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Started in 2011, Disorient Country Club is deep chilling with Disorient. It’s three days of off the grid relaxation where blissful self-reliance meets massive multiplayer participation. It’s a blank canvas for music, art, and performance, where every host is our guest, and every guest is our host. Create your own art and interactivity and come to play!
On Saturday night we burn a version, different each time, of Geodesic Temple. We add one octahedron every year: in 2011 we started with 1 octahedron, in 2012 we burned 2, etc.
Country Club is pure Pornj.



CCUP20150428.1.jpg CCUP20150428.2.jpg

1. Lizard Lounge (dancefloor)
2. North Camp
3. The Lake (dancefloor)
4. Projection on house
5. Projection on house
6. Center Camp with GeoTem effigy


Shade components needed:
15x 1" Flat roof Center (F5)
66x 1" Flat roof Center (F4)
60x 1" Flat roof Center (F3)
Note: F5 can be used in place of F4 and F3. F4 can be used in place of F3. As an example, we don't need to order any F3 if we already have 75x F5.
63x 10'x10' orange tarps (We can also use 10'x20', 20'x20', etc. Large tarps protect better from rain and their influence on bird's eye effect is negligible)
100' Rope from Home Depot

GeoTem Effigy

GeoTem2015-CC03.1.jpg GeoTem2015-02-2.4.jpg
75x 2x4x8' wood studs
64x Simas Connectors
25x Lowroad Connectors
9x Triangular Tarps. provide shade during the day. To be removed before burn.
100x 6" ball bungees


The Country Club is located at 300 Route 42, Shandaken, NY, but you’ll never find it without our directions! (NOTE: Google maps incorrectly places #300 a mile south of where we actually are! The blue marker below is the location, and our driveway is the first turnoff labelled “Ford Road.”)






CC2013 recon01.jpg
CC2013Effigy s.jpgCCUP20130713 21 s.jpgCCUP20130713 31 s.jpgCCUP20130713 41 s.jpgCCUP20130713 11 s.jpg


CC2012 groupshot.jpg

Country Club 20120420 1.jpg GeoTem 20120516.jpg CC2012 context.jpg

Patch system

CC2012 patch system 3fires.jpg CC2012 patch system medic.jpg CC2012 patch system DPW.jpg CC2012 patch system Gate.jpg