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We have created installations at Burning Man regional events such as Playa Del Fuego (PDF), NY Regional Decompression (since maybe 2000), and starting in 2007, the Los Angeles and Portland Regional Decompression parties as well.

LA Decom 2008 Idea

We can set-up Fringe over a PVC arch placed over rebar stakes and connect the fringes to the top of the hill. Participants can then descend the hill through the cloud-like illuminated, but shade-providing fringes to a sloping lounge. Through the arch, loungers can see the dancefloor with a 4' high stage set beween the dancefloor and the dirt path. On one side of the 8'x8' stage is an 8'x3' lightbox called the "1000 Watt Smile". Above the stage are 2 more crossing pieces of PVC pipe that hold a 24' orange parachute over the performers. LAdecom8 stage.jpg

LA Decom 2008 Disorient Plot Scouting
Below are images taken from atop a hill, down the slope. We have an optional area across the path and all the way to the fence.
More images looking up the hill from the path: