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FUN TSANG (PORNJ in Cantonese) is a yearly Disorient retreat that takes place on a remote Hong Kong island.
The event, during which we build and burn a pagoda, is organized by the Disorient Hong Kong (DHK) Cell and is typically held in Winter/Spring
The first FUN TSANG happened in 2016 on a tiny desolate island between Hong Kong island and Lantau island.
Founders (alphabetic order): Fion T., Hong Hong, Jasmine Y., Kenny Y., Martins B., Matt M., Paul H., Teddy L. and The Eye.

Aside from FUN TSANG, Disorient Hong Kong organizes other regional events.


Flyers and Banners

DisorientFunTsang2019.jpg FUNTSANG.20190130.jpg FUNTSANG.banner.20190122.2500px.jpg

Camp Layout


Objects and Events

Tea Pagoda - designed by Nick C. built by Disorient Hong Kong
Kitchen - Playa Donna, Jasmine, Jenny, Julia
Disorient Sign - ZparkZ, Matt M.
Something Special - Matt M. and Hong H.
Paella - Jasmine
Architecture - The Eye
Tea Ceremony - Jenny, Leanna
Infrastructure - The Eye, ZparkZ, Toby
Jam Lab - Toby and Jenny
Identity - The Eye
Sound - Martins
Admin - Alex
Music - Gie
Beach Chairs - Jasmine, The Eye


Gie, Martins, Jasmine, ZparkZ, DJ Balls, Toby, Ti, Lucas, Jenny, Playaa Donna


FUN.TSANG.flyer.20180315.jpg DisorientFunTsang2018.05.jpg


FunTsangPatch2016.jpg FunTsangCell2016.jpg DisorientFunTsangCaligraphy2016.png