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Welcome to Disorient!


Disorient is an art collective. We create art projects and art installations with hardware including wood, scaffolding, LEDs, geodesic domes, inflatable structures, video, repurposed objects and vehicles. We develop software for our installations (DMX sequencing, MAX, Java...).

Disorient is a camp at Burning Man. In 2006, public and private areas of Disorient were separate. The Disorient Express was mobile and public while the camp as described in the Urban Plan was more private and soothing.


Disorient is also about sound and performance. In addition to our residents we invite DJs to play on our sound system. During the week of Burning Man, usually on Thursday, we set-up a live music stage and invite bands to perform. When we are not on the Playa, we organize parties to raise funds for our camp and for the Burning Man Organization.


As of January 2007, Disorient has over 400 members, 70% US East Coast (New York City mostly), 20% US West Coast (CA, OR, WA) and 10% outside the US, including members in the UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Sweden, France, Israel, Russia, and Germany. We stay connected through our discussion board: The Puddle.

Contribute images to Disorient's image repository on Flickr.

Our contribution to the vernacular includes "Pornj" and "Glam-Tech."

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