Disorient presents: ETERNAL NIGHT

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Disorient presents: ETERNAL NIGHT
24 hours of live DJ sets starting Oct. 31st, 2020 at 8pm Hong Kong time
FACEBOOK | WIKI | FREE (donations welcome)

Produced by Guillaume C. (Monaco) and The Eye (Bali)

What's the plan

A musical journey around the world with DJs playing live sets at night in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Bali, India, Dubai, South Africa, Germany, Monaco, UK, Argentina, New York, Utah and California for a continuous 24-hour performance.

With members in dozens of countries, Disorient is uniquely positioned to create such an event. Starting at 8pm Hong Kong time, Disorient presents: ETERNAL NIGHT jets around the world for a 24-hour night of pure pornj.

EN20 is a virtual experience. Stay safe and wear your mask when you go out.

donations welcome
(100% of funds support Disorient camp at Burning Man)
Political Economy of Disorient

Performers (DJs/VJs)

Here's the Performers' Schedule with current times. This is likely to evolve slightly (+/- 1 hour) since several countries will change time that night so check often.

By order of earth rotation:
Ti Yonyk|Disorient (Hong Kong)
Gie|Disorient (Hong Kong)
Seeker 13 (Hong Kong)
Nick Teeple (Hong Kong)
Yasai Denki|Disorient (Hong Kong)
ZparkZ|Disorient (Hong Kong)
Martin+S|Disorient (Vietnam)
Bassister (India)
Ejaz|Disorient (Dubai)
Adam Rahman|KitchenSync Records (Dubai)
Connecto (South Africa)
Friar Tuck|Disorient (Germany)
Guillaume Clave|Disorient (Monaco)
Piccaya (Belgium)
D'Arksy|Disorient (UK)
Deltavox|Housewerk (London)
Artur|Disorient (Argentina)
Mobâd|Cymatica (NY)
Tory|vibesbytory (NY)
UpAllNight (Noam Rubinstein)|Eyedyllic Music (NY)
Luis Campos (Utah)
Paul BPH|Disorient (Joshua Tree, CA)
Andrew Souto|Dirty Epic (Long Beach, CA)

Cells and Leads

Each Cell covers a defined geographic area. Cell Leads are responsible for the presentation in their respective geographic area, including helping artists with their tech setup for streaming and content curation.

Geographic Cell Leads: ZparkZ (Hong Kong), Ejaz (Dubai), Ria R. (India), Guillaume C. (Europe + Africa), Artur M. (South America), Tory (NY), JD/Hruby (California)


How can I participate

We selected D8E as technical solution for this event. It's a new platform still in development and EN20 will be one of its first events. A few Disorienters are involved in D8E.

Participants anywhere in the world can join at any point during the event's 24 hours. Please be creative with your screen real-estate. We will informally acknowledge stunning participations with a Disorient Mask when they become available.


- Share our Facebook event and this page (http://eternalnight.disorient.info) with friends
- This is a free event but donations are welcome (100% of funds support Disorient camp at Burning Man)

DJs and VJs:
- HOW TO stream HQ audio to a D8E show
- HOW TO stream with OBS to Icecast

Other considerations

In recent years music events have been on a quest to bring ever increasing levels of stimuli to the public. Great creativity and even greater budgets have been successful at pleasing a growing crowd that, for good reasons, started to value experience over ownership of objects.

Embracing new tech and borrowing from the participatory culture, music events continued to crack the code and consistently augment their efficiency at blowing our minds and help attendants reach for the sublime.

Given the world’s current situation, remarkable efforts are put into finding ways to instill the potency of those physical experiences, from which we had to distance ourselves, into virtual ones.

It can be challenging, even for those who claim to have no expectations, to refrain from comparing the current state of stimulus provided by virtual events to the one that we have become accustomed to in the primary physical realm.

Since we cannot look back forever and count the things that we miss we have to explore new ways of making meaningful connections in unfamiliar registers.

Adjustment will take time but there's good news. Now is a great moment to be alive if you’re an explorer and have a little faith in yourself and in humanity. Let's learn together. Join ETERNAL NIGHT and be part of the experiment with us.

Disorient loves you.


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