''</font> by Annie B & The Flavor Cell<br>
<font size="4">[[D-shirt#2009|'''D-shirts''']]</font>  available for purchase<br>
<font size="4">'''Prizes'''</font> for the most [[Pornj|Pornjed]] out, teched up, freaked out, and Glam-acious bathing suits <br><br>
<font size="5">[http://eu.brownpapertickets.com/event/73437 $20 presale tickets available here]</font><br>
$25 at the door in Glam Tech attire and bathing suits, $30 without. (Pre-purchase highly recommended as this is expected to sell out like our last boat party.)<br>
Proceeds to support Disorient camp at Burning Man...and the Beacon High School, which is facing major budget cuts.<br>
This event is 21 and over.<br><br>
<font size="4">PLUS - join us for [http://figmentnyc.org/overboard OVERBOARD II], the AFTERPARTY hosted by FIGMENT, from 10pm-4am</font><br>
with DJ's <font color="ff00bb">derek beres, friar tuck, lee mayjahs?, zemi17</font><br>
Admission is only $10 for Boom Boat partygoers!<br><br>
==Disorient at PEX Summer Festival 2009==
[[Image:Pexfest09.jpg|thumb|right|280px|Disorient at PEX Summer Festival 2009<br>Photo by [http://www.danieljungphoto.com Daniel Jung]]]July 3-6, 2009<br>
Darlington, Maryland<br>
Disorient is coming to the inaugural PEX Summer Festival!  Look for the Disorient LED sign, and we'll see you in the Puddle. Groove to the chill sounds emanating from the legendary Disorient sound system. The infamous Orange Slut is coming to provide her own unique kind of spandex shade. Available services include massages, guided meditation, tarot readings, and tribal bellydance lessons. We're proud to present the world premiere of Taurus, Anakin Koenig Airways's interactive  inflatable sculpture in the form of a giant white donut. Climb into it! Play with it! (You've seen AKAirway installations at the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Biennale, NASA, Burning Man, Figment, NYC Decompression, and Disorient's own events like GlamTech and Compressor.)
==Disorient presents: GLAMTECH 2009==
[[Image:Glamtech09_flyerfront.jpg|thumb|right|220px]] [[Image:Glamtech250x250.jpg|thumb|right|110px]] [[Image:GLAMTECH_semacode.png|thumb|right|110px]]
Beauty and the Geek, New-Rave for Reals<BR><br>
Friday June 19, 2009 - 10PM-5AM<BR>
<font size=3>@ [http://www.club-exit.com Club Exit]</font>,<br>
147 Greenpoint Ave. Brooklyn, NY [http://www.google.com/maps?q=147+Greenpoint+Ave,+Brooklyn,+NY+11222,+USA&ie=UTF8&ll=40.730218,-73.953888&spn=0.010651,0.018346&t=h&z=16&iwloc=addr&om=1 map] 718-349-6969<BR>
G train to Greenpoint Avenue. Car service: 718-383-6345<br><BR>
Electronic Dance Music:<br>
<font size=4>
The Bass (Disorient, NY)<BR>
D_Juice (House of Yes)<BR>
[http://thegoodfriar.com Friar Tuck] (Disorient, NY)<BR>
Louie The Mole (Disorient, NY)</font><BR><br>
Chill Room:<br>
<font size=4>
[http://zemi17.net Zemi17] (Space Haus / The Danger)
James Healy (Escape Arts, [http://www.theagriculture.com the Agriculture])<br>
Douggie Style (NY)<br>
Ocean (Disorient)<br><br>
Art installations and performances:<BR>
<font size=4>Body Painting</font> by Lowroad and Cherry<br>
<font size=4>Video Edit</font> by Thunderstick and the Video Cell<BR>
<font size=4>Disorient Sign</font> by Leo and the Behind-the-Glass Cell<BR>
<font size=4>[[Wall_Fluores|Wall Fluores]]</font> by Archer<BR>
<font size=4>D9</font> by Soooz<BR>
<font size=4>Aura</font> by the Black Light Cell<BR>
<font size=4>Performance</font> by Ocean<BR>
<font size=4>Fruit Delish</font> by Soooz, Martina, Eric, and Pinky<BR>
<font size=4>[http://www.akairways.com/drop.shtml Drop]</font> by [http://www.akairways.com AKAirways]<br><BR>
<!--Cigarette Girl Tray with goodies by Miyo-Maniac<BR>
[[Pornj_Diamond_Cloud|Pornj Diamond Cloud]] "G" by Hot Sauce<BR>
Butterflies by MidnightMorsel<BR>
Disorient GLAMTECH patch by The Eye<BR>-->
Limited $15 presale tickets<BR>
Limited $20 presale tickets<BR>
Limited $50 "Ninja" presale tickets (each Ninja level ticket includes five DISORI9NT patches)<BR>
<font size="5">Presale tickets available [http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/68761 here]</font><BR>
Door tickets: $25 in GLAMTECH attire, $40 without<BR><BR>
GLAMTECH is pink and orange and goes blink in the night.<BR>
GLAMTECH is the style of Disorient.<BR><br>
[http://www.twitter.com/disorient/ Twitter] | [http://puddle.disorient.info/viewtopic.php?t=4901 Puddle]<BR><BR>
==DISORIENT POINT at Figment==
Three days of free electronic dance music on the grass of Governors Island, New York City, facing the Statue of Liberty.<BR>
Disorient Point, [http://www.govisland.com/ Governors Island] NY [http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?oe=utf-8&client=firefox-a&ie=UTF8&near=New+York,+NY+10012&fb=1&split=1&gl=us&ei=uAUnSrTCDoSS9QTAgpiBDw&hl=en&t=h&msa=0&msid=112934178235730493743.00046a3380afca15d9ea9&z=19 map]<BR>
'''Friday''' June 12, 2009 - 12 Noon-5PM<BR>
''techno, trance''<BR>
<font size=4>
Guillaume (Disorient)<BR>
Mic Rage (Kostume Kult)</font><BR><br>
'''Saturday''' June 13, 2009 - 11AM-7PM<BR>
''deep house day''<BR>
<font size=4>
Friar Tuck (Disorient)<BR>
The Bass (Disorient)<BR>
Been Jammin' (Gnome)<BR>
Down Deep (downdeepnyc.com) </font><BR><br>
'''Sunday''' June 14, 2009 - 11AM-7PM<BR>
''ecstatic island house & techno''<BR>
11:00 <font size=4>Jason BK (Konundrum Records)</font><BR>
1:30 <font size=4>Reda Briki (Disorient)</font><BR>
3:00 <font size=4>Bellydance performance by Alchemy Tribal Collective</font><BR>
3:15 <font size=4>DJ Balls (Disorient)</font><BR>
4:45 <font size=4>Arrow Chrome (Disorient)</font><BR><br>
<font size=4>[http://www.akairways.com/drop.shtml Drop]</font> by [http://www.akairways.com AKAirways]<br>
<font size=4>Inflatapus & Lady Octobubble</font> by [http://www.archersvision.com Archer's Vision]<br><BR>
==Disorient & Kostume Kult present: Black & Light Ball 4==
<swf width="600">http://www.archersvision.com/blb/blb4.swf</swf>[[Image:BLB4.jpg|thumb|right|200px]]
On May 9th we welcome in a new era of psychedelia to NYC and the world.  An annual high-tech sendoff of Truman Capote’s Black & White Ball, BLB is part masquerade, part love parade with any form of glowy finery acceptable for this night of art, dancing and full-on black-light.<BR>
When:  Saturday Night, May 9th, 10pm til 5am+<BR>
Where: Undisclosed location, Lower Manhattan. Info by presale only<BR>
Cost: $20/ $25 via kostumekult.com or disorient.com.  Event expected to sell out<BR>
Style: Black light reactive, neon colors and luminescent white, things that glow, blink or leave trailssssssss… Retro chic, future geek or time travel.
Styling Pre-Party 8-10pm in the Psychedelic Styling Salon (same venue)... Body paint, costuming makeovers & cheap libations. <BR>
DJs: spinning electro house and groovy breaks until dawn. Chill upstairs, dancing down…<BR>
Miko (Disorient, NY)<BR>
Arrow-Chrome (Disorient, NY)<BR>
Lee Mayjahs? (PEX, Phili)<BR>
Reda Briki (Disorient, NY)<BR>
Mic Rage (Kostume Kult)<BR>
$mall Change (WFMU)<BR>
John O'Connor (Love Tribe)<BR>
Justin Aubuchon (House of Yes)<BR>
Galaxies by Greg Skolzdra<BR>
Mural by Jimsu<BR>
Ariel performances by Archer<BR>
Disorient Black Light Body Cell<BR>
Electric Sheep by Spot<BR>
Kostume Kult accessory vending<BR>
A fundraiser for Burning Man camp projects<BR><BR>
<videoflash type="youtube">hOR3dq5ftuE|480|360</videoflash> <videoflash type="youtube">CcgrHJUspNU|480|360</videoflash><BR><BR>
A Psychedelic Spring Formal<BR><BR>
==Disorient presents: I {Disorient} BA==
[[Image:Disorient_presents_I-D-BA.jpg|thumb|right|150px]] [[Image:CumplecasetteIIIIIIII.jpg|thumb|right|100px]]
"No te preocupes... Te voy a calentar"<BR>
The first Disorient party in Buenos Aires (and south of the Panama Canal)<BR>
Saturday April 18th, 2009 - 11pm till morning<BR>
<font size=4>Artur's Rooftop</font><BR>
Niceto Vega 5043, Palermo, Argentina [http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Niceto+Vega+5043,+Palermo,+Argentina&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=49.089956,91.142578&ie=UTF8&t=h&z=17&iwloc=A Map] 1567362633 foto@artur.com<BR>
la primera DISORIENT fiesta en Buenos Aires<BR>
Pruebate nuestra "PoRnJ GLamTech"<BR>
Trae tus amigos, tragos, carne (tenemos asado)<BR>
[http://www.djballs.com DJ Balls "Pelotas"] (Disorient, NYC)<BR>
DJ Mikey (ProDeo, BA/NYC)<BR>
DJ Artur (Disorient, BA/NYC)<BR>
Cassette installation and performance by Flor<BR>
[http://www.akairways.com/buenos_aires_blow.shtml Buenos Aires Blow] by [http://www.akairways.com AKAirways]<BR>
Visuals by Emmanuel (micr.mu)<BR>
==Disorient and Kostume Kult present: BIOLUMINESCENCE==
Arrow Chrome’s floating Piscean celebration and Birthday bash.<BR><BR>
'''Saturday Feb 28th, 2009'''<BR>
10 pm to morning<BR><BR>
Bioluminescence is a Boat party on 3-floored, climate controlled, paddle-wheel boat with full sound and bar.  Bioluminescence is theme of aquadic, glowing and illuminated figures and art, an exploration of the crossroads bio and techno logical. Bioluminescence is a fund-raiser for the Kostume Kult and Disorient camps at the Burning Man Festival.  Bioluminescence is a birthday party. Bioluminescence is a miracle of our natural and artificially enhanced illumination.<BR><BR>
The party takes place on a Boat, called Queen of Hearts.<BR>
Pier 40<BR>
West Houston Street on the Hudson River<BR>
1 train to Houston Street [http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=pier+40,+new+york,+ny&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=35.547176,78.398437&ie=UTF8&ll=40.732592,-74.010408&spn=0.008276,0.01914&z=16&iwloc=B Map]<BR><BR>
'''The party starts at 10 pm and the boat leaves at 11pm sharp.''' Don’t be late!!<BR>
Disorient will host one floor…Kostume Kult will host another.<BR><BR>
DJ line-up:<BR>
<font size=4>Friar Tuck<BR>
[http://www.djballs.com DJ Balls]<BR>
Ben Jammin<BR>
Arrow Chrome<BR>
Douggie Style</font><BR><BR>
We are currently seeking submissions for installation artists, performance artists, gogo and belly dancers, circus performers and the like.  Dancers in cakes fully encouraged and reverse spanking birthday rule in full effect!!  Please dress in you best glow-ware, black-light reactive and underwater themed outfits to show off your personal Bioluminescence!!<BR><BR>
Dancers: Leslie Ocean (Shakti Fusion Belly Dance), Lauren Burns (Floor Dance), Stacy Pershall (Belly Dance)<BR>
Silk Trapeze: Stephanie Hope<BR>
Visual Projections: [http://www.guillaumeclave.com Guillaume Clave] (www.guillaumeclave.com)<BR>
Signers: Havalah Collins and the burlesque singers<BR>
Fashion and Performance: The unstoppable [http://www.wheylan.com Wheylan]!!<BR>
DV8 Collage install: Sooz<BR>
Skin Paints and Pimpology: Lowroad<BR><BR>
$15 Limited Pre-Sale tickets available at [http://www.disorient.com www.disorient.com]<BR>
$20 at the door in costume ($25 without).
REDA BRIKI (Disorient)<BR>
LOUIE MOLE (Disorient)<BR>
==Disorient presents: CLOUD CITY + GROUND CONTROL: NYC Decom 2008==
This year Disorient deviates from the norm to fly off course. We seek to expand our horizons, remove borders, and push boundaries. This year, you will be encouraged to let go…of that which holds you back…and keeps you from getting yourself off the ground.
At Decom 2008 we will provide two worlds; of uncertainty and control – Cloud City and Ground Control.
'''Cloud City: Disorient Inside'''
Clouded with uncertainty you risk being yourself, different and brave. Our Dome returns as a soothing den of lull exploration providing coverage for those looking to vanish from analysis. In the illumination of the Dome, we'll shock your senses with a glowing chill space, provide awe-inspiring light sculptures, reflect on our travels through photography, project interpretations of reality, and provide aerial performances over blissful clouds.
Dex Silhouette by Leo Villareal<BR>
Shell Shock by Miyong Noh<BR>
Pixels of the Playa by Susan Buck<BR>
Projections by Guillaume Clave and Irina Sarnetskaya<BR>
Aerial Acrobatics by Archer Hutchinson<BR>
Lighting by Kamal<BR>
'''Ground Control: Disorient Outside'''
Noun 1. ground control - a communication system for sending continuous radio messages to an airplane pilot who is making a ground-controlled approach to landing<BR>
communication system - a system for communicating
Ground Control will pull you in and let you go, but the controls are ultimately up to you. What draws you in…out? Let go and enjoy the sounds of deep bass, psyche trance, techno and down-tempo grooves.
DJ Balls<BR>
DJ Bass<BR>
Arrow Chrome<BR>
and more…<BR>
The Drop by AK Airways<BR>
Shade by Jester Jaimi<BR>
and more…<BR>
Let go... dance... communicate... express…fly, like you never have before…
Welcome to Disorient.
==Disorient presents: COMPRESSOR 2008==
The call of the Playa<BR>
Friday July 11, 2008 - 10pm-6am<BR>
<font size=3>@ [http://www.club-exit.com Club Exit]</font>,<br>
147 Greenpoint Ave. Brooklyn, NY [http://www.google.com/maps?q=147+Greenpoint+Ave,+Brooklyn,+NY+11222,+USA&ie=UTF8&ll=40.730218,-73.953888&spn=0.010651,0.018346&t=h&z=16&iwloc=addr&om=1 map] 718-349-6969<BR>
G train to Greenpoint Avenue. Car service: 718-383-6345<br>
Mandala Room (Dance)<BR>
10pm LOUIE THE MOLE (Disorient, China Club)<BR>
11:30pm [http://www.thegoodfriar.com FRIAR TUCK] (Disorient Brooklyn)<BR>
1am ARROW CHROME (Disorient East Village)<BR>
2:30am JEFF MISSION (Beatfix, Boston)<BR>
4am REDA BRIKI (Annaba, Disorient)<BR>
Pink Room (Chill-out)<BR>
10pm OCEAN (Disorient)<br>
11pm REZA<br>
1am MIKO (Disorient)<BR>
3am D_JUICE<br>
5am FRIAR TUCK (Disorient)<br>
Orange Room (Live)<BR>
[[NOHCOLOUR_PRESENTS_The_Wearable_Art_Challenge|WEARABLE ART CHALLENGE]] produced by Miyo-Maniac<BR>
[[Pornj_Diamond_Cloud|PORNJ DIAMOND CLOUD]] by Pornj Diamond Cell<BR>
LIVE DISORIENT SHIRT PRINTING by [http://www.peripheralmediaprojects.com Peripheral Media Projects]<BR>
DIAMOND MATRIX and DISORIENT SIGN by [http://www.villareal.net Leo Villareal]<BR>
FLOATING GATE by Anna Souvorov<BR>
DARKSTAR by [http://www.akairways.com AKAirways]
$15 limited presale tickets available at www.disorient.com<BR>
$20 in GlamTech attire, $30 without. 18 to party, 21 to drink.
Proceeds support Disorient camp at Burning Man
==Disorient CHILL-OUT SESSIONS at Figment==
Three days of Chill on the grass, under the shade.
[http://www.figmentnyc.org Figment] at [http://www.govisland.com/ Governor's Island], NY [http://www.google.com/maps?q=New+York,+NY,+USA&ie=UTF8&ll=40.68879,-74.019163&spn=0.010657,0.018346&t=h&z=16&iwloc=addr&om=1 (map)]<BR>
June 27-28-29, 2008<BR>
Friday 27<BR>
12:00PM DJ GHOST (Disorient)<BR>
2:00PM DJ SPIRIT (Disorient)<BR><BR>
Saturday 28<BR>
10:30AM OpenSourceCode<BR>
11:45AM SASCHA (Flavorpill)<BR>
1:00PM HAJ (Sub Swara)<BR>
2:30PM [http://www.wolflambmusic.com/ WOLF+LAMB]<BR>
Sunday 29<BR>
10:30AM TBA<BR>
1:00PM MIKO (Disorient)<BR>
3:00PM [http://www.thegoodfriar.com FRIAR TUCK] (Disorient)<BR>
5:00PM DJ BALLS (Disorient)<BR>
[[Pornj Diamond Cloud|PORNJ DIAMOND CLOUD]] by Pornj Diamond Cell at [http://emergenceshow.org Emergence]<BR>
[[Delta_Shade|DELTA SHADE]] by DS Cell<BR>
BRACELET by [http://www.akairways.com AKAirways] <BR>
[[Astral Carpet Lounge | ASTRAL CARPET LOUNGE]] by [[Deep Down Disorient Daze]] and [[Rex]] Cell members <BR>
==Disorient and Kostume Kult present: BLACK AND LIGHT BALL 2008==
BLB3 is a PRIVATE EVENT. For entry, you must either have a ticket or be on the RSVP list to get in and be able to purchase a ticket a the door.<BR>
[http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/33783 Buy a ticket] or [mailto:rsvp@disorient.info RSVP] Now<BR>
Friday May 2, 2008 - 9PM-6AM+<BR>
<font size=3>[http://www.comixny.com/ Comix]</font><br>
353 West 14th Street, New York, NY 10014 [http://www.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&q=353+West+14+street,+New+York,+NY+10014,+USA&sll=40.730218,-73.953888&sspn=0.009805,0.02223&ie=UTF8&ll=40.744298,-74.004421&spn=0.009803,0.02223&t=h&z=16&layer=c&cbll=40.740629,-74.0046 map] 212-524-2500<BR>
[http://www.thegoodfriar.com FRIAR TUCK] (Disorient, Brooklyn)<BR>
ORAZIO RISPO (Made In Italy)<BR>
REDA BRIKI (Annaba Prod.)<br>
DJ BALLS (Disorient, Bronx)<BR>
11PM: White Wedding Cabaret by The AMELIONAIRES<BR>
12Midnight: Black Lit Fashion Show by [http://www.wheylan.com WHEYLAN DEAN-FORD]<BR>
[[Pornj_Diamond_Cloud|Pornj Diamond Cloud]] by PORNJ DIAMOND CELL<BR>
Neon Clown Body Painting by LOWROAD<BR>
[[Pixel_Fresco|Pixel Fresco]] by PIXEL FRESCO CELL<BR>
$4 Martinis 9-11PM
Wear black light-sensitive fashions, neon colors, true-white, electronics/blinkies, GlamTech or creative black tie. Neon Klowning encouraged.<BR><BR>
<font size="5">Limited $15 pre-sale tickets available [http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/33783 here]</font><BR>
Door tickets: $20 in style, $30 otherwise<BR>
Private event. Must RSVP for entry.<BR>
<videoflash type="youtube">grQFynlL6VM|480|360</videoflash><BR><BR>
==Disorient presents: GLAMTECH 2008==
[[Image:DisorientGlamtech08_400x800.jpg|thumb|right|300px]] [[Image:Glamtech_patch_real.jpg|thumb|right|300px]]
Get your fiercest gilt adornments on for the second installment of GLAMTECH<BR><br>
Friday March 14, 2008 - 10PM-5AM<BR>
<font size=3>@ [http://www.club-exit.com Club Exit]</font>,<br>
147 Greenpoint Ave. Brooklyn, NY [http://www.google.com/maps?q=147+Greenpoint+Ave,+Brooklyn,+NY+11222,+USA&ie=UTF8&ll=40.730218,-73.953888&spn=0.010651,0.018346&t=h&z=16&iwloc=addr&om=1 map] 718-349-6969<BR>
G train to Greenpoint Avenue. Car service: 718-383-6345<br>
<font size=4>[http://www.myspace.com/fraktion8r SUNDER] (Sub Swara, NYC)<BR>
[http://beatfix.com JEFF MISSION] (Beatfix, Boston)</font><br>
[http://www.thegoodfriar.com FRIAR TUCK] (Disorient, NYC)<BR>
[http://www.djballs.com DJ BALLS] (Disorient, BRC)<BR><br>
<font size="5">Limited $9 pre-sale tickets available [http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/30479 here]</font><BR>
Door tickets: $10 in GLAMTECH attire, $20 without<BR>
Body painting by Lowroad<br>
Cigarette Girl Tray with goodies by Miyo-Maniac<BR>
[[Pornj_Diamond_Cloud|Pornj Diamond Cloud]] "G" by Hot Sauce<BR>
Butterflies by MidnightMorsel<BR>
Video edit from Compressor 2007 by Behind-the-Glass cell<BR>
Bracelet inflatable light installation by [http://www.akairways.com AKAirways]<br>
Disorient GLAMTECH patch by The Eye<BR>
GLAMTECH is the style of Disorient.<BR>
GLAMTECH is pink and orange and goes blink in the night.<BR><br>
A transplant from San Francisco, Sub Swara's Resident DJ & turntablist, Sunder started his dance music career over 12 years ago at underground events in Chicago battling and flexing his dance skills. He quickly transitioned to DJ'ing and based off his Chicago funky-house roots now melds turntablist scratching with underground-breaks and house. His unique style has enabled him to play at events featuring Q-bert, Bassnectar, D:fuse, Deekline and Wizard, Karsh Kale, & DJ Radar; and has led him to residencies with multiple crews in Chicago, SF, and NYC.  With his turntablist and DJ work in Sub Swara, Sunder has established his skill for creating a high energy vibe custom built to get a party bumpin'.<BR><BR>
'''Jeff Mission'''<br>
[http://beatfix.com beatfix.com]<br>
Jeff Mission spins techno cotton candy for your soul - sweet and addictive. electronic blueprints custom-designed to put a smile on your face and a bounce in your step. logical progressions of sound like rocks in a river, with mixes that connect the dots.<br><br>
'''Friar Tuck'''<br>
[http://thegoodfriar.com thegoodfriar.com]<br>
Since I started DJ'ing underground electronic music in 1995, I've spun at a lot of amazing raves, night clubs, house parties, backyard barbeques, outdoor festivals, and sweaty warehouse parties! I thrive on the underground scene, full of people who live for the music and love each other for being who they are. And I plan to keep on rockin' the beats until the day I die =)<br><br>
'''BeenJammin' '''<br>
BeenJammin has been Djing in the NY scene for the past 5 years. He's DJ'd ay many a loft, bar, club, Burning Man Party and Burning Man itself. Been likes to rock a dance floor with the sweet 4 to the Floor sounds of House music.<br><br>
'''DJ Balls'''<br>
Balls has been spinning Psytrance since the beginning of the genre. He currently plays New-Rave and Goa Trance with a touch of Euro, 4/4 Swing 8 groove locked at 135 BPM.<br><br>
(*) and french toast breakfast
Come start 2008 right with Disorient. On New Year's Day, January 1, 2008, our doors open at 4am, breakfast is served at 8am, the new Di8orient Sign is unveiled and the New York underground tribes gather for an all-day extravaganza.
L I N E U P___<BR>
ARROW (Disorient)<BR>
FRIARTUCK (Disorient)<BR>
French Toast breakfast by Disorient's Love Ministry
Tuesday, January 1, 2008
4am - late in the day
Venue: LIBATION - 137 Ludlow (stanton/rivington)
<font size="5">Limited $20 pre-sale tickets available [http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/25708 here]</font> (includes 8am french toast breakfast!)<BR>
Door tickets: $40<BR>
[http://wiki.disorient.info/images/a/a6/Di8orient_bwflyer.pdf Black and White flyer]
==Disorient presents: ESCAPE VELOCITY==
Break free from the dust with Disorient!
L I N E U P___<BR>
JOHN DILL (Pickled House/Le Souk Sundays) - bumpin', pumpin' progressive house<BR>
MORGAN STONER (WonderBreaks) - slammin', jammin' NY breaks<BR>
[http://www.myspace.com/spiralblaster SPIRAL BLASTER] - tweakin', freakin' live techno PA<BR>
[http://www.angularbliss.com ANGULAR BLISS][http://www.pariorul-sportiv.com/remi-online.html remi] (Baltimore) - Progressive House<BR>
BEENJAMMIN - movin', groovin' soulful house<BR>
Twisted Video Art by JAYGO<BR>
Sign installation by the ludicrous but affable Nicolaus Notabene<BR>
Friday, November 16, 2007
10pm - late
Dress: Colorful/Escapist
Venue: LIBATION - 137 Ludlow (stanton/rivington) - VIP room
$20 Door, $10 with password
Escape Velocity is a fundraiser for Disorient, a Burning Man camp. A portion of proceeds will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund's climate change program, in memory of our wonderful friend Big Nick.[http://www.pariorul-sportiv.com pariuri]
==Disorient presents: HALLOWEEN PARTYBUS!!!==
[[Image:Partybusssss_2007.jpg|500px]] <BR>
==Disorient presents: DOUBLE RAINBOW==
The bling after the storm
[http://www.libationnyc.com Libation], 137 Ludlow Str. New York City [http://www.google.com/maps?num=100&hl=en&safe=off&q=Libation&fb=1&cid=0,0,16934718902528235897&near=New+York,+NY&cd=1&ie=UTF8&ll=40.720291,-73.988242&spn=0.005196,0.009624&t=h&z=17&iwloc=A&om=1 map] 212-529-2153<BR>
Fri. Oct. 12, 2007 - 10:00PM until late<BR>
<font size=4>[http://www.wolflambmusic.com Wolf+Lamb]</font><BR>
Orion (Disorient)<BR>
[http://www.thegoodfriar.com FriarTuck] (Disorient)<BR>
Rumble (Disorient)<BR>
$10 with password, $20 without<BR>
Proceeds support Disorient camp at Burning Man<BR>
Flyer photo by [http://www.gravityhook.com Gravityhook.com]<BR>
Help promote this event! Print and distribute flyers. [http://wiki.disorient.info/images/1/16/Double_rainbow_bw.pdf Here] is the black and white version of the flyer in a .pdf document ready to be printed.
==Disorient presents: COMPRESSOR 2007==
Get ready for the Playa, Disorient style.
[http://www.club-exit.com Club Exit], 147 Greenpoint Ave. Brooklyn, NY [http://www.google.com/maps?q=147+Greenpoint+Ave,+Brooklyn,+NY+11222,+USA&ie=UTF8&ll=40.730218,-73.953888&spn=0.010651,0.018346&t=h&z=16&iwloc=addr&om=1 map] 718-349-6969<BR>
Fri. Jul. 27, 2007 - 10:00PM until 6:00AM<BR>
<font size=4>Zev/Wolf (Wolf+Lamb)<BR>
Sub Swara</font><BR>
3L3TRONIC (vitamindevo+Bianca Dino)<BR>
Journeyman (Journeys by DJ)<BR>
FriarTuck (Disorient)<BR>
Reda Briki (Rotate)<BR>
and DJ Balls (Disorient)<BR>
Disorient Goggles for sale.<BR>
Live D7 T-shirt printing by [http://www.peripheralmediaprojects.com/ Peripheral Media Projects]<BR>
Installations by Leo Villareal, the Delta Shade Cell and [http://www.akairways.com AKAirways]<BR>
$20 in GlamTech attire, $25 without.<BR>
[http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/17826 $15 limited presale tickets] available at www.disorient.com<BR>
Proceeds support Disorient camp at Burning Man<BR>
Thanks to Circle Arts, Inc. http://www.circlearts.org/ for their support<BR>
Zev/Wolf (Wolf+Lamb)<BR>
After meeting Gadi (lamb) at a party in Williamsburg in 2001, the two became friends and Gadi introduced Zev to minimal techno. As co-conspirators, they began plotting what would one day become Wolf + Lamb. Since finding his musical home, Zev has amassed a collection and musical repertoire that spans the gamut of minimal dance music. From his background in design and web, Zev still produces all the media for Wolf + Lamb, and oversees the technology. His first original co-productions were released on Wolf + Lamb Music in 2006, with more to come.<BR>
Sub Swara<BR>
Sub Swara is a live electronic crew that represents the best in lo-frequency hi-vibration culture. The Sub Swara Live Set is a balance of practiced musical refinement and on-the-fly improvisation. Weaving percussive phrases in a dynamic call and response style, Dhruva's digitally-effected tabla technique interacts with Sunder's turntablist hi-jinx as Haj lays down a solid foundation of propulsive beats and massive bass. The addition of rising MC star Juakali completes the picture, delivering a potent vocal presence with crucial ragga artistry. From dubstep, dancehall, and jungle, to breakbeat, midtempo, and glitch hop, all mixed with a global sensibility, the Sub Swara sound engages and unites across cultural and musical boundaries.
<videoflash type="youtube">dyKlvwlG2iI|480|360</videoflash>
==Disorient at [http://www.figmentnyc.org Figment]==
Electronic music on the grass, in the shade.
[http://www.govisland.com/ Governor's Island], [http://www.google.com/maps?q=New+York,+NY,+USA&ie=UTF8&ll=40.68879,-74.019163&spn=0.010657,0.018346&t=h&z=16&iwloc=addr&om=1 (map)]<BR>
Sun. Jul. 8, 2007 - 11:00AM until 5:00PM<BR>
<font size=4>[http://spiralblaster.podomatic.com/ Spiral Blaster]</font><BR>
and DJ Balls<BR>
[[Delta_Shade|Delta Shade]] demo<BR>
5 Stars by [http://www.akairways.com AKAirways]
==[http://wiki.disorient.info/index.php?title=Image:Glamtech_flyer.jpg Disorient presents: GLAMTECH 2007]==
GLAMTECH is the style of Disorient.<BR>
GLAMTECH is pink and orange and goes blink in the night.<BR>
Take a deep breath of GLAMTECH. Feel your mind and your energy depart from your body and electrify the dance floor.<BR>
Experience the finest house, techno, and psytrance DJs of the new GLAMTECH era.<BR>
[http://www.rebelnyc.com Rebel], 251 West 30th Street (bet. 7th & 8th Ave.) New York, NY<BR>
Sat. Jun. 30, 2007 - 10:00PM until 5:00AM<BR>
In the GLAM room (house): The Bass (Dis), JourneyMan (Dis, Rotate), Reda (Rotate), Ulrich Hagen (Rotate)<BR>
In the TECH room (techno/psytrance): Ulrich Hagen (Rotate), Arrow (Dis), 3L3tronic aka Bianca and Devo (Dis) and DJ Balls (Dis)<BR>
$15 in GLAMTECH attire, $20 without.<BR>
[http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/16881 $15 presale tickets] at www.disorient.com<BR>
Proceeds support Disorient camp at Burning Man<BR>
$5 Drink Specials all night.<BR>
Disorient Goggles and other GLAMTECH jewels for sale.<BR>
Get your own D7 T-shirt printed live by [http://www.peripheralmediaprojects.com/ Peripheral Media Projects]<BR>
In collaboration with Rotate System.<BR>
<videoflash type="youtube">R2tG3dKfyX4|480|360</videoflash>
==[http://wiki.disorient.info/index.php?title=Image:Blacklightball2007_flyer.jpg Black and Light Ball 2007]==
Club M1-5, 52 Walker Street (two blocks south of Canal between Church & Broadway) New York, NY<br />
Sat. May 12, 2007 - 9:00PM until 5:00AM<br />
DJ line-up: Friartuck (Dis), Orion (Dis),  Reda (Rotate), The Bass (Dis), Journeyman (KK), Devo and Bianca (Dis), DJ Balls (Dis)<br />
[http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/15540 $15 presale tickets] $20/Costume, $30/Normal. $1 Martinis 9-10, drink specials all night<BR /><BR />
==[http://www.flyvision.org/tarot/7/pix/7m.jpg Disorient presents: SEVEN]==
New Year's Eve Afterparty<br />
Village Underground, New York, NY<br />
Mon. Jan. 1, 2007 - 4:00AM until 12:00 Noon<br />
Full-on Disorient line-up: The Bass, Orion, 3l3tronic, DJ Balls<br />
<br />
==Disorient Halloween Party Bus==
<br />
==Compressor 2006==
[http://www.flyvision.org/tarot/2/pix/2m.jpg teaser] - [http://www.flyvision.org/dis/2006/fundraisers/compressor/D6_compressor_flyer.jpg flyer]<br />
Exit Club, Brooklyn, NY - Fri. Aug. 4, 2006 - 10:00PM until 6:00AM<br />
Kramer (Deep End)<br />
Kirk and Chip (Space Cowboys)<br />
Danny (Moontribe)<br />
plus many Disori6nt DJs<br />
<br />
==[http://www.pbase.com/1969/image/60688708.jpg The Black and Light Ball]==
KFMK Gallery - Friday June 9th 2006 - 515 W. 29th betw. 10th & 11th Aves - 9:00PM to 6:00AM<br />
Orion (Disorient)<br />
3l3ctronic (Disorient)<br />
Arrow (Blakkat, Disorient)<br />
Mikio (Freek Factory, Disorient)<br />
Taisun (Festivus)<BR>
<videoflash type="youtube">M5RWWp8m_N0|480|360</videoflash>
<videoflash type="youtube">pYoOMAIl8E|480|360</videoflash>
==House 1==
China 1, Avenue B NYC
Every Thursday - 10:00PM to 4:00AM<br />
Resident DJs:<br />
The Bass (Disorient)<BR>
Orion (Disorient)<BR>
The Eye (Disorient)<BR>
<br />
==[http://www.flyvision.org/tarot/9/pix/9m.jpg Psycheground]==
Fat Black PussyCat, NYC - Every Wednesday - 10:00PM<br />
Goa, Psy, & Progressive Trance by Resident DJs<br />
Leo, Luis, Juggernaut, Brandon Adams & The Eye<br />
<br />
==[http://www.flyvision.org/dis/2006/fundraisers/6/6_disori6nt.jpg <nowiki>*6* the official new years eve afterparty</nowiki>]==
UPDATE (Sat. 31 5:42pm): no alcohol will be served at this party. Door price is now $10.<br />
Village Underground - Jan 1, 2006 - 4:00AM to 4:00PM<br />
Downstairs:<br />
DJ Orion (Disorient)<br />
Haj (Freek Factory)<br />
Mikio (Freek Factory)<br />
the bass (Disorient)<br />
Upstairs:<br />
Friar Tuck (Basswerks)<br />
Abdul Space (Flyvision/Disorient)<br />
<br />
==Official Afterparty of SANTACON==
Sat Dec 10, 2005 - midnight to 4:00AM<br />
House music by:<BR>
Orion (Disorient, NY)<BR>
The Bass (Disorient, NY)<br />
<br />
==Disorient Halloween Party Bus "Dexair"==
<br />
==[[compressor flyer|Compressor 2005]]==
Brooklyn, NY - Fri Jun 17, 2005 - 9:00PM until 5:00AM<br />
House: Halo (City Deep Music, Large Recordings, San Diego), Neil Aline (Chez Music, New York) spin deep, sexy house, with Disorient’s Orion and Big Jimmy Fingers opening up.<br />
Breaks: Deekline & Wizard, Sunder and Haj from Freek Factory spin breaks, along with JP001, Shakey and Styro System.<br />
<br />
==[http://www.flyvision.org/tarot/17/pix/17_pornj20050528d.jpg The House of PORNJ]==
[http://www.flyvision.org/tarot/17/pix/17_pornj20050528d_plate.jpg Print and distribute flyer]<br />
169 Bar - Sat May 28, 2005 - LateNite (starts at 1:00AM)<br />
DJ Orion (Disorient, NY), Big Jimmy Fingers (Disorient, NY) & guest<br />
<br />
==[http://www.flyvision.org/tarot/17/pix/17_pornj20050514artur.jpg The House of PORNJ]==
169 Bar - Sat May 14, 2005 - Midnight<br />
DJ Orion (Disorient, NY), Artur (Disorient, NY), Pierre Kardin (Disorient, Paris)<br />
<br />
==[http://www.flyvision.org/tarot/10/pix/10_barlow350x700.jpg BarlowFrienzy Disorientation]==
Rumor - Fri Apr 29, 2005 - 10:00 PM<br />
DJ Nicholas (Disorient, NY), DJ Orion (Disorient, NY), Pierre Kardin (Disorient, Paris)<br />
<br />
==[http://www.flyvision.org/tarot/17/pix/17_pornj20050421m.jpg The House of PORNJ]==
Rumor - Thu Apr 21, 2005 - 10:00 PM<br />
DJ Orion (Disorient, NY), Sunder (Sol System), Haj (Freek Factory, Brooklyn)<br />
<br />
==[http://www.evite.com/pages/invite/viewInvite.jsp?event=NKPAEPIDSXBSYGXSAKDL Dance-a-thon]==
Rumor - April 7th, 2005 - 10:00 PM until late<br />
Presented by Jordanna, Ryan and Sarah to celebrate their birthdays.<br />
<br />
==[http://www.flyvision.org/dis/2005/fundraisers/5/pix/5m.jpg 5]==
Rumor - January 1st, 2005 - 5:00 AM until noon<br />
DJ Orion (Disorient, NY), Big Jimmy Fingers (Disorient, NY) and Abdul Space (Space Brothers, Disorient, NY) spin house and techno.<br />
<br />
==[http://wiki.disorient.info/index.php?title=Decompression Astral Slide (New York Decompression)]==
[http://www.spiritnewyork.com Spirit] - December 5, 2004 - 2:00 PM - 5:00 AM<br />
<br />
==Disorient Halloween Party Bus==
<br />
Two Boots - Saturdays in 2004 - 11:00 PM<br />
DJ Orion, Big Jimmy Fingers and guests spin (funky disco) house.<br />
<br />
==[http://www.flyvision.org/dis/2004/parties/pix/domeraiser_l.jpg DomeRaiser]==
Rumor - July 22, 2004 - 10:00 PM to 4:00 AM<br />
Big Jimmy Fingers, Orion, Artur and The Eye spin funky disco house and techno.<br />
<br />
==[http://www.flyvision.org/dis/2003/pix/reorient_decom.jpg Reorient Decom]==
The Eye's - October 17, 2003 - 10:00 PM<br />
Big Jimmy Fingers, Orion and Artur spin disco house.<br />
==[http://www.flyvision.org/dis/2003/pix/reorient_rehearsal.jpg Reorient Rehearsal]==
The Eye's - July 26, 2003 - 10:00 PM<br />
Big Jimmy Fingers, Orion and Artur spin disco house.<br />
[[File:Reorient rehearsal.jpg|240px]]<BR>
==[http://www.flyvision.org/dis/2003/pix/reorient-ation01.jpg Reorient-ation]==
Leo's Studio - May 16, 2003 - 7:00 PM<br />
Big Jimmy Fingers, Orion and Abdul Space spin house, dub and ambient.<br />
<br />
==Disorient Horror Party Bus==
[[File:Halloween 2002 gold.gif|240px]]<BR>
==[http://www.flyvision.org/dis/2002/pix/dis_decom_flyer.jpg Dis Decom]==
The Eye's - September 20, 2002 - 9:00 PM<br />
Big Jimmy Fingers spins house.<br />
[[File:Dis decom flyer.jpg|240px]]<BR>
==[http://www.flyvision.org/dis/2002/pix/20020531.sunset.jpg Playa Dreams]==
The Eye's Rooftop - May 31, 2002 - 6:30 PM<br />
Jameson spins house, dub and ambient.<br />
<br />
==[http://www.flyvision.org/dis/2002/pix/disorient_preview_flyer.gif Disorient Preview]==
Leo's Studio - April 26, 2002 - 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM<br />
Spinoza spins dub and ambient.<br />
http://farm1.static.flickr.com/163/336882088_b91de9fa3c_t.jpg http://farm1.static.flickr.com/31/60931589_3f3fa42e48_t.jpg http://farm1.static.flickr.com/99/305487950_4fd4308211_t.jpg http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3259/2345770660_a44e2f55a7_t.jpg http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2169/1956465242_952eeade22_t.jpg http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2311/1923502036_e4b6174994_t.jpg http://farm1.static.flickr.com/90/261106737_899617e313_t.jpg
http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3119/2696970899_6f385ccbeb_t.jpg<br />
<br />[[Image:Dexair_crew.jpg|500px]] [[Image:IMG_7258.JPG|410px]]
djs for disorient:
- Lorin Bassnectar (night of the burn 2006)
- Laird (maybe temple of breaks (if that counts) 2005?)
- Motion Potion (?)
- Sascha Flavor (played at the eye's loft and at figment)
- Sleep Dep (possibly on playa in 2003 or 2004. love his sound)
- $mall Change
- Shakey
- Freaknasty (disorient at nyc decom 2006 and night of the burn 2006.)
- kramer (compressor 2006--got paid)
- captn kirk (compressor 2006--got paid)
- the bass (house)
- dj balls (psytrance, house, techno, ambient)
- 3l3tronic (techno)
- gusto http://www.myspace.com/djgustobeats - friend of 3l3tronic (breaks)
- arrow chrome (breaks, house, disco, techno)
- sunder (breaks, house)
- friartuck (breaks, house)
- beenjammin (house)
- D_Juice (Justin Aubuchon) (house, disco) (http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=57037271864#/profile.php?id=1517991168)
- orion (breaks, house, techno)
- haj (breaks)
- wolf+lamb (minimal techno, house)
- rumble (psytrance)
- reda briki (house)
- tim fielding (house)
- ulrich hagen (techno, house)
- mikio (breaks)
- luis (psytrance, tech house)
- babla (psytrance)
- jameson/natural sphere (ambient)
- spinoza?
- miko (eclectic)
- jeff mission (techno)
- Francois K.
- Joey Beltram
- W.J. Henze
live acts for disorient:
- 3l3tronic (techno)
- spiral blaster (techno)
- rumble (psytrance)
- sub swara (breaks)
- Spiro Sound System
- [http://radiowonderland.org Radio Wonderland] "Turning the bits and bytes of commercial culture into the driving backbeat to our dance of independence." (would be great in a sideroom like laserharp at glamtech 09)
- laserharp guy
party (sub) title ideas:
- crop circle
- ceci n'est pas une rave
- safety first
- first strike
- ballistic
- glamtech: warrior
- save the robots
- pornj star: dance off the playa dust at the sound of german techno
- afterburner
- daycom
- psychedelic heritage
- go zentai!
- too much is not enough
- welcome to the pleasuredome
- ... 3D
- Large Hadron Collider (LHC)
- roller disco!!!
- collection of awesome
- we come in peace
- refrigerate after opening
- deep playa (yearly event with wolf+lamb to bring the deep playa feel to a club)
- pornj side of the moon
module-specific fundraisers i.e. dome, dex, art car wash...

Latest revision as of 20:49, 7 September 2021

Off-Playa retreats, salons, parties and fundraisers
presented by Disorient

By attending our events you agree to follow our Personal Boundaries values.

Naming convention and style guide

Disorient presents: EVENT NAME

("Disorient" with capital D, "presents" in lower case, "colon" no space between present and colon, "EVENT NAME" all caps)

Disorient Bali presents: BURNING MANTAP


Sat. Sep. 4th, 2021
Disorient's first burn in Bali.

Disorient presents: ETERNAL NIGHT


Disorient presents: ETERNAL NIGHT
24 hours of live DJ sets starting Oct. 31st, 2020 at 8pm Hong Kong time
FREE (donations welcome)

Produced by Guillaume C. and The Eye

A musical journey around the world with Disorient DJs playing live sets at night in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Bali, India, Dubai, Germany, Monaco, UK, Argentina, New York, Utah and California for a continuous 24-hour experience.

Disorient is uniquely positioned to create such an event. Starting at 8pm Hong Kong time, Disorient presents: ETERNAL NIGHT jets around the world for a 24-hour night of pure pornj.

EN20 is a virtual experience. Stay safe and wear your mask when you go out.

FREE (donations welcome)

Performers' Schedule

Each cell covers a specific geographic area. Cell leads are responsible for the presentation in their respective geographic area, including streaming (tech setup) and content (artists).

Hong Kong - Teddy L.
Dubai - Ejaz
India - Ria R.
Europe - Guillaume C.
Argentina - Artur M.
California - JD/Hruby

D8E is a new platform. It is still in development and EN20 will be one of its first events. Some Disorienters are involved in this project.

HOW TO stream HQ audio to a D8E show

Disorient presents: SO GOOD

Disorient's digital salon

Every Saturday at 11:30pm EST - June 2020

Meeting ID: 838 6744 5283
One tap mobile
+16465588656,,83867445283# US (New York)
+13017158592,,83867445283# US (Germantown)

Disorient presents: COUNTRY CLUB X - Astrodynamica

Country club 2020 Astrodynamica.jpg
May 21-25, 2020 - Upstate New York (USA)

Join Disorient for year 10 of our annual journey of deep chilling, off-the-grid futurist relaxation. Country Club is a lake and lush green woodland oasis where blissful self-reliance meets massive multiplayer techno and technology participation.

Disorient presents: GLAMTECH MAXIMALISM

April 18, 2020 - New York (USA)

Disorient is back for our 11th Edition of GlamTech - a tribute to glamorous technology and interactive art everywhere - and this time too much is surely not enough. Turn your knobs up to 11! It's time to take it TO THE MAX!

Disorient presents: DISCO BALL 2020

Jan 1, 2020 4AM to 2PM - Brooklyn, NY

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