Fun Tsang Effigy

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The Fun Tsang Effigy is a sculpture created collaboratively by members of Disorient Hong Kong and burned during the event. It is a Disorient take on different aspects of the local culture including pagoda, leung ting (old Chinese traveler's rest stop), dragon dance, paper signs, lanterns, piloti architecture, ceremonial/celebratory monuments and bamboo structures.

Tea Pagoda 2019

Version 20190226 by Nick C.
This design is the same size as the previous version except for the following:
- Smaller solid table octagon table (note: currently floating, needs table legs)
- Additional bamboo struts for the fabric roof + lower support
- Ladder on four sides
- Octagon roof hole
FTPagodaNick20190226.1.jpg FTPagodaNick20190226.2.jpg FTPagodaNick20190226.3.jpg FTPagodaNick20190226.4.jpg

Version 20190129 by Nick C.
FTPagodaNick20190129.1.jpeg FTPagodaNick20190129.2.jpeg FTPagodaNick20190129.3.jpeg FTPagodaNick20190129.4.jpeg FTPagodaNick20190129.5.jpeg FTPagodaNick20190129.6.jpeg FTPagodaNick20190129.7.jpeg FTPagodaNick20190129.8.jpeg

Version 20181114 by The Eye
DisorientFunTsangPagoda20191114.1.jpg DisorientFunTsangPagoda20191114.2.jpg DisorientFunTsangPagoda20191114.plan.jpg

一期一會 (One Life, One Opportunity)

A Tea Ceremony by Jenny and Leanna

The burning of the Tea Pagoda is preceded by a Tea Ceremony shared during a gathering at the Pagoda. Each hour, the Sun-Moon Dial put together from rocks gathered on the beach, is ritualistically moved around the Tea Pagoda, just like the ever-flowing water in sudden contact with the rhythm of a poem, the smoke of insense, or the sight of Buddha.

All day activities in Tea Pagoda:
- tea ceremony
- chinese calligraphy
- sun dial
- planet gazing and birth charting
- insense
- ASMR, tech electric sounds
- beading

Pagoda Poem: Tea by Poet Yuan Zhen

Pagoda 2018

Dimensions: 4m x 4m x 4m
Material: Bamboo, fabric (pink and orange), paper lanterns (pink and orange), drift wood, diesel

DisorientFT18Pagoda.2.jpg DisorientFT18Pagoda.3.jpg DisorientFT18Pagoda.4.jpg DisorientFT18Pagoda.5.jpg DisorientFT18Pagoda.6.jpg DisorientFT18Pagoda.8.jpg DisorientFT18Pagoda.9.jpg DisorientFT18Pagoda.10.jpg DisorientFT18Pagoda.11.jpg

FTPagoda20180404.0.jpg FTPagoda20180404.1.jpg
FTPagoda20180404.2.jpg DisorientFunTsangEffigy2018.1.jpg DisorientFunTsangEffigy2018.2.jpg

Pagoda 2016

DisorientFunTsangEffigy2016.1.jpg DisorientFunTsangEffigy2016.2.jpg
DisorientFunTsangEffigy2016.3.jpg DisorientFunTsangEffigy2016.4.jpg

Local references

FTEffigy2018Ref1.jpg DisorientFunTsangEffigy2018Ref2.jpg DisorientFunTsangEffigy2018Ref3.jpg
DisorientFunTsangEffigy2018Ref4.jpg DisorientFunTsangEffigy2018Ref5.jpg DisorientFunTsangEffigy2016Ref1.jpg DisorientFunTsangEffigy2018Ref11.jpg DisorientFunTsangEffigy2018Ref8.jpg DisorientFunTsangEffigy2018Ref9.jpg DisorientFunTsangEffigy2018Ref10.jpg DisorientFunTsangEffigy2018Ref7.jpg