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<font size="5">Welcome to</font size="5"> [[Image:Disorient_dot_logo_full.png|400px]]<BR><BR>
<font size="5">Welcome to</font size="5"> [[Image:Disorient_dot_logo_full.png|400px]]<BR><BR>
Next Up:<BR><BR>
Next Up:<BR><BR>
<font size=4>Mar 18 - 21, 2015 - Deep in the dunes of Dubai (UAE)<BR>
<font size=4>Oct 30, 2015 - Dubai (UAE)<!--<BR>
[http://bedouintech.bitmasch.com/ Register] - [https://www.facebook.com/events/830951303634543/ RSVP on Facebook]</font>
[http://bedouintech.bitmasch.com/ Register] - [https://www.facebook.com/events/830951303634543/ RSVP on Facebook]</font>-->

==Disorient is a camp at Burning Man==
==Disorient is a camp at Burning Man==

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Welcome to Disorient dot logo full.png

Next Up:

BB2015 flyer011 FB.jpg
Oct 30, 2015 - Dubai (UAE)

Disorient is a camp at Burning Man

Disorient has been a camp at Burning Man since 2001. 2015 is the year of the Crescent at Disorient. Our camp's superficie is 170,000+ sq. ft. at 8:00 & Esplanade. In front, the Teatro di Sorient is our interactive center crowned by the Disorient Sign. Arches of the Teatro lead into the Dome in which a new cuvée of Disorient sound will be served. The Bedouin Tech Lounge organized by the Disorient Dubai Cell will host camp feasts and shisha sunsets. The Duke's will be hard to find but very rewarding. Our fleet of art cars (7 and counting) will insure proper disorientation over Black Rock City.


Disorient2014Frontage.jpg UP20140815.1.jpg Disorient Soap.jpg Urn 2010 01.jpg EyePod2010FlatBlack.jpg LGC vignette sign.jpeg

In addition to our residents we invite DJs to play on our sound system. During the week of Burning Man, we set-up a live music stage and invite bands to perform.

Disorient is a collective

Disorient is a sound, visual and performance art collective. We create art projects and art installations with hardware including wood, scaffolding, palette rack, containers, recycled materials, your body, geodesic domes, inflatable structures, video, repurposed objects, black lights and vehicles. We develop software for our installations (DMX sequencing, MAX, Java, C, etc.). Our guiding principles are outlined in the Disorient Model and in the Political Economy of Disorient. Disorient is an open creative platform powered by love.


Trancoso2009 sign DI.jpg PSP DIMS S.jpg PSP DIMS OR.jpg Geodesic-temple-logo.jpg Trancoso2009 sign E.jpg DisorientDubaiSign N.jpg Trancoso2009 sign T.jpg

Our contribution to the vernacular includes Pornj and GlamTech.

Disorient events

When we are not on the Playa, we organize events and happenings to raise funds for our art projects on and off playa and support Burning Man. 100% of profit is reinvested in Disorient.
Every year we organize Country Club upstate New York and Bedouin Tech in the desert of Dubai. Both outdoor events last several days and are aligned with the Burning Man ethos.

Pornj Super Hero.jpg GLAMTECHies2014.jpg Dexair crew.jpg BLB2011-01.jpg

In 2009 we organized our first fundraisers outside the US in Brazil and Argentina; in 2014, Dubai.

DisorientDubaiSign night.jpg LeosStudioJan2015.jpg KyHoleCC2014.jpg

Thousands of DOers (DisOrienters) have camped with Disorient at Burning Man since 2001. They're about 40% US East Coast, mostly NYC and Philadelphia, 20% West Coast/Central US and 40% outside the US, including members in the UK, Russia, Israel, Canada, Hong Kong, Sweden, France, Argentina, Japan, Lithuania, Brazil, Australia, Dubai and Germany. We use The Puddle and other social networks to stay connected.

336882088_b91de9fa3c_t.jpg 60931589_3f3fa42e48_t.jpg 305487950_4fd4308211_t.jpg 2345770660_a44e2f55a7_t.jpg 1956465242_952eeade22_t.jpg 1923502036_e4b6174994_t.jpg 261106737_899617e313_t.jpg 2696970899_6f385ccbeb_t.jpg

Too Much Is Rarely Enough.