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After much discussion over several years, we decided in early 2016 to create a Council to help manage the Disorient project worldwide

What is the Disorient Council?

1. Number of members - There is a total of eleven active members. Three (Leo, The Eye and Ted) are permanent members, eight are elected members. We strive for diversity across levels of seniority.
2. Term – Elected members are elected/chosen for a two year term, with half (4) rotating in and out each year.
3. Nomination – Council members can nominate someone else within Disorient, who must then accept.
4. Election – The current Council votes internally to fill open spots from whoever is nominated.
5. Role – Discuss big issues and make decisions as needed.
6. Checks & Balances – The Council is Disorient's Congress, the Directors are Disorient's Executive body. Directors can overrule the decisions of the Council.

First Council (2016)

Canaan (Member, NYC)
Elixir (Member, Philadelphia)
HRH (Member, LA)
Ky (Member, NYC)
Laura (Member, NYC)
Leo (Permanent Member, NYC)
Lowroad (Member, Bushwick)
PB (Member, Dubai)
Rebecca (Member, NYC)
Ted (Permanent Member, LA)
The Eye (Permanent Member, NYC)