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by members of Disorient
Puddle discussion: Projects & Installations

Sensor Gates (2018)

Lead: The Source
[Further Documentation]

D18 Sign (2018)

by Disorient

Dis|Co Lounge (2018)

Lead: Nat Nicol

Pod Mahal (2018)

Lead: Freeman

Temple of Incompletion (2018)

by Geodesic Templars

Chand Baori (2017-2018)

Lead: Freeman
By Disorient

Observer @ pt.X (2016)

Lead: Sofy + Conrad

Pod Mahal (2015)

Lead: Freeman + Sofy

Teatro di Sorient (2015)

by Disorient

D14 Sign (2014)

Lead: Viktor. Team: Fixxy, Kiril, Michael, Savage

Sled Sign (2014)

by Disorient (design by Leo, Lowroad and The Eye)

4OH CC Effigy (2014)

by Soviet Block

Ky Hole (2014)

Disorient Art Car, by Rebecca Nuvoletta and Ky, ...

alt text

Halo (2012)

by The Eye, Lowroad and Phil

Pornj Star Lounge (2011)

by Disorient LA

Geodesic Temple (2011)

by Disorient

LGC_Vignette_Sign (2011)

by Justang and Hoeken

Foofie Love Lounge (2010)

by Lucky

Diamond Pods (2010)

by Joe Che & Margaret and the Diamond Pod Cell
Two 15 foot diameter pornj diamonds made of super stretchy fabric

Art Car Wash (2010)

by Tejawe and the Art Car Wash Cell
Art Car Wash buffs your bumpers with a grooving daytime disco.

ACW Sign (2010)

by Leo, Mads, Justin

Echo Chamber (2010)

by the Echoers
Living large on the Playa.

CuddleTent (2010)

by AKAirways, Dimitri and Devyn
CuddleFish + tent = new type of shade structure.

Disorient Sign Brazil (2009)

by The Eye
Disorient Sign for Disorient Trancoso.

CuddleFish (2009)

by AKAirways

Art Car Wash (2009)

by Tejawe and the Art Car Wash Cell
Art Car Wash buffs your bumpers with a grooving daytime disco.

Watershed (2009)

by Cheri and the Watershed Cell
Our collaborative recycled art project, 'Watershed' presents a reflection on water consumption and radical transformation.

Molecule (2009)

by Lowroad and the Molecule Cell

D9 Photo Collage (2009)

by Soooz

D9 Sign (2009)

by The Eye and KCR

Pornj Diamond Cloud (2008)

by Pornj Diamond Cell
Pornj Diamond Cloud (PDC) is a collaborative sculpture. It is an on-going project made of an evolving set of fluorescent tiles (Diamonds) assembled in different configurations to (read more)
PDC "Thick Plane" for Emergence at Figment (2008)
PDC "Just Hanging Out" at Black and Light Ball (2008)
PDC "G" at GlamTech (2008)


by AKAirways

Astral Carpet Lounge (2008)

by Disorient Minigolf Cell
(incl. Deep Down Disorient Daze and Rex Cell members)
for Figment on Governor's Island

Disorient created a minigolf hole that was installed as part of the Figment "City of Dreams" MiniGolf course. The course was installed on the island from June 27, 2008 to October 12, 2008, and was playable every weekend throughout the summer.

Astral Carpet Lounge (ACL) R&D Pages:
ACL Development,
ACL Plans,
ACL Construction


by AKAirways

The Sphere of Destiny

by AKAirways

Rex (2007)

by Disorient
Part of the Disorient Express: a 60 ft. accordion bus.

Stealth Signs (2007)

by Disorient Stealth Sign Cell
Two 55' long Disorient Signs, black and white polyethylene.

Turqs & Cocos (2006)

by Team Awesome
Movable bar that serves tropical creations.

Zero-G-Shaw (2006)

by RoBo and St. Eve
Zero gravity chair on top of a rickshaw.

Playa Inipi (2006)

by Jester Jaimi
Lakota-styled sweat lodge.

The Hut of the GlamTech Warrior (2006-2009)

"Where The Eye lives and entertains."

DEX Crown (2005-2006)

by Blinky
Light installation on top of the Disorient Express.

Small Sign 2.0 (2005)

This 2005 version of our 13 ft. long sign is made with PixelStrips especially designed by Blinky.

DI5ORIENT Sign (2005)

This 82 ft. long x 8 ft. high sign that spells out DI5ORIENT was the facade of our camp at Burning Man 2005. The "DI5" was attached on the side of the Disorient Express therefore separated from "ORIENT" when the bus was away from the camp.

Disorient Express (2005-present)

The Disorient Express or DEX is Disorient's mobile unit. It is considered a mutant vehicle. The DEX is equiped with a DJ booth, a sound system and a lounge. Several light installations, including letters from the Disorient Sign, are displayed on the outside of the DEX. It used to be an army bus and, every night at Burning Man, brings many into Deep Playa adventures.

Stealth Sign (2005)

This 13 ft. long sign is made of Christmas lights and poly sheeting. It can be carried and installed by a single person.

Compressor (2005)

Variable geometry dancefloor.

Small Sign (2004)

This 13 ft. long sign is usually placed above the DJs at our events.

DISORIEN4 Sign (2004)

This 82 ft. long x 8 ft. high sign that spells out DISORIEN4 was used as the facade of our camp at Burning Man 2004.

Mothership (2004)

by Anakin Koenig Airways
A wall-to-wall inflatable space becomes a soft gallery used by Burning Man artists to present their installations at Astral Slide.

Bok Globule (2004)

by Leo Villareal and Barbie

Burning Geisha (2004)

by Michael G.
Burning Geisha, a self-service Geisha House ("You Are Your Own Geisha"), is a shoe-free lounge installation ...

What's the Frequency, Man? (2004)

by Jason1969
This diorama was installed in the structure that supported the Man in 2004.

Crash Landing (2004)

by Anakin Koenig Airways

VU Meter (2003-2004)

by Spec
Two 10 ft. tall VU meters made of hundreds of LEDs in a plywood frame display the sound level of Disorient's sound system. VU Meter uses several Megapixel boards designed by Spec.

The Chamber of Her Brightest Secrets (2003)

by Anakin Koenig Airways

Cool Bubble (2002)

by Anakin Koenig Airways

Firmament (2001)

by Leo Villareal

MylaRV (1998-2005)

by Leo Villareal