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Puddle discussion: Mobile units

general view | indoor | outdoor racks | dot


Disorient's Mutant Vehicle carries Disorient Signs, art installations and lounge to deep playa destinations during Burning Man 2006.


The right side of the DISORIENT EXPRESS opens-up onto the Playa and carries the Small Sign. This 10-foot opening allows perceptual connections between inside and outside. A large step made of speakers allows guests to jump in and out of the lounge when the bus is stopped. DEXers also like to dance on that speaker stack.

On its left side Disorient's Mutant Vehicle carries the first three letters of the DISORIENT Sign.


The last six letters of the Sign are installed in front of the DISORIENT camp as shown below.


A Firmament-inspired light sculpture is installed on the roof along with other sculptures/installations by members of Disorient including inflatables by Anakin Koenig. A rack is especially designed to securely hold those pieces. The bus is equiped with a comfortable DJ booth (in a private area in the front), Disorient's sound system and a public lounge in the back.


The DISORIENT EXPRESS changes location several times during Burning Man but it is not meant to be a transportation unit like the Nautilus. It is a mobile installation that changes context. It is docked next to large-scale installation and gives Disorienters and Burners the opportunity to experience sculptures and the deep playa for extended periods of time. The DISORIENT EXPRESS paired with selected playa installations creates a dramatic yet comfortable environment that includes dance floor, chill-out area and many art works by members of the Disorient collective.



The body of the DISORIENT EXPRESS is covered with gold mylar.


Explore the deep playa in the comfort of your own puddle with the DISORIENT EXPRESS.

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