Body Painting Cell

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Body Painting Cell: Lowroad, Friar Tuck, Cherry, Ocean, Mancub
Puddle discussion

Body painting has been a fantastic way to participate and get others to participate with us. It takes almost zero skill, has high impact, and clearly if more people were painting there is much more that could be done with it, like more creativity, full body painting, quality detail work on key participants, better stencils, more free hand stuff, more participation.



COMPRESSOR is here: it says $120 but Lowroad picked one up locally for around $90


AIRBRUSH I use is here- it is the blue one and is sold separately for $33.60


BOTTLES are 5 bucks- one for each color- Paasche is the brand- 5 is plenty. I bought mine at Pearl Paint, canal street


PAINTS are Kryolan Aqua Color UV Dayglo and can be ordered here: this site also carries UV hairspray, UVcake makeup, UVnail polish

Various Accessories

  • A flat pan of water to rinse the stencils
  • a roll of paper towel
  • stencils
  • a three prong extension cord with three outlets or power strip
  • two small extension cords- one for the compressor, one for my head
  • a rag incase something spills
  • a box or suitcase to carry everything in one place (cheap suitcase with wheels is perfect size)