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Sunshine Brew

a pre-mixed concoction of 151 and Gatorade or Tang, plus water. Mixing it in water cooler jugs required a PhD candidate, and could deplete your mind before it was even made.


a classification of beverage known for its ease of preparation so all could quickly share the Disorientation. It can be designed around whatever is on-hand, especially if we are going to be working with professional bartenders who don't have time for Archimedian puzzles.


a No-Brainer version of Sunshine Brew, without the water. This vital blend of citrus, sugar, electrolytes, and grain alcohol is sure to be a delight to whip up and serve. Dispensed in pumps to the masses, they can prepare their preferred concentration in their own receptacle with their own water or whatever poison they choose. As a straight shot, Vita-Sludge can become a temporary cure for eyesight.

Not Water

a random dehydrating concoction in a receptacle resembling a common container of water. available simulataneously with water for full disorientating effect. to assist in research, contact Shaggy.


Tang and ?

Non-Commercial Perennial Group Favorites


The first can was an orange and shiny battery. Later came diet in blue and extra in black. By the time the new packaging arrived, it was moot.
Alea iacta est.
we would drink any and all variteies. warm. hot almost. cases of the shit. we gave it out for days with extensive quality control testing. blinky jello frenzy.
So remember now, piss flouro.

im Beam



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