Disorient Ranch

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Disorient WEST

A lab/retreat for Disorient members in the Far West

Year 1-2: STORE

- Container storage
- Heavy machinery (VR, etc.) storage
- BM staging
- potties
- Art car storage and build
- Power: generator
- Design Urban Plan

Year 3-4: SHARE

- Shared studio/workshop (container)
- Large scale sculpture (power generation)
- Shared Living quarters (container)
- Potties
- Power: generator/solar
- Water
- Agriculture
- Implement Urban Plan

Year 5-7: LIVE

- Urban plan expands
- Sceptic tank
- Private living space on private land adjacent to Disorient WEST

Year 8 on: GROW

- Expand agriculture
- Cattle?
- Landing strip

Notes and References

Field Lab
Judd’s Marfa
Lightning Field
Double Negative
Biosphere 2
Design Students Build Seven Modern Sheds in Rural Vermont
The Strange Allure of Pioneer Living
Wolf+Lamb's Dreamland upstate NY

Possible Properties

This is only a small list. We keep our current research offline.