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Registration info for Disorient campers at Burning Man 2018

Disorient is an international art collective and an invite-only Burning Man camp. We’re excited that you want to work and play together to build D18. D18 is envisioned to create a heightened human experience — we stimulate the senses with art, sound, love, and community.

Disorient is an invite-only camp. To get involved, please email We will respond within one week.

Registration communication is handled through (please save the address so emails don’t get lost in spam). We’re also active on Slack this year. Join the group discussion at
You can also find us here:

Tuesday, May 1, 2018 - Registration opens
Tuesday, July 31, 2018 - Registration closes
Tuesday, August 28, 2018 - Last day to arrive at Disorient
Saturday, September 1- Mandatory Disengage day
Sunday, September 2 - First day to depart from Disorient

Disorient camp dues cover the expenses for Disorient’s infrastructure, sound, materials, electricity, water, and food. There are additional dues for each RV to cover placement, power, water, and pumping. Dues amount is determined by the payment date. Dues payment instructions will be sent in Welcome Email.

Camp Dues
Tier 1, May 1 - May 31: $395
Tier 2, June 1 - June 30: $545
Tier 3, July 1 - July 31: $695
Beneficiary, timeless: $696+

RV Dues
Tier 1, May 1 - May 31: $1,050
Tier 2, June 1 - June 30: $1,250
Tier 3, July 1 - July 31: $1,550

To make an online contribution to a 501(c)(3) public charity for the purposes of Disorient, visit our site on Fractured Atlas.

The Disengage crew will receive a rebate for each full Disengage day worked. The total possible rebate is $240 and daily amounts are $40 for Monday, $80 for Tuesday, and $120 for Wednesday.