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===Disorient Wiki page creation and edits===
===Disorient Wiki page creation and edits===
1 token per page creation/edit (TBC)<BR>
1 token per page creation/edit (TBC)<BR>
User makes the claim per edit of wiki<BR>

===DJ sets posted on Disorient SoundCloud===
===DJ sets posted on Disorient SoundCloud===

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Spearheaded by the DAO Cell
Lead: The Eye


During the Spring of 2022 Disorient created a DAO

"A DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization is an internet community that allows members to coordinate funds and resources. It is a community of people making decisions together in a decentralized manner, made autonomous through their software underpinnings."
More here: https://ethereum.org/en/dao/

Goals of the Disorient DAO (DRAFT)

- Organize membership
- Create a fair and equitable system to acknowledge and account for members' contributions
- Further distribute decision-making processes
- Enable frictionless connections between members

Disorient DAO beta 2

Current phase: DAO ONBOARDING
Whether you've camped with Disorient since 2001 or have only attended one Disorient event, you can be part of the experiment!
Join here


On May 19, 2022 we minted 100.000.000 (one hundred million) $DISORIENT tokens

Token allocation protocol (DRAFT)

DAO onboarding

Disorient DAO onboarding as team or advisor. This makes you a member of Disorient (one time):
2022: 17
2023: 13
2024: 11
2025: 7
2026: 5
2027: 3
2028: 2
2029 and on: 1

Disorient camp at Burningman

Camper* (per year): 40
Cell lead (per year): 200
Camp lead or member of Camp Cell (per year): 600

Early bird bonuses

Attended first Disorient camp (Burning Man 2001): 10000
Attended second Disorient camp (Burning Man 2002): 5000
Attended third Disorient camp (Burning Man 2003): 2500
Attended forth Disorient camp (Burning Man 2004): 1800
Attended fifth Disorient camp (Burning Man 2005): 900
Attended sixth Disorient camp (Burning Man 2006): 500
Attended seventh Disorient camp (Burning Man 2007): 250

Disorient one day/night events

Examples: Compressor, GlamTech, etc.

Ticket holder* (per event): 10
Cell lead (per event): 50
Producer (per event): 150
Co-founder: 500

Disorient camping events

Country Club, Bedouin Tech, Fun Tsang, etc.

Camper* (per event): 30
Cell lead (per event): 150
Producer (per event): 450
Co-founder: 1500

Special Disengage Bonus

Disengage is possibly the most demanding part of Disorient. Should Disengage DOers receive extra tokens? If so, how many?

Disorient Wiki page creation and edits

1 token per page creation/edit (TBC)
User makes the claim per edit of wiki

DJ sets posted on Disorient SoundCloud

100 tokens per DJ set posted on Disorient SoundCloud (TBC)

Council and Committee

Served as Disorient Council member (per year): 400
Served as Disorient Country Club Committee member (per year): 200

(*) if not already in Disorient system must be vouched for by 2 DAO members

How did we get here?

Disorient Crypto Pre-History