Geodesic Temple

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Project for a burnable sculpture by Disorient at Burning Man 2011

Description: a modular, self-supported, burnable structure made of icosahedrons. It is a sculpture and an environment.
Icosahedron: a regular polyhedron with 20 identical equilateral triangular faces which is also a geodesic volume and a platonic solid.

Free-standing icosahedrons can be moved by anyone to reconfigure the overall piece.
The Dex is transformed by being covered with similar icosahedrons.

Possible materials: wood, cardboard, paper...
Lighting: multiple opportunities. Elements of new Leo Sign could be mounted on the struts.

Skin: sides can be (partially) skinned individually. Skinning the structure would help with shade, burn and lighting but would create more resistance to the wind which is a problem on the playa. Maybe only lower parts of the structure are skinned?.

- Loops would help with structural integrity. How do we make loops using icosahedrons?

- Apply for grants: Figment, Burning Man, Coachella