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by members of Disorient

Disorient is a camp at Burning Man

2019 (D19orient)


In 2019 Disorient was at 2:15 & Esplanade. Camp was 200 ft. wide by 400 ft. long.


We debuted the “Club House,” our new pentagon-shaped multi-story pallet rack frontage structure complete with Pornj velvet couches and GlamTech decor. By day, the Club House served as a performance space for our Dry Lakebed Synchronized Swimming Team and shaded haven for AMP’D yogis, who were treated to Frozen Minty Towels after their invigorating practice.


At night, the Club House transformed into an illuminated beacon, featuring glimmering LEDs on the DISORIENT sign and Helios bars, incandescent Pornj lighting, and a sky-high laser programmed to spell out D-I-S-O-R-I-E-N-T in Morse code. DISORIENT music played all week long through a pristine sound system, with the Wayward Teahouse offering a peaceful respite from the revelry during three late-night parties.

Di19ORI.BM19.1.jpg ENT.BM19.1.jpg

Across the Esplanade, our Art Car Dock was the home base for the D’enT and the Dang Gang, which together made up the Sign On Wheels. These spectacular Mutant Vehicles transported both participants and the D19ORIENT Video Sign — 1.2 million pixels of LEDs programmed with mesmerizing video art — on unforgettable journeys across the playa.

The immersive Fire Defractor installation served as a lighthouse of sorts, where participants could enjoy ambient sound and holographic sculptures in a plush lounge space. Fire and flow artists from DISORIENT and the Ministry of Flow teamed up for two special performances: the full dress rehearsal for the Fire Conclave and an open fire jam set to a special musical lineup.


Within camp, a regulation shuttlecock court encouraged 24/7 sleizure play with Pornj racquets and LED-illuminated birdies.

During daily DISORIENT-it-Yourself workshops in the Dis|Co Lounge, special guest artists taught participants to make resin jewelry, illuminated headwear, LED blinkie pendants, holographic sculptures, and silk-screened t-shirts. This was also the site of the Pornj Costume Swap on Monday night, where camp exchanged hundreds of Pornj and Glam Tech costume items and accessories.

DukesBM19.jpg InsideDukesBM19.jpg

On Tuesday, DISORIENT hosted the Cultural Collaborators Cocktail Party, a celebration of those who help spread Burning Man culture around the world. DISORIENT was the first Theme Camp ever to host this special event, which is a reflection of the extraordinary contributions our collective makes in Black Rock City and beyond.


We followed this up with another legendary iteration of the Tuesday night BBQ, a multi-meat feast (and family reunion) that was not to be missed. Our beloved speakeasy Duke’s returned once again, serving up freshly made cocktails, late-night jams from the Morning Fucking Dews and some very special guests, and its incomparable brand of playa magic.

Members of the DISORIENT community built art beyond the borders of camp, including the large-scale interactive Archaeopteryx installation and whimsical Deep Tea cart.

TOBRITPurgatoryArk.1.jpg Disorient300WattLaserBM19.1.jpg

In deep playa, the Temple of Brad Pitt — this year’s iteration of the Geodesic Temple — invited participants to briefly experience what it is to be the famous Hollywood actor. Thanks to a top-notch burn crew and tight perimeter of 70+ DISORIENTers, TOBRIT burned late on Friday night, leaving behind only the steel Ark and memories of brattpitizations past. This was the perfect lead-in to two very special burns: the explosive Man burn on Saturday night, and the visually stunning Temple of Direction burn on Sunday night.

NatCheriEvanKirbyBM2019.jpg TempleOfBradPitt.Burn20190830.1.jpg


(Cell):(Cell Lead)

Production: Nitro
Registration: Nat N.
Registration website: Justin D.

Urban Plan: The Eye
Square Shade: Ed B.
Power: Sage F.
Water: TBA
Placement: Hruby
Volunteer Coordinator: TBA
Tool Master: Ed B.
Love Ministry: TBA
Lounge Decor: Shane
Showers: Ed B.
Kitchen: Joelle
Recycling: TBA
Disengage: TBA
LNT: Ocean

Club House structure: Freeman
Club House Shade: TBA
Club House Drapes: TBA
Disorient Video Sign and ENT art car: Bacchus, Jael, Peter D.
Dang Gang: TBA
Temple of Brad Pitt: The Eye, Ria
HQ Decor: TBA
Tea House: Daphne C.
DIS|CO Lounge: So On It
Frozen Minty Towels: Tejawe
Camp Lighting: Vadim
AV Matrix: Sofy
Sound: Charlie Funk
Music: Justin H.
Tuesday Night BBQ: Jonny Be Bad
The Duke's: A-Train
AMP'D Yoga: Donovan A.

2018 (D18orient)


In 2018 Disorient explored 3:30 & Gort. Camp was 250 ft. wide by 500 ft. long.

Pod Mahal, Disorient India's vision of a playa "condo" designed as an alternative to RVs was at the heart of camp,. Chand Baori made of 4 inward-facing series of oversized steps extended towards the front and included the Square in which latest flavors of Disorient music, sound art and interactive light installations were served. Sparkling water was available at the H2O Bar. On the other side, the U-shaped Square Shades protected tenters, Amber's Kitchen and our beautiful central lounge from the elements.

The Disorient Video Sign (a new creation by Disorient San Francisco) in which each letter is a video screen, a 1.4 million pixels installation, was a remake of the 2005 version of the original Disorient Sign, complete with the ENT part of the Sign on a new art car based on an old fire truck.

Our new DIS|CO Lounge spearheaded by Disorient LA provided shaded space for interactive activities such as GlamTech jewelry-making, Pornj garment exchange and ice-cold Minty Towels. A-Train's Duke's and the A-Trium which held JBB's traditional Tuesday night BBQ provided an anchor on the other side of camp.

Far from camp, in the deep playa, the Temple of Incompletion by Geodesic Temple was burned on Friday night.

(Cell):(Cell Lead)

Production: Nitro
Registration: Nat N.
Registration website: Justin D.

Urban Plan: The Eye
Shade: TBA
Power: Muvment
Water: Playa Barbie
Placement: Hruby
Volunteer Coordinator: TBA
Tool Master: Ed B.
Love Ministry: TBA
Showers: Ed B.
Kitchen: Amber
Recycling: TBA
Disengage: Ben M.
LNT: Ocean

Chand Baori: Freeman
Pod Mahal: Freeman
Disorient Video Sign and ENT art car: Bacchus, Parts, Jael, Peter D.
Frontage Helios: Jacob J.
H2O Bar: Naim B., Sasha L.
Geodesic Temple: The Eye, Ria, Lowroad
Geodesic Temple LEDs: Matt M., Gabe
DIS|CO Lounge: Nat N.
Frozen Minty Towels: Tejawe
Camp Lighting: Vadim
AV Matrix: Sofy
Sensor Gates: Sofy
Sound: Charlie Funk
Music: D'Arksy
Green Room deco: Lisa B.
Tuesday Night BBQ: Jonny Be Bad
The Duke's: A-Train
AMP'D Yoga: Donovan A.

2017 (Disor1e7t)


(Cell):(Cell Lead)

Production: Nitro
Registration: Nat N.
Registration website: Jason C.

Urban Plan: The Eye
Shade: TBA
Power: Muvment
Water: Playa Barbie
Placement: Hruby TBC and CPR
Volunteer Coordinator: TBA
Tool Master: Ed B.
Love Ministry: CPR
Showers: TBA
Kitchen: Amber
Recycling: TBA
Disengage: Sunshine
LNT: Ocean

Chand Baori: Freeman
Frontage Custom LEDs: Trammel
H2O Bar: TBA
Gon Kirin: ZparkZ
Geodesic Temple: The Eye
Geodesic Temple LEDs: Justin D.
Disorient-It-Yourself: Nat N.
Frozen Minty Towels: Tejawe
Camp Lighting: Vadim
AV Matrix: Sofy
Sound: Charlie Funk
Music: D'Arcy
The Duke's: A-Train

2016 (D16orient)

Camp Leads: Disorient at Large
[[Urban Plan: The Eye
Placement: Hruby
Registration: Canaan
Art Director: Rebecca
Assistant Art Director: Angela
Lighting Lead: Vadim
Sound: Douggie
Dome: JD
Water: Playa Barbie
Volunteer Coordinator: Mya
LNT: Ocean


Food and Beverages

Please do not bring glass bottles to playa. Buy beer in cans only and flatten your cans to prep for recycling. De-moop your food as much as possible.

Costumes! Please keep it tidy and respectful

Please do not bring to Disorient, Native America Head Dresses, heavily beaded costumes, moopy feather boas, flaky paint. Tight pants are a fine alternate.
Questions about feathers? Please take a moment to read this BM Journal

NYC Container

Block out Sunday August 14th in your life! The Kostume Kult Container to playa gets loaded that day! We will all be loading our personal stuff at the same time we load our camp infrastructure. WHY? So when we send our box truck on playa to go get camp things, YOUR bin can be grabbed too!'s a bit of a walk over to KK to go get your personal bin! SO please plan on staying and playing the afternoon of the 14th to load YOUR things and OUR things! We expect to collect our things on playa from KK Container Wednesday of early arrival week.
Please watch for emails from KK Container regarding container arrival date. Disorient no longer has the Dock in NYC! If you are unable to pickup your items, please arrange alternate plans. Unfortunately we cannot collect orphan Disorient camper bins this year.

LA Truck

Want to ship your things to playa on the Disorient LA truck? Price will be $4.25 cu foot.


HRH: Notes from placement

Great care was put into configuring this year’s layout to accommodate our numbers and achieve a concentric urban design. Please do your best to protect the layout and maintain integrity of the service roads.

Should an urge to relocate yourself arise please see HRH for information on prevailing winds, tide tables etc. Such things were taken into consideration when placing you and will be useful in Disorienting the group should you care to deviate. You have been positioned for optimum service hose access and to be powered by our grid. Think round and keep it clean.Our camp is going to look awesome from Space!

We have undertaken a bold social experiment with70,000 front row seats. Eyes are upon us. Let us have our eyes upon ourselves and be ready, in the words our Disorient Founder, the King ofBling to, "Expect the unexpected, and be prepared to adapt your well-drawn plans in an instant. Everything will NOT go as planned! Laugh when the sunshines and laugh when it rains".

Upon arrival every camper needs to report to HQ for placement by HRH. No campers may place themselves. HQ is open24 hours a day.


All campers will need to bring 1 50' 14 gauge extension cord if they want to use private power access to their tents. Spider boxes will move an access point to within 50 feet of your tent. Example purchase Link here: It is also recommend you bring a personal use power strip.

12 gauge is also acceptable and even preferable.

Water usage

2016 Camp dues include group water. We will be setting up showers this year. Please bring baby wipes to baby wipe your dishes (and self) to keep gray water use down. If gray water tanks are overfilled, the entire camp cannot take showers until we are pumped.

Virgin? Meet your Virgin Wrangler

Karen Kelly from Austin has been recruited and is on standby to start interacting with our virgins. She is planning both pre and week-of activities and orientations.

Special LNT info for RVs

- if you're making a front porch, please lay down a drop cloth. No astroturf or carpets are permitted, no exceptions
- Never, ever let it hit the ground - especially cigarette butts.
- Sweep for moop before you disengage
- check for drips every time you come back to camp
- if you see a drip, alert HQ
- if you see a drip, find a bucket, tarp or cardboard to prevent it from getting onto the playa IMMEDIATELY (stress this point please!)
- as mentioned, moop around your RV before leaving it
- if you rented bikes, park them INSIDE your RV, not beside
- lock your RV and leave keys for pickup with HQ


What to Expect

We work early in the morning, break for the heat of the day, and continue to dinner. Suppliers and weather can be unpredictable, please bring enough food and water to sustain yourself in case of emergency. We are anticipating having a kitchen for build week.

Work Clothes

We build large scale art. Dress accordingly for maximum comfort while building in the desert. Cotton is always a good choice.

Live without your bin for a few days

Most likely Disorient will make a run to the container on Wednesday of build week. Plan to bring EVERYTHING you need to survive without your bin for the first half of build week. Keep an eye on FB to learn if the containers are expected to arrive on time.


Moop: Day to day clean living

Please see our 2015 LNT plan, most of this info still applies!

Disorient frontage: Your living room

All campers will take turns being frontage hosts at our Sparkly Water Bar located in the ground level of the Teatro di Sorient. Please check your email and look for a note from our volunteer coordinator to schedule your mandatory shift. Frontage bartenders will welcome burner, sling bubbly water, tea at night, and share the Disorient experience. Frontage bartenders also help man bikes/traffic control, moop frontage and assist with stage management if needed.

Kitchen 2016- camper lead and operated

Nitro and Amber have been hard at work setting up our 2016 Kitchen. We will have dinner and cold breakfast. Please plan accordingly for your own individual nutrition needs beyond the basics. We will have gluten free and vegetarian options. If you signed up to be part of the kitchen cell, Mya our Volunteer Coordinator will be contacting you to help you schedule your kitchen shift. SHOW UP FOR YOUR SHIFT! Leaving your campmates stranded is not cool.

Bedouin Tech Lounge

Lead by Mafia from the BT crew, this area is available for dining, lounging and enjoying a fire at night. Please help keep the area tidy and be respectful by cleaning any visible moop. This is your house too!

Law Enforcement Interactions

1.Never bring law enforcement back to camp. Do not lead them back to camp for your ID. Keep your ID or a copy of your ID with you at all times. 2. Please do not send items to yourself from through United States Post Office if it can be avoided. In 2016, we saw officers following mail carriers on their rounds to gain entry to camps and watch packages being opened. 3.Please read this guide:


Notes from Poprocks

Disengage is an all-camper exhibit! Prepare your pornjy hearts for a display like no other.

Saturday and Sunday ALL HANDS on deck - we (lovingly) tear it all down and put it away, from teatro and Bedouin tech to personal items and shade - all of it goes in trucks and containers and personal chariots.

Everything leaves the playa. We are a model camp setting an example for 70,000 burners. Disorient leaves no trace.

Love, coffee, and hard hats handed out generously!


Teatro di Sorient

Teatro di Sorient Rising from the dust for it's second year, the Teatro di Sorient returns as a more tessellated avatar. In this year, the teatro compound will offer new sensory experiences combined with heightened spacial viewing and featuring old world hospitality.

The Structure Our theater is 3 floors tall, the architecture features three faces of viewing direction in "c" shape. The structure is built from pallet rack. Teatro di Sorientoffers an immersive plush experience where the 4th wall is completely exploded. Music, dance, spoken word and free form play are all encouraged with some scheduled and mostly open format interactions.

The Opera Boxes The opera boxes provide elevated views of the playa, rest, shade and comfort. All floors of the teatro are open to the playa 24 hours a day. The opera boxes are idea for dancing, watching the playa from above, listing to music, resting after singing at our karaoke stage, attending one of our yet to be scheduled lectures or enjoying sunrise with a cup of our tea from our bar.

Want to perform in the teatro this year? Disorient's submission form is now open for performers in our 2016 season at the Teatro di Sorient. Share with other camps and spread the word!

The H20 Sparkling water and Tea bar

Nestled within the cafe is a plush journey into a soul cavern of love. The Disorient pornj stars welcome the playa to our teatro. Our bartenders will be slinging pink herbal teas and cold bubbling water to the teatro patrons and performers. A plush bar atmosphere evokes the liquid soul of the 1970s.
Each camper will be taking a shift to man the bar this year, please watch out for a email from our Volunteer Coordinator Mya to help schedule your shift!

Mon-Fri 1pm
Please join us to reconnect , refresh , and reorient the body , mind and soul . You will be guided through a rejuvenating practice of vinyasa yoga and meditation with a reinvigorating musical soundscape. The reorient yoga sessions will be taught by renowned yoga teacher Donovan Vriens-McGrath
Mon-Fri 9-11 pm
Feel like a 1950s legend! Giant sound system Liberace Piano and Karaoke! Come sing to the esplanade with a crystal studied playa piano.
Mon-Fri 6-8 pm
Untitled # 6 is a Quadrophonic, interactive audio installation that engages the community on four different levels: sight, sound, intellect and instinct, transforming the traditional, and often times, stagnant connection between art and spectator into an improvised relationship among of a collaborative group. It is this engagement that explores the process of making art. It envelops the spectator, forcing them to experience art on a level beyond contemplation, a level besieged by inspiration and driven by immediacy.? Step inside and see.
Fri 10pm
Fancy a classical music break? Lounge with friends in opera boxes and hear the world famous Playa Pops Symphony at the Teatro di Sorient.

Geodesic Temple

2015 (D15orient)

Camp Leads: Disorient at Large
Placement: Hruby
Art Director: Rebecca
Water: Playa Barbie
LNT: Ocean


2014 (D14orient)

Camp Leads: Laura and Jason
Placement: Hruby
Art Director: Rebecca
Water: Billy
Dex: Space Pirates
Shade: Joe Che
LNT: Ocean

Helios: Leo
D14 Sign: Lead: Viktor Team: Kirill, Fixxy, Michael, Savage

2013 (Disor13nt)

Camp Leads: Laura and Jason


2012 (D12orient)

Camp Leads: Hruby and Tawny


2011 (D1sor1ent)

Year of the Geodesic Temple on the 2 o'clock corner. [1] Camp Leads: Joe and Margaret

2010 (D1s0rient)

To celebrate Disorient's tenth year on the Playa we take the Art Car Wash, our GlamTech interactive art installation, to a whole new level. Drive through to get your mutant vehicle buffed, waxed and Pornj'd to the max. Park, connect to one of our Pods and together, let's take it up to eleven!!


Lead: Devyn
coordinates: kitchen, meal plan, dome, rituals, power, rv placement, camp moop



Lead: Shaggy


Lead: Joe Che, Margaret, Lotta & Dome Cell


Lead: Muvment

Water/Port-a-Potties/RV Pumping

Lead: Aura

Showers/Evap Pond/Kitchen Sink

Lead: Thunderstick


See Art_Car_Wash

Lead: Ted
coordinates: ACW, sound, dj lineup, liquor, ACW moop

ACW Docking Stations

Lead: RoBo, Time
coordinates: construction, mounting of small letters: {A,R,T,C,A,R}, certain dance poles, destination vane, lighting, work with Sound on MV audio breakouts

ACW Lighting

Lead: RoBo, Time


Lead: Bass, Evan





Lead: Friar Tuck
Mistress of Moop: Ocean

NEXT DisEngage Meeting: Thursday July 29, 8pm @ Friar Tuck's apartment


2009 (Disori9nt)

In 2009, after a year deep in the city, Disorient returns to the Esplanade. Our Art Car Wash will buff your bumpers with a grooving daytime disco. Come play, learn and grow with us.

The Art Car Wash is an interactive zone for art cars, art car drivers, and anyone who wants to buff their bumpers. All art cars on the playa will be invited to drive through the "wash" where other playa participants will be waiting to greet them, mock "wash" their cars, and groove to the sound of daytime disco. The Art Car Wash will consist of two rows of platforms, creating a lane which art car drivers can pass through, and filled with spinning fuzzy playa versions of the washers and wipers found in a typical car wash. Of course they won't actually be washing the cars, but participants are welcome to bring spray bottles to mist the passengers. Ater passing through the wash, drivers will be able to park and join the fun as the music plays throughout the day. Disorient will get the wash started every day, but all other playa participants are invited to play a role with towels, misters, or just themselves.

Urban Plan: Evolver

Disorient Outpost Cell

(Cell leader: The Eye)

The role of the Disorient Outpost is to organize key elements of camp infrastructure following the urban plan so other camp projects can be deployed in a timely fashion.

Disorient Outpost cell members include:
The Eye, A-train, Elijah, Christine, Ky, Clare, Tori (plus 5 more to be assigned by the Disorient Registration cell).

Tasks of members of Disorient Outpost:
- direct and produce camp construction (7 days, 1 person)
- create Disorient Outpost camp (1 day, 7 persons)
- draw Urban Plan at scale 1 (1 day, 4 persons)
- install flag poles (1 day , 2 persons): 30 flag poles are used as guides by the vehicle placement team and as anchor points for shade structures throughout the camp.
- Disorient containers placement and unload (3 days, 2 persons): create shop and organize materials outside containers (from 2 Disorient Containers + NYC Container + PEX Container) so infrastructure, art installations and mutant vehicles can be fabricated and/or assembled.
- shopmaster (10 days, 1 person): administer the shop, keep tools and materials organized, do reno-runs for special needs and shop-related trash.
- vehicle placement (8 days, 2 persons): all vehicles in camp need to carefully be placed according to the urban plan in order to allow the camp to function.
- shade structure team (3 days, 4 persons): install and guide the installation of communal shade structure throughout the camp. Shade structures include delta shades, low shades and geodesic domes.

Art Car Wash Cell

(Cell leader: Tejawe)

The Art Car Wash is an interactive zone for art cars, art car drivers, and anyone who wants to buff their bumpers. more.

You will help build, maintain and take down Disorient’s biggest art project at Burning Man this year. Crew will be called on to keep all the parts of the wash moving smoothly and cleanly. There will be dancing and faux-cleaning, but there will also be a lot of work keeping this up and running during the hottest part of the playa day. Crew participants will need to be available DURING THE DAY to ensure the Art Car Wash runs smoothly.

Camp Cell

(Cell Leader - Archer)

Cells leaders
Urban Plan Layout: The Eye
RV Placement: Elijah
Container Unpacking/Packing: Ocean (deputy)
Power Ranger (Generators): Tejawe
Showers/Evap Pool: Thunderstick
RV Pumping: Aura
Zero-G Construction: ?
Dome Decoration: ?
Shade Czar: Alta (Kris)
Burn Barrel Czar: ?

We can't be a theme camp without having a camp! The camp cell will be involved in all aspects of camp organization and maintenance. Disngage will handle breakdown, but the better we start and maintain, the better we'll finish.

From camp & RV placement to generators, dome building and deco, if it is involved in the day-to-day and building of Disorient, it's your bailiwick.

Cell members will be the glue that keeps the camp running as we move from arrival through to the Burn and then Monday's Disngage. Join the Camp Cell and ensure Disorient rocks it.

DEX Cell

Cell leader TBD
DEX Transportation: Dimitri/Archer
DEX Transformation: Simas & co.
DEX Registration: Archer
Sound Czar: Clare Large
DJ Booking: Sultan
DOT (DEX Operation Team): Ted, ?

The DEX is our mobile sexy house party art car. During the day, it will provide the sound for the Art Car Wash. At night, it will prowl the playa.

If you're in the DEX cell, you'll be making sure everything is running smoothly before, during and after each playa run.

Duties include cleaning, set up, perimeter control, helping the dj and sound crew, and making sure signage and art is intact and badass. You'll be at the DEX parties, but need to be able and willing (i.e. functional) as needed to assist the DEX.

Kitchen Cell

Cell leader: Shaggy

Meal Plan Coordinator: Cherry
Kitchen Construction: Shaggy
Evap Pool: Thunderstick
Water Tank?: Aura
Trash Czar: ?
Recycling Czar: Molly Hude

While everyone in Disorient is expected to contribute to at least one campwide meal, the Kitchen Cell will ensure the kitchen is constructed and help make sure each meal runs as smooth as can be.

Kitchen Construction is exactly what it sounds like. Team members need to arrive early to build the kitchen. If the kitchen needs to expand, shrink or be redone in any way during the week, this will be your responsibility, too.

The Meal Plan team will help make sure that each meal is cooked, served and cleaned up daily. This will include maintaining the kitchen, water, trash, recycling, and serving needs. (Please note that the required participation in preparing one camp meal does not constitute or replace cell participation.)

Our trash plan is that each meal team/day will have a person (or 2) designated to trash. Each team must empty and remove all trash from the kitchen after their meal.

Each team is then responsible for packing their own trash out at the end of the week and taking all burnables to the burn barrels. The trash czar of the kitchen cell will oversee and enforce that this happens.

The recycling czar will oversee taking our cans over to camp recycle and/or our plastics to the recycle collections in Reno.

What better way to participate than make sure each Disorienter eats well because of you?

Disngage Cell

(2-3 days of commitment)
(No project leader yet - though OCEAN is the mistress of MOOP)

You are the goto team for making sure that disorient gets broken down, recycling & trash gets taken away, loaded up, cleaned up, deMooped, in the container and off the playa.

You are the DOers of all DOers. Everyone is responsible for helping get our camp packed away and cleaned up, but you'll be relied upon to really make sure it all happens.

This is one of the most important part of Disorient, and is crucial to our participation in Burning Man!

As a reward, if you stick around until the official end of Burning Man -- midnight at the end of Monday, Sept. 7 (Labor Day) -- the hot springs open up again!

Camp Registration/Dues Collection/Staffing


Gate Greeter Session Coordinator

Annie B.

Newbie Greeter


Medic Cell

Sol; Ocean, Jordan, Cate

2008 (Di8orient)

In 2008, Disorient seeks to pull people in before blowing them away. After focusing on making the playa at-large happy for many years, Disorient is going to Deviate, turn the music down (slightly) and edge away from the public eye. Expect the Disorient perspective to turn slightly more inward and intimate.

Our beloved Dome returns after several years! In the shade of the Dome, we’ll enjoy delicious meals, ambient sets, puddles (in zero-G and without), yoga, fog system, live music, generous light art, plush environments and yes, some electronic dance music on select occasions. It's our new more private, soothing den of iniquity.

The Dex will transform, too, becoming a radiant mobile lounge that provides awe-inspiring light sculpture to other events on the playa. It will serve as a traveling puddle, a mobile Disorient lair and a way station for our fellow Burners. Soothed and relaxed by the Dex, they can then continue on their journey on their own path or as one of us.

This year, our internal journey will be just as epic as the external. And vice versa. Welcome to Disorient 2008!


Camps within Disorient: The Hut of the GlamTech Warrior, Space Bass, AKAirways, Pornj Diamond Cell.

DI8ORIENT OUTPOST (SET UP) (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Cell Leader: The Eye
Disorient Outpost: The Eye (Thursday), Hiro (Thursday), Jun (Thursday), Nasa Nich (Thursday), Hot Sauce (Thursday), Lowroad (Thursday), Tejawe (Friday), Charlie with Stephan Wenta and Alan Selka (Friday), Sheri (Saturday), Jan (Saturday, JK (Saturday),Dimitri (Saturday), John and PlayaBarbie (Saturday), Martina and Horus (Saturday), Archer (Sunday), Huggie () Ocean will be on the Playa earlier.
Mission: Create basic camp infrastructure.
Tasks: Drive Dex and EyePod to the Playa, zen with the desert, interface with BM placement person, set-up Disorient Outpost, draw camp layout at scale 1, receive and place Disorient containers, assemble and install first Delta Shades, guide dome installers...

CAMP OPERATIONS (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Cell Leader: Tejawe
Playa Schedule

DEX: Disorient's Mutant Vehicle

Each event will require a dedicated crew that will consist of:

  • Dex Driver (1)
  • sound cell (1 lead + 2 helpers, who will also serve as spotters, when on the move)
  • spotters (4)

2007 (Disorie7t)


Current information on the New York Container

URBAN PLAN: Sign on Wheels

Camps within Disorient (Puddle thread): Pornj Lane Gang, The Hut of the GlamTech Warrior, Space Bass, Turqs and Cocos, Refuge.

SET UP (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Cell Leader: The Eye
Disorient Outpost (10 people max.): The Eye, 7, Matt, Hot Sauce, Arrow, Teagan, Tejawe(list is closed)
-Pending transfer to Weekend Arrival: Leo, Udi, Amy E.
-Pending approval: Big Dawg, Elijah, John Bargiel
-Disorientals on Other Early Arrival List: Lacey, Ocean, Mirai Star, Freeon, Erik
-Weekend Arrival list [2]candidates (pending amount of passes we receive)
Mission: Create basic camp infrastructure.
Tasks: Drive Dex and EyePod to the Playa, interface with BM placement person, set-up Disorient outpost, draw camp layout at scale 1, receive and place Disorient containers, fabricate and install camp frontage environments...
-Delta Shades - BigDawg (lead)

CAMP OPERATIONS (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Cell Leader: Tejawe
Generator & Grid - main task: make sure the generators do not run out of biodiesel (add your name here)
Lounge - Playa Barbie, Mal-Qui, Jmac?
Shade and Lighting - Shaggy(add your name here)
Seating - RoBo/Shaggy (lead)
Kitchen - Jacob, Cdjilnik, Stevil & Giggity?, Jason1969?, Lacey (consultant)
Evap Pool - Elijah, Ocean, Tristen?
Showers - Ilan (lead), Czeska, elijah
MOOP Czarina (LNT PLAN) - Hot Sauce
Burn Barrels / Urns - (add your name here)
Rickshaws - Tristen (lead), Geo (sponsor), Ky (consultant)
Rickshaw/Bike Repair - Tristen's crew, Stevil Knieval, Jimmy, Jedster's crew, BigDawg, Thunderstick, Rasp, Amy E., Jester Jaimi
Photo Documentation - Charlie, Viva Smashley, Junko, Jan, shaggy
Video Documentation - Tristen, Dough, KY, Gabriel, shaggy
Audio Documentation - Mudface? Dough?

DEX and REX: Disorient's Mutant Vehicles carry the Disorient Sound System

Each event will require a dedicated crew that will consist of

  • Rex/Dex Drivers (2)
  • sound cell (1 lead + 2 helpers, who will also server as spotters, when on the move)
  • spotters (4)

Sound System Cell

We will be there to make sure the music does not stop

  • Rumble
  • 7
  • Mal-Qui
  • Tuck
  • Flynn
  • Kerry
  • Biggest Dawg

NIGHT: Disorient Express DJ Line-Up

Location: in camp
Manager: Geo
Crew: disorienters

Location: Deep Playa
Manager: TBA (add your name here if you want to help run the Disorient Express)
Crew: ? (Rex driver), ? (Dex driver), Rumble + ?? (sound), Cdjilnik (spotters) - (add your name here if you want to help run the Disorient Express)

Location: Temple of Breaks
Manager: Geo
Crew: ? (Rex driver), ? (Dex driver), ? + ?? (sound), ?????? (spotters) - (add your name here if you want to help run the Disorient Express)

Location: Start at the gate ...
Manager: Matt
Crew: ? (Rex driver), ? (Dex driver), Rumble + ?? (sound), Cdjilnik (spotters) - (add your name here if you want to help run the Disorient Express)

Location: BigRigJig
Manager: FriarTuck
Crew: ? (Rex driver), ? (Dex driver), ?+?? (sound), ?????? Shaggy, Dubz, Cody, Elijah (spotters) - (add your name here if you want to help run the Disorient Express)

Location: Man
Manager: Geo
Crew: ? (Rex driver), ? (Dex driver), Rumble + ?? (sound), Cdjilnik (spotters) - (add your name here if you want to help run the Disorient Express)


Deep Down Disorient Daze (Cell Coordinator: RoBo)
Puddle topic: Deep Down Disorient Daze
Puddle topic: Dex Chill Daze
Description: Chill tunes, shaded puddling, ground softening and seating, ice massage, general relaxation/recharging, Yoga?

Location: Disorient @ 8:30 & Esplanade
Co-curators:Ocean, CDJilnik
Babylon Time: noon-6pm
Crew: RoBo and whoever is lying around


Location: The Green Pavillion
Curator: Friar Tuck
Bablylon Time: Approx. NOON - 6pm
Friar Tuck
Big Nick
(More TBA)
Crew: Shaggy(Rex driver), ? (Dex driver), ?+?? DUbZ(sound),  ?????? (spotters)

MBRC Tiara Making Workshop
WebCalendar: [3]
Location: Disorient camp frontage under Delta Shades
Family-friendly chenille pipe-cleaner headpiece hodown
Babylon Time: 3:30-5:30 pm


In-Camp Greeter Training and Soirre'
Playa Time: pre-sunset (because our greeter shift starts at 8pm
Crew: ? (Rex driver), ? (Dex driver), ?+?? (sound), ?????? (spotters)

Adoration (Playa Barbie)
Support for a party following the CT ride
Curator: Mouk

Location: ?
Time: Rex from 3pm? to ... 6 or 7pm? Dusk? Need to leave adequate time to reposition Rex @ BigRigJig by 9.
Crew: ? (Rex driver), ? (Dex driver), Rumble + ?? (sound), ?????? (spotters)

DISNGAGE (Sunday, Monday). Every camper must help with Disngage

Disngage 2007 Puddle thread
Chief 1st Quarter: your name here
Chief 2nd Quarter: Shaggy, your name here
Chief 3rd Quarter: your name here
Chief 4th Quarter: your name here
Last Disorienter standing (makes sure the camp is moopless): Ocean

2006 (Disori6nt)

URBAN PLAN: Pornj Lane

SET UP (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
Team Leader: The Eye
Draw camp layout at scale 1, receive and place new Disorient containers...

CAMP OPERATIONS (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
Team Leader: Tejawe

DISORIENT EXPRESS: Disori6nt's Mutant Vehicle
Monday - Camp DJ's (camp)
Tuesday - Techno & Trance (playa) - The Eye
Wednesday - House (playa) - SingleTrack?
Thursday - Space Cowboys (playa) - Red/Arrow
Friday - Freeks (playa) - Haj/Mikio?
Saturday - House, Breaks, Techno (camp)

MOOP Czar: ?

DISNGAGE (Sunday, Monday)
Team Leader: Impulse

2005 (Di5orient)

In 2005, public and private areas of Disorient will be separate. The Di5orient Express will be mobile, public and festive while the camp will be unplugged, private and soothing.

Main Street

(Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
Team Leader: The Eye
Team Members:
- Artur
- Iamtony
- Whiteheat (kitchen)
- CityJ
- JesterJaimi
- El Nino (kitchen)
- Dafong (Sunday)
- Big Dawg (Sunday)
- k8
- Tejawe
- Lowroad Saturday)
your name here

(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
Team Leader: Tejawe
Team Members:
- Clive
- El Nino
- k8
- your name here

general view | indoor | outdoor racks | dot

(Sunday, Monday)
Team Leader: Impulse
Team Members:
- Dafong (Sunday)
- Big Dawg (Sunday)
- Haj (Monday)
- Tiggrrr (Monday)
- Sequoia (Monday)
- CityJ (Monday)
- Ellie (Monday)
- Bethann (Monday)
- Orion (Monday)
- Maria (Monday)
- El Nino (Monday)
- your name here

LNT plan

2004 (Disorien4)

Puddle used as main site, Leo's pics, photo archive (someone please make a clean list of photo links from 2004 here on the wiki)

2003 (Reorient)

Main site, photo archive, Leo's portraits, Reorient decom pix

2002 (Disorient)

Main site, Leo's portraits, slide show

2001 (Disorient)

camp map, faq, history (leo's version), etc, Leo's Mega Photo Archive, ny decom pix


2000 (Tranquility Base)

Main site


Photos of Ancient History