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BEDOUIN TECH was a yearly Disorient retreat taking place in the desert of Dubai, UAE.
This event was organized by the Disorient Dubai Cell and was typically held early Spring.
It happened five years in a row between 2014 and 2018.

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Flyers from various Disorient Dubai events

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Visual Identity

In 2014 we fabricated the Disorient Dubai Sign which uses a new version of the Disorient font designed especially for BEDOUIN TECH.
3D model of Disorient BEDOUIN TECH logo: Media:BEDOUIN_TECH_logo.skp

BEDOUIN TECH logo 5000px.jpg

BEDOUIN TECH logo2015.1.jpg BEDOUIN TECH logo2017.1.jpg BEDOUIN TECH logo20180312.jpg BEDOUIN TECH logo2018.2.jpg

DisorientBT2017BurnCellLighterRecto.jpg DisorientBT2017BurnCellLighterRise.jpg