Bedouin Tech City Plan

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Version 20171015

Bedouin Tech City Plan is based on a triangular grid which allows for a modular and radiating design.
Key elements of the city are placed on grid either at intersection of lines or inside triangles depending on the size of the elements.
Elements include: camping areas, port-a-potties, sculptures, installations, effigy, bar, stages, etc.
The center is silent, the outskirts is where the sound installations are. Stages and speakers face away from the central camping area.

As BT grows the triangular grid can expand.

BT-CityPlan20171015.plan.jpg BT-CityPlan20171015.2.jpg BT-CityPlan20171015.1.jpg

- Green triangle: fence (674mx674mx674m)
- Central triangles: camping areas
- Orange circles: large installations, effigy, stage
- Pink circles: smaller installations
- Orange squares: Square Shade, several configurations, 500 campers capacity
- Dimensions: each triangle on the grid is 170'x170'x170'
- Roads between central triangles (camps) are 20' wide