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Visiting Disorient in Minecraft: A Howto Guide

Step 1: Get Minecraft: Java Edition

BlackRockPrime is a Burning Man Multiverse experience built in Minecraft.

To visit you must purchase and install Minecraft: Java Edition (compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux). Other versions, such as Xbox, Windows 10, Bedrock editions, do not work.

To purchase and install Minecraft, click this link and follow the instructions: [1]

Step 2: Setup Minecraft for Version 1.16.1

In order to connect to BlackRockPrime, you must use the correct version of Minecraft, which is currently 1.16.1. (We'll update this guide as changes are made). By default, Minecraft will launch using 1.16.2, which isn't compatible. Here's how to set Minecraft to use the appropriate version.

When you run Minecraft, it'll startup with the Minecraft Launcher. Follow these steps within the Launcher app:

  1. Click the "Installations" tab near the top-left corner.
  2. Click the "New" button.
  3. Name this profile "1.16.1"
  4. Set the version to 1.16.1
  5. Click "Create"

You can now play version 1.16.1 either by selecting it in the Installations tab, or by selecting it in the Play tab at the bottom.

Step 3: Adding the Server

Once you've launched Minecraft, you need to add the BlackRockPrime server.

  1. Click "Multiplayer"
  2. Click "Add Server"
  3. Name your server "BlackRockPrime" or anything else you would prefer.
  4. Set the server address to: blackrockprime.mcserver.us
  5. Select "Done"

You can now experience this multiverse by clicking the play button for BlackRock Prime. Disorient is located at 2 and Esplanade.

And remember, do not go faster than 5 MPH once you're inside the city. :)