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In 2022 the Club House is the central meeting space for Disorient campers and their guests; loungy atmosphere with many seating options, downtempo music and a stage for Disorient Talks and other get-togethers. A chill area during the day and a warm meeting place for pre/post playa adventures.

Amplified Yoga

Monday-Friday (check our Playa Schedule)
Donovan leads Amplified Yoga.

Disorient Talks

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (check our Playa Schedule)
Presentations by Disorienters and friends on topics including biosynthesis, crypto at Disorient and renewable energy are in the works. Learn more about fascinating topics and get to know your fellow campers' interests and the superstars camping next to you.


Monday-Saturday (check our Playa Schedule)
0-100BPM sonic vibes at the Club House are mainly electronic (ambient, downtempo, sleuth house, etc.) with other types of music performers welcome. DJs selected by daily curators are invited to play from 10am to 2am with breaks for Amplified Yoga, Art Car Wash Dance parties and Disorient Talks. Long sets welcome.


At D19, our camp at Burning Man 2019, we debuted the Club House, our new shaded pentagon-shaped multi-story pallet rack frontage structure complete with Pornj velvet couches and GlamTech decor.


By day, the Club House served as a performance space for our Dry Lakebed Synchronized Swimming Team and shaded haven for AMP’D yogis, who were treated to Frozen Minty Towels after their invigorating practice.

On Tuesday, DISORIENT hosted the Cultural Collaborators Cocktail Party in the Club House, a celebration of those who help spread Burning Man culture around the world. DISORIENT was the first Theme Camp ever to host this special event, which is a reflection of the extraordinary contributions our collective makes in Black Rock City and beyond.


At night, the Club House transformed into an illuminated beacon, featuring glimmering LEDs on the DISORIENT sign and Helios bars, incandescent Pornj lighting, and a sky-high laser programmed to spell out D-I-S-O-R-I-E-N-T in Morse code. DISORIENT music played all week long through a pristine sound system, with the Wayward Teahouse offering a peaceful respite from the revelry during three late-night parties.