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a Disorient COUNTRY CLUB event

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We return for a sixth incarnation. Six, the four cardinal directions joined with above and beyond. Numeral of luck, it is the fortunate throw of the dice.

Country Club VI
Join us for this journey of deep chilling off the grid relaxation. Country Club is a woodland oasis where blissful self-reliance meets massive multiplayer participation. Explore a constantly shifting blank canvas of music, art, and performance. Disorient presents: COUNTRY CLUB VI
May 27th (NOON) to May 30th (NOON)
Upstate New York in Shandaken, NY
Location released to ticket holders week of the event
GUIDE: http://wiki.disorient.info/images/e/e0/CCSG2016_final.pdf
TICKETS: http://countryclubvi.brownpapertickets.com/
VOLUNTEER: https://goo.gl/lY5N45
SUBMIT ART: https://goo.gl/wpuMSA
FACEBOOK EVENT:https://www.facebook.com/events/808396009288261
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DJ LineUp

3C |High Pressure Music / Spinne Records|
Nu Sky |Hot Creations /Repopulate Mars|
David Kiss |House of Yes|
Acid Eastern |Blacky II + David Kiss|
Dj Shakey |Empire Breaks, Rubulad, Warper|
Charlie Funk |Digital Native|
Jake Lama |G House NYC|
Kyle Del (Spins rekkids, BK)
Wally Whatever |Digital Native|
Alex Funk (GOH / Kalliope, Baltimore|
Arrow Chrome |Disorient|
Vibe Catalyst
Johnny V |Pop up Groove, Philly|
John Kofi |Disorient, Lizard Lounge|
Elixir |Disorient, Space Pirates|
Orion Keyser |Disorient|
Shaggy2D |Disorient, Space Pirates - Philly|
Douggie |Disorient|
Dima |Disorient, Lizard Lounge|
Tj McAu |Disorient, Lizard Lounge|
STLTZ |Disorient, Space Pirates|
Yandl |Disorient, Lizard Lounge, Alive @ 8a|
Conrad |Disorient|
Shaul |Disorient|
Kaellum |Disorient, Space Pirates, Philly|
Lucky |Disorient, Space Pirates, Philly|


OPEN LOOP - Open Loop is a piece for voice and electronics to mark the transition from day to night. Structured as a call-and-response, the audience is invited to board the barge and sing a traditional Bulgarian folk song with other participating artists from the center of the lake. The text of this piece, Polegnala E Todora by Filip Koutev, describes a scene wherein a woman falls asleep under an olive tree and is woken when a branch falls and hits her head. She had been dreaming of being in love. Sound from this performance is used as base material for digital manipulation and played back in bursts as an installation that sonically recalls a dream-like state. Emanating from two locations situated on either side of the lake, the sounds continue to evolve throughout the night until dawn. Artist - Jen Kutler

4’x4’ Artist- Leo Villareal

CLAM'S CASINO- a 1950s reno casino featuring all the rugged good looks, luck and charm one would expect Artist - Conrad and a cast of thousands

1 WEEKEND ONLY ENGAGEMENT AT CLAMS CASINO: Liberace's Karaoke and Piano Bar Rhinestones and Microphones: Enter the void of opulence. Perform, or join the audience. Enjoy a cocktail in one of our fabulous Liberace inspired costumes.

WITHIN CLAM’S CASINO- MOTEL NONE- One room motel. This one room casino motel, a time capsule to a more polyester time.

ALSO WITHIN CLAM’S CASINO- SASSY NANNA’S BOUTIQUE - Bring a thing take a thing. Perfumes. Leather hats. Leather socks.

LEDNA - A hanging, spinning, glowing reminder of what is inside each and every one of us. Artist - Jared Klett

DOMESTAR - A geodesic dome constructed of PVC pipe, covered in 6,400 LEDs. Artist- Hack Rock City

THE SIXTH (GEODESIC TEMPLE EFFIGY) http://www.geodesictemple.com/ Artist: The Geodesic Templars

EMANATIONS- Emanations is a series of spatialized sound experiments using physical gestures and movement, turning human body into an interface for audio perspective control Artists- Udit Mahajan, Katherine Louise Boehm

LIZARD LOUNGE -Return of the Lizard Lounge There is a clearing beyond the warehouses of Brooklyn. It is a clearing as vast as a loft and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between beats and beers, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Lizard Lounge.
Artist: TBA

SURFACE TENSION- A diamond shaped Disorient boat that glides between the fabric of the worlds. Artist-Viktor, Wallace Ballz, Margaret, Michael


THE SPERM WHALE - Projection Visuals by the Sperm Whale

RELAUNCH OF WINDOWS 95 - Saturday night art car party. After sunset. Main house. Bring your Zima, Crystal Pepsi and normcore 90s office gear.

UFO LOUNGE - Up in Pirate Cove A space-age inflatable you can climb inside! Artist- Zeut Ryot, Captain Shaggy

TEMPLE OF SAFETY (BLANKETS) - Artist: Sofy Yuditskaya, Anika Hirt

DEATH & TAXIS- Coffin Art Car Artist: Max Henstell

DINNER ON THE BOAT Location: Surface Tension. Artist: Phil Jarry

MOVEMENT - A video installation environment in which the visitors become a part of the movements Artist: Sonia Li

EVOLVING ART WALL - Come over here and paint! Step over to the evolving art wall, where you’re free to let loose and art it up! E Artist: Billy Archer

CHARLIE FUNK EXPERIENCE - The Ky Hole’s kindly older uncle. Good times and group rides. Artist: Charlie Funk

SIXTEEN SEGMENTS- A multicolored clock that also does letters. Four by four foot high sixteen segment displays, with multi-colored leds, controlled by keyboard Artist: Benjamin Guest

SPARKLING H20/T BAR - Lounge at the Mainstage, a hydration and caffeination lounge Artist: J Good, Trammell

SNACK MECHANIC - Roving tune ups for your snacking. Artist: Snack Mechanic

RAYTRACE FOUNTAIN - A lake installation from the artist that brought you the death defying Country Club Tornado Artist: Secret Michael

CHATTING CATS - Jason Cipriani brings his public access show to Clam’s Casino. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_yvz4s77Qk Artist - Jason Cipriani

DISENGAGE BBQ - Disorient Love Ministry BBQ party Monday night after Disengage is complete. Meats and delicacies.

THE TEMPLE OF DREAMS When we were born, we were perfect. Untouched. As close to our true, natural state as we’ve ever been. Inevitably as time passed by our experiences and environment have clouded this perfection. Have shaped our beliefs and therefore who we identify with today. But what if we were to strategically restructure the world around us? What if we were to better curate the experiences we invited into our lives? Would we be able to become the people we want to be? Would we be able to be the architects of our dreams? Artist- Tim Shilstone

Survival Guide

READ IT THEN READ IT AGAIN! http://wiki.disorient.info/images/e/e0/CCSG2016_final.pdf


Volunteer to help us make the magic that is the Country Club experience. Sign up to volunteer here: https://goo.gl/lY5N45

We are also looking for certified medical professionals, first aid, lifeguards, etc. If you are certified and would like to volunteer your time, please fill out the volunteer form above and let us know!

There is no vending at Country Club, and no vending is allowed. Bring everything you need for survival and well-being including shade, food and water.

You may bring your pets but please be mindful of them, as there are coyotes in the area. Most of the camping site is in the woods.

Country Club is not RV friendly. If you have made plans to bring an RV to Country Club you must contact us directly at countryclub@disorient.info

This is a LEAVE NO TRACE event. This means, leave the place you visit the same or better than you found it. Bring trash bags, and take your trash with you when you leave.

Disorient is a volunteer-run art collective.

– Disorient has very few rules, but two require declaration and elaboration: 1. Respect personal boundaries. 2. Take responsibility for your own experience.

The interplay of these two rules forms a social contract that makes our events safe places to explore your own boundaries while encouraging respect for each other. Talk to those around you about anything that makes you uncomfortable.


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a Disorient COUNTRY CLUB event