Puddle upgrade

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Work Breakdown for upgrading Puddle to phpBB 3

  1. Create root for site on new host
  2. Configure DNS entry for the forum pointing to new root
  3. Obtain a current copy of the puddle (phpBB 2 files + MySQL database) from Speck.
  4. Install and configure puddle (phpBB 2 files + database) on new web server - done on the mirror puddle.
  5. Verify install with text group:
    • Verify new forum post, edit, delete, etc.
    • Verify smtp is functioning
    • Verify file upload (avatar)
    • Verify any other critical functionality
  6. Download phpBB3 Update Package
  7. Read the phpBB2 to phpBB3 conversion instructions
  8. When you are ready to perform upgrade:
    • Announce to puddle community that the puddle will be down for maintenance for 24 hours
    • Disable puddle to public access
    • Get a fresh cut of puddle database
    • Refresh new build with this database cut
    • Follow instructions to upgrade new installation of puddle to phpBB 3
  9. Post new index.html page on puddle.disorient.info. This page should:
    • Block users from access to old site
    • Notify users that puddle has be upgraded
    • Provide link to new puddle location, suggesting that a bookmark be made
    • Possibly redirect to the new URL using a meta-refresh tag
  10. Update link on left nav of disorient wiki

Additional Note: Because this is a major version upgrade of phpBB I recommend testing the upgrade on a local workstation before doing on the new web server.