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How can we improve our environment to make Disorient a nicer community to live in for 2005?


move onto the esplanade, have a smaller sound system, make it quieter during the day.


have certain hours when we're "Open", and other times when we're "Closed". We can even post a list of open / closed hours in advance in front of the camp. That way we can only don't have to worry so much about which spaces are public and which are private. Instead of having a Public Space / Private Space distinction, instead we can have a Living Space / Playing Space distinction. The Playing Space will sometimes be public (when we're "Open"), and sometimes be priave (when we're "Closed"). So no need to waste efforts on essentially having two public spaces, one for us and one for everyone else -- we only need one Playing Space, and we sometimes keep it for ourselves, and sometimes open it to the public.


how about a daytime bar instead of a night-time bar?


I think having a daytime bar vs. a night time bar is great way to cut down on moop. Its in the nighttime when it is so easy for cups to get abandoned, random garbage to be left and misplaced, and in general easy for moop offenders to be hidden by darkness. Close the bar just after sunset, and everyone go have a good time!"