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PORNJ is the color of Disorient.
PORNJ is Pink (Pantone 806 C) and Orange (Pantone 804 C), both saturated and preferably fluorescent.
PORNJ Pink: HEX #FC17DA, RGB 252/23/218
PORNJ Orange: HEX #FFB23F, RGB 255/178/63

A bright happy color halfway between Pink and Orange, diminishing neither.

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Popular beliefs:
- PORNJ visits you in a midwinter playa dream
- PORNJ is closer to orange than it is to pink.
- PORNJ exists in nature. It appears at sunset and sunrise under specific atmospheric circumstances.
- PORNJ can only be visible to human eye under black light.
- PORNJ is actually pronounced PORANGE.
- PORNJ is the pheromone of Disorient.
- PORNJ appears inside you before you start wearing it.
- PORNJ is closer to pink than it is to orange.
- PORNJ is color foreplay for your 3rd eye
- True Disorienters have PORNJ blood.
- The term PORNJ was coined by a handful of Disorienters in 2004 during a building session for the original Disorient Sign.
- It is the only word known to rhyme with Orange.

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