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After much discussion over several years, we decided early 2016 to create a Council to help manage the Disorient project worldwide.

What is the Disorient Council?

1. Disorient Council
1.1. Role – Discuss big issues and make decisions as needed.
1.2. Checks & Balances – The Council is Disorient's Congress, the Directors are Disorient's Executive body. Directors can overrule the decisions of the Council.

2. Members of the Disorient Council
2.1. Number of members - There is a total of eleven active members. Three (Leo, The Eye and Ted) are permanent members, eight are elected members. We strive for diversity across levels of seniority.
2.2. Term – Members are elected for a two year term, with half (4) of the elected members rotating in and out each year.
2.3. Nomination of a new member – During the Month of May, Council members nominate someone within Disorient.
2.4. Election of a new member – During the month of June, the current Council votes internally to fill open spots from list of nominees. Once elected, each nominee is invited to become a member.
2.5. Members’ responsibilities - Council members are required to participate to the Council discussions on Asana ( and to the Council meetings which are usually Skype calls.

Who are the members?

In alphabetical order:


Canaan (Member, Greenpoint)
Firas (Member, Dubai)
Freeman (Member, India)
HRH (Member, LA)
Justin Day (Member, NYC)
Ky (Member, NYC)
Leo (Permanent Member, NYC)
Rebecca (Member, San Diego)
Ted (Permanent Member, LA)
The Eye (Permanent Member, Hong Kong)
Theresa Champagne (Member, Oregon)

2016 (First Council)

Canaan (Member, Greenpoint)
Elixir (Member, Philadelphia)
HRH (Member, LA)
Ky (Member, NYC)
Laura (Member, NYC)
Leo (Permanent Member, NYC)
Lowroad (Member, Bushwick)
Playa Barbie (Member, Dubai)
Rebecca (Member, NYC)
Ted (Permanent Member, LA)
The Eye (Permanent Member, NYC)

Minutes from Council meetings

Tuesday March 7, 2017

9:00pm Dubai Time
On the call: Carrie, Rebecca, Hruby, Canaan, Ted, Ky, Eye
Not on the call: Laura, Elixir, Lowroad, Leo

1. Discussion of Disorient USA 2016 Financial Report redacted by Canaan with help from Deniz C. Canaan needs to make a few changes before publishing report on the wiki. Lisa Bond generously gifted 2016 flowers for the lounge.

2. The Council invites Freeman to create his vision for the frontage of Disorient camp at BM 2017. Design should include sound system with DJ booth, parking spot for Gon Kirin (Disorient Hong Kong) near sound system/DJ booth, Disorient Sign, water bar similar or preferably larger to 2016’s. Design should only use available elements, no new pallet rack should be purchased.

3. From now on, when appropriate, Disorient communication will take place on Disorient wiki instead of Facebook. This will start with the minutes from Disorient Council meetings.

4. This year the Council seeks to rotate 3 members (instead of 4 originally planned). Council Members who no longer wish to be active on the Council should let the Council know. New members nominations: Canaan nominates Theresa Champagne, Rebecca nominates Justin Day, The Eye nominates Firas.

5. Disorient camp remains invite-only. We are streamlining camper's registration process by transferring selection of camp cells other than water bar and kitchen shifts to the responsibility of the campers.
Registration changes proposed by Rebecca:
- All Disorienters choose a kitchen shift.
- All Disorienters choose a water bar shift.
- Registration will focus on finding project leaders.
- Project leaders become activated and have real time flexibility.
- Each morning and afternoon, project leaders will let volunteer coordinator know how many hands needed each work sessions (e.g. "I need 15 hands this morning")
- All Disorienters expected to pitch in for camp projects. Personal projects such as art cars are to wait till evening when camp work is done.
- Alpha workers who have been onsite Mon-Thursday are exempt from kitchen and water bar shifts.
- Friday/Sat/Sun Early Arrival workers need to register for kitchen/water bar shifts.