Frozen Minty Towels

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by Megan G. and Tejawe

Disorient will be offering frozen minty towels to all participants who stop by our relaxation station. We’ll freeze several hundred (perhaps several thousand) small washcloths in water and mint, and make them available during the hottest hours of the day. Participants can sit back and place a FMT on their face for an instant, rejuvenating “day spa” feel. We’ve been giving these out as one-on-one gifts in small batches for several years and will be stepping this up as a larger camp project in 2016. Furthermore, there will be instructions for ways that participants can embellish the experience on their own, working in pairs or teams to distribute the frozen minty towels to other passersby, thus making the experience more interactive, with or without participation from Disorient campers.