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2007 Registration

  1. Mutant Vehicle Name:
    • Rex (Reorient Express)
  2. Plan Submission Method:
    • URL
  3. Mutant Vehicle URL:
  4. Image Upload:
    • [image of Rex]
  5. Previously on the Playa?:
    • no
  6. Years at Burning Man:
    • n/a
  7. Previous Mutant Vehicle Name/s:
    • n/a
  8. Prior Mutant Vehicle:
    • yes
  9. Prior Mutant Vehicle Information:
    • Prior to Rex, Disorient has taken Dex (Disorient Express) to the Playa in 2005 and 2006. Dex carries three letters of the DISORIENT sign, a large light installation, and a sound system.
  10. Camp Information:
    • Disorient
  11. Day License:
    • yes
  12. Night License:
    • yes
  13. About the Vehicle's Mutation:
    • Rex is the big brother to the existing Disorient Express Mutant Vehicle (Dex). Like Dex, it will also carry Disorient Signs, art installations and a lounge to deep playa destinations during Burning Man 2007. Rex, for the first time, makes the entire Disorient sign mobile. The left side of Rex carries the letters ORIENT. Rex joins Dex that carries the remaining three letters DIS. A DJ booth is installed in Rex with the DJ facing out the right side. A smaller DISORIENT sign illuminates the left side of Rex.
  14. Mutant Vehicle Intent:
    • The Rex will change location several times during Burning Man. It is docked every time next to a different large-scale installation and gives Disorienters and Burners the opportunity to experience and get to appreciate sculptures for extended periods of time. Rex, paired with the Dex, and selected playa installations creates a dramatic yet comfortable environment that includes dance floor, chill-out area and many art works by members of the Disorient collective. The Rex and its generator run on biodiesel. Solar panels and a set of batteries will also contribute to the greening of the Rex.
  15. Street Legal:
    • yes
  16. Vehicle License Number:
    • We are currently in the process of licensing Rex in the state of Nevada
  17. State of License:
    • We are currently in the process of licensing Rex in the state of Nevada
  18. Vehicle Length:
    • 60 feet
  19. Vehicle Width:
    • 8 feet 4 inches
  20. Vehicle Weight:
    • 20,000lbs
  21. Frame Base:
    • MAN SG310 Articulated Bus
  22. Frame Year:
    • 1983
  23. Capacity:
    • 62
  24. Number of Trailers:
    • 0
  25. Levels:
    • no
  26. Number of Levels:
    • Rex has one interior level.
  27. Sound System:
    • yes
  28. Sound System Wattage:
    • 3500W
  29. Bar:
    • no
  30. Standing Passengers:
    • no
  31. Design Safety:
    • A grounded electrical control panel is especially designed for the vehicle. All electrical power is controlled from this panel making it easy to switch everything off at once. All sharp angles and potential dangerous areas will be covered with a protective material (carpet, padding, pillows, etc.) New seating will be made of wood, designed to be low and covered with carpet, including angles. The vehicle has a capacity of approximately 136 and is equiped with air brakes. The large amount of LEDs (thousands) used for the different art installations around the bus will make it extremely visible at night. SAFETY IN MOTION: Our vehicle will be staffed by a crew of six for all moves. Moves will be limited to once per day and will be in low gear. Four spotters, one on each corner, will alert pedestrians and will be able to signal the bus to halt through a verbal and hand signal. A navigator will ride next to the driver to keep an eye on the spotters and to call halts as necessary. No passengers will be allowed to enter or exit the vehicle while in motion. All drivers will be 100% sober and will hold a legal license for operation of the vehicle (New York Class D or equivalent).
  32. Operating Procedures:
    • OPERATIONS: MOVING THE VEHICLE: A crew of six will manage all of Rex's moves. The crew will be wearing special banners ("ROT: Rex Operations Team"). Crew will include a driver, four walkers -- one per corner -- and a spotter who will ride next to the driver. Spotters will warn pedestrians and will be able to halt the vehicle with a voice and hand signal. The bus will only move in low gear and will be prepared to stop on a voice and hand signal from any spotter. No passengers will be allowed to get on or off the vehicle while it is in motion. All drivers will be 100% stone cold sober and will possess New York State Class D licenses (or the equivalent) for the legal and safe operation of the vehicle.
  33. Enter/Exit Procedures:
    • People can enter and exit the vehicle through two doors on the right hand side of the vehicle. One is positioned directly across from the driver. The other in the rear section of the vehicle. There is no entering or exiting the vehicle while in motion.
  34. Lighting Plans
    • Rex contributes to make the entire DISORIENT sign mobile this year. The sign consists of thousands of LEDs which will illuminate the right side of the bus. The left side of Rex extends the large light installation that illuminates the left side of Dex. The undercarriage of Rex will also be illuminated in the event that Rex has to be moved after dark. From afar the siloette of the bus disappears and what remains is a disorienting glow of lights.
  35. FuelType:
    • Biodiesel
  36. Flame Effects:
    • no
  37. Combustibles:
    • no

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